About StupidityisContagious.com

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About StupdidityisContagious.com

The original StupidityisContagious.com was created in 2010. I needed an outlet to vent and decided to create a blog to share my frustration. The blog reached its height in popularity in 2014 reaching over 140,000 unique visitors for the year with thousands of returning visitors.

As the years passed, I posted less and less until I hardly posted. I had a few topics to vent about but little time to post. I had created another blog and between work and the new blog, I had little time to devote to StuidityisContagious. I sold the new blog after a few years and forgot about this blog. This blog was so far out of my mind that I never made a backup copy so when I failed to renew my web hosting account the blog was no more.

It only existed in archive.org until October of 2023.  I never imagined I would become a blogger again but here I am. The new StupidityisContagious.com will be unlike how it was previously. The foul language once used will be no longer but I will offend visitors with my blog posts and my replies to comments. It’s in my nature because I’m Gen X.

Being Gen X is the primary reason I decided to recreate StupidityisContagious. My generation is also called The Lost Generation and I couldn’t agree more. Most born during Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z have somehow lost the ability to think logically. Feelings have somehow become more important than facts and if I don’t vent I may suffer from an aneurism.

You may agree with my points of view or disagree with my points of view. I could care less if you agree or disagree because this blog exists solely for my entertainment. Welcome to the new StupidityisContagious.com!