Stop trying to spam my blog!!!!!!! You retards should know that I have a spam filter and approve comments. It’s aggravating as hell to log in and have to delete 25+ comments per day, especially when I love actual SPAM!
I know that……

1. Taking pills doesn’t make your dick bigger.
2. You can’t make $5,000 a day blogging.
3. There are no horny hot chicks waiting to chat live.

I do know that……

1. You’re wasting your fucking time.
2. You’re not making any money.
3. You’re pissing me off.

If you want to spam my blog at least be clever. I’ll approve a spam comment from time to time because I’m really not that bad of a guy but you must be a cross between Corky and Sloth if you think I’m going to give you back links for no good fucking reason. ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!