For the most part, things are good. I have a good job, money in the bank, am able to pay my bills, have a lovely lady and an awesome kid. Health is 100% “A” OK and I even went out and bought the car that I wanted for the longest time. However, like most people I still dream of being able to operate some sort of online business that will allow me to leave the rate race and some how get magical checks that arrive in the mail week after week, month after month and year after year that will afford me the ability to stop working my job.

The above brings me to this statement….”I’m sick and tired of online business scams!” I’ve been looking for legit online business opportunities for years now and have come up with absolutely nothing. How these so called online business opportunities continue to thrive is beyond me! How “new” online business opportunity scams continue to pop up astounds me. I have a a few scam reviews within this blog but I could, if I wanted to, create an entirely new blog and write scam review after scam review each and every day as there is no shortage of online business scams available. Granted there are many people out there who lack a basic level of intelligence but there seems to be no shortage of people who have no common sense! For example here a are just a few selling propositions by online business scammers……

100% commission! – If a company pays a person 100% commissions or 100% of the sale why in the hell is the company operating to begin with?! NEWSFLASH!!! In order for a company to continue operating the company has to turn a profit. If I sell a service for $100 and pay you $100 how in the hell am I making any money? If I’m not making money why in hell would I continue to operate this business? 100% commission does not exist!

The latest and greatest technology! – Boy oh boy. XYZ company has the latest and greatest technology and you can get it right now for x amount of dollars and x amount of dollars per month. Don’t worry you’ll recoup your money in no time as everyone will want it. Hmmmm if everyone will want it why not just bring it to market without the MLM business model? For example, I have the most awesome cell phone ever invented. As the inventor why not sign an exclusive agreement with the one of the big players in the cell phone service industry? Why not simply create and affiliate program?

I’ll show you how to make $100K a month for only $X amount! – If some person out there actually had a way to make $100K a month in his or her pajamas why the fuck would that person tell everyone else for a price of say $100? Why wouldn’t that person simply keep doing what they’re doing and continue to make a $100K a month? Well it’s because that person is making $100K a month selling their worthless information or service to suckers who believe that they can make $100K a month by paying $100! No person in their right fucking mind would create thousands of competitors by revealing his or her fool proof way to make money!

The above are just a few of the selling propositions that I continuously come across with regard to online business scams. So the question remains….how is it that these online business scams continue to pop up and thrive? The answer is pretty simple. Many people are simply unhappy in their jobs or careers. Like myself, their simply tired of the rat race. You know, working your ass off for a decent wage or wage for that matter, sitting in traffic day after day, paying your bills month after month after working your ass off and looking at your bank account month after month and yelling out loud….”There has to be a better way.”

The fact is that coming up with an original idea that solves a common everyday problem is difficult. So difficult in fact that most people will never have an original idea of their own. It’s much easier to latch on to someone that supposedly has the answer to the question for the low low price of a $3,000 one time payment than to come to the realization that it is actually much easier to become a scammer. That is if you have no fear of prison.