Back in 2006, before eating Vaseline on Youtube went Viral, Stephon Marbury attempted to do something admirable. He decided to create his own line of basketball sneakers and sell them for a grand total of $15. Marbury was born and raised in Coney Island, New York (Coney Islands Finest DUH), played a year of basketball at Georgia Tech and than took his basketball talents to the NBA which led to him playing in China after some absolutely stupid behavior where he has reinvented himself.

The sneakers were made the way sneakers are made…rubber, leather, padding and laces but of course due to the price tag people crapped all over them. They broke apart too easily and they weren’t as good as Nike, Reebok or Adidas not because they weren’t constructed in the same way (they were!) but because people are so fucking stupid that they think the price tag of a fucking basketball sneaker has anything and everything to do with how good the basketball sneaker.

Nike pays around $20 to make a fucking sneaker. They wholesale whatever the fucking wholesale them for and dumb ass tardfuckers spend over $100 a pair because King Douche, Melo, Durant and other basketball stars are paid a shit load of money to wear and market them. Lebron was paid $90 million by Nike before he ever set foot on an NBA court, Melo received around $60 million and now rumor has it that Andrew Wiggins may get a sneaker contract for over $100 million.

Yes the basketball sneaker industry is huge but apparently there is no current NBA star who has a problem with kids getting shot in the fucking head for a pair of their kicks. When Marbury tried to launch Starbury here in the states he was not even close to the best player in the league. Al Harrington attempted to sell low cost Protege sneakers through Kmart back in the day but who in the hell would have seriously showed up to a game and said “Check out my Harrington Protege’s!”? Amazingly enough Stephon Marbury had a problem with kids getting shot in the head 7 years ago but the news simply came and went as this is Stephon Marbury I’m referring to after all.

Where is today’s basketball star? Why doesn’t King Douche, Melo, Durant, Westbrook, CP3, Rose and Howard and the likes give a flying fuck? I guess it has to do with the ludicrous amount of money being thrown at them. High School star, college star, get drafted, get a shoe deal….”LOOK MOM I MADE IT!” It’s a fucking disgusting cycle.

Can’t wait until the day comes when a fucking sports star attempts to do what Marbury did so many years ago. Than again, I may as well wait for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Stupidity is contagious………….