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FUCK YOU 2KSPORTS!!!!!!!!!! NBA2K14 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Only in the world of video games could companies get away with the same shit year after year and get away with it!

Personally, I don’t get it. If I’m an automaker who states my latest and greatest vehicle gets 50 miles per gallon but it really gets 10 a would be in a world of hurt. If I claimed you could rub some cream on your head and you would be cured for the flu within 10 hours and you weren’t I would be fucked.

However, after year after year of bullshit bugs and glitches I went out and purchased 2K14. Granted I would be considered a cheater in the gaming world but since I’m getting old and don’t have the same time that I did to play I decided to take the easy way out and buy my way into being a NBA star. My man was maxed out on skill points and I was breaking ankles and dunking on people all day long. That was until the All Star Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took part in the 3 point shootout as well as the dunk contest. I didn’t even get to play in the fucking all star game. The game simulated until the playoffs!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to simulate. I wanted to continue to make teams my bitches my dropping 30/7/5 every game!! NOW I FUCKING CAN’T.

So what do I do? Do I play the playoffs and go into next season hoping that the same shit won’t happen? Nope, I’m fucking done with 2KSPORTS!!!! When they make NBA2K15 I won’t be a sucker yet again and hope that you won’t either. They charge you fucking $70 for a broken game but it’s OK…they’ll release updates?!!!

Know what…release my COCK! I say class action lawsuit against video game makers!! There must be a lawyer out there who also believe that this is BULLSHIT.

2KSPORTS – “Make your own player and play 82 games year after year until you retire!”
Reality – “I can play 50 games until I can’t finish the 1st FUCKING SEASON!!!!!”
2KSPORTS – “We’ll fix it next year! (We Won’t but who cares.. WE JUST MADE MILLIONS!!!!!!”
Reality – “Really…OK…I believe you.”


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