I’ve lived in New York City my entire life and one thing that drives me absolutely bat shit crazy is that statement that New Yorkers are rude. Let me shine some light on the question of “Are New Yorkers Really Rude?” No we’re fucking not rude. So why the general consensus that New Yorkers are rude? Simply put it is a stigma that has been obtained from ass clown visitors to New York City that have conducted themselves outside the New York City rules of conduct. Rules of conduct? Yes fucking rules of conduct as in the saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do!” So without further ado I’ll shall address the New York City rules of conduct for you 50+ million yearly visitors to this crappy city of mine.

#1 – Don’t stop in the middle of the fucking sidewalk! Yes we New Yorkers know you are a tourist as witnessed by you constantly looking up at the size of the buildings but stopping in the middle of the sidewalk is a major NO NO! People are trying to get where they’re going FAST and you stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take a fucking picture is going to lead to a ton of pissed off people. Want to take a picture? Great, simply move to the far end of the sidewalk as in as close to the curb as you can get and snap away.

#2 – Let people off the fucking train/bus before you decide to try to get on! Face the facts, it not us New Yorkers being rude to people when this is being attempted it’s the person trying to get on the train or bus who is. The train is not going to pull away from the station or the bus from the street before people get off and you get on. By trying to get on before everyone who needs to get off gets off you’re being a rude asshole!

#3 – Don’t ask to go in front of a person on line simply because you feel you’ll be fast! Listen asshole, you’re visiting and that person in line you want to get in front of has a half hour is he is she is lucky to get what he or she needs to get before he or she goes back to their shitty menial dead end job. That person just spent 10 minutes on a fucking elevator and another 5 to 10 minutes walking to where they’re at while trying to avoid the ass clowns who are stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. That person now has around 10-15 minutes to make the walk and get back on the elevator and you want to get in front because you’ll be fast?

#4 – Don’t stop a person walking 50 miles and hour and ask for directions! Obviously this person needs to get somewhere fast and you have the fucking audacity to stop that person to ask for directions! When that person blows you off and doesn’t acknowledge you that person was not being rude you were. If you need to ask a person for directions look for a person who is walking a dog or who is standing still on the fucking street. Those people will be more than happy to help you not the person walking mach 5!

#5 – Don’t wait until you are at the turnstile to whip out you’re Metrocard! Time in New York is in high demand and short supply and you have the fucking nerve to stop in front of the turnstile and rummage through your wallet or pocket book for your Metrocard when you knew full well that you need the Metrocard to get onto the fucking train. If you want to avoid the stares, glares and possible jeers take the Metrocard out prior to arriving at the turnstile!

#6 – Make coughing sounds as you pass a person smoking a cigarette on the street! Yeah I know the guy smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk is a detriment to your health not the exhaust coming out of the 500 cabs and 50 buses on the street. I get it your a non smoker but that guy on the street spent $12 bucks for his pack of smokes and has no other choice than to smoke on the sidewalk as it is illegal to smoke in indoor private places in New York City. You may not like second hand smoke but you don’t have to act is if you’ve come down with the flu.

#7 – Leave your waiter or waitress a shitty tip! You may be used to leaving a few cents on the table as a tip where your from but we New Yorkers are notoriously generous with our tips. There is no minimum wage here for waiters/waitresses. He or she may be making a few dollars an hour or receiving shift pay and you have the balls to leave a dollar tip on a $50 bill and feel that the waiter of waitress is being rude when he or she states “Wow, thanks.” in a sarcastic tone of voice. Rule of thumb when tipping at a restaurant in New York City….at minimum match the sales tax!

#8 – Mistake the rudeness of a person you came across on your visit to New York City and claim that all New Yorkers are rude! People have bad days and you probably came across someone who was simply having a bad day. Instead of letting it go as such you decide that that one fucking interaction is indicative of the way all New Yorkers behave. It’s not and you’re doing nothing but contributing to the stigma that New Yorkers are rude based off the interaction with that one person out of over 6 million! That person may not have even been from New York.

#9 – When a can driver asks if your destination is in the city and you state “YES” when your destination is actually Long Island City or Brooklyn! Yeah I know, a cab driver refusing to go outside of Manhattan is actually illegal but its simply one of those New York City unwritten rules of conduct. Yes the 5 boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island) make up the city of New York but to us New Yorkers the city is Manhattan. If you need a cab ride outside of Manhattan simply state exactly where you’re going as in Brooklyn, Queens, etc.

#10 – Feeling a cashier is rude when the cashier places your change on the counter instead of handing it to you. Sorry to tell you but this is not being rude it’s simply commonplace. You may be used to having your change handed to you but here in NYC the change is placed on the counter more often than not. This is not considered to be rude to New Yorkers but simply the way it’s most often done.

I could continue but feel the 10 reason above should at minimum make you realize that New Yorkers aren’t rude but that if you have done one or a few of the above when in New York and considered it to be rude behavior, realize that it was not the New Yorker being rude it was you!