So a crazy “Christian” from Florida threatens to burn some Korans and doesn’t but the Muslim world loses their minds and riots in certain parts of the world? What in the hell am I missing? How in the hell is this peaceful?

Threatening to do something is not the same as doing something. I believe this to be a reasonable statement. What I can’t for the life of me understand is how the threat to do something is the same as doing it. The whack job known as Pastor Jones threatened to burn Korans and didn’t yet many Muslims are acting as if he actually did it!

Many Muslims in Kashmir lost their freaking minds resulting in the death of 18 while over 100 were killed over the threat of burning Koran’s. Could you imagine a person that happens to be Jewish threaten to burn copies of the Bible and the result being a bunch of Christians riot are start attacking Synagogues? It seems ludicrous but this is exactly what many Muslims in Kashmir and Afghanistan did! Christians are evil and death to the United States over the threat of doing something by one person? This is not only absurd but realistically retarded!

Now if Islam is such a religion of peace, where in the hell are the peaceful Muslims calling their brothers and sisters to stop acting like retards? What I cannot for the life of me understand is why Muslims lose their minds over the most absurd things including cartoons, Nike sneakers and jeans but do not speak up and condemn the acts of others in who share their faith. It seems to be that Muslims are slaves to radical Muslims which doesn’t make sense to me as the radicals are supposed to be small minority.

Can you imagine a someone claiming to be a Christian killing another person in the name of God and not having other Christians speak up and say that that person is wrong and is not a Christian? So I ask the question, if Islam is misunderstood and is truly a religion of peace why don’t more Muslims speak out against atrocities? Why don’t more Muslims lose their minds over real issues like beheading little girls on their way to school?