I received an email earlier today asking me to review the LibertaGia business opportunity. Considering I’m a nice guy, when I choose to be, and considering that I really didn’t have anything important on my to do list today I decided to oblige and write this LibertaGia review.

First things first. LibertaGia.com is registered privately but the company website does disclose that Rui Salvador is the CEO and President of the company and is based in Portugal. Major red flag as Rui Salvador can be linked back to at least 6 other bullshit MLM based companies. It appears that Mr. Salvador has learned a lot from his previous experience and has decided to rip people off by starting his own MLM based company.

So what exactly is LibertaGia? It’s cloud based system with a social platform where you can chat with friends, blog and talk to people. The company motto is “Here People Do Not Lose Money!” Of course people will believe this as you can actually begin your “career” with LibertaGia without spending money by entering in the Bronze level. WOW!!!!

Of course being a MLM based company there are two other level in which to join being Silver and Gold. The cost for a Silver membership level is only $899 with the Gold Memebership level membership being an affordable $1,499. You have got to be fucking kidding me. If there is one thing that I cannot stand is a MLM company packaging services that can be had for FREE and charging an absolutely ridiculous price for it. Let me further explain.

LibertaGia is a cloud based service. Amazing!!! Not really as there are many free cloud based options. Granted that you are limited in storage space. In LibertaGia’s Gold Package you can get 1 TB of storage and it will only cost you $1,499. Much more affordable than ZipCloud.com’s $4.95 a month for unlimited storage, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, so LibertaGia’s cloud is way overpriced. At least you can get some other cool features such as:

1. Personal Email Address! – Ever heard of Google or Yahoo. Also forget that you can register a personalized domain with free email through GoDaddy for $9.99 a year.
2. Blog! – WordPress is FREE!!
3. Social Platform! – FaceBook is the largest social platform on the planet. Why in the hell would people simply drop FaceBook or Google+ for LibertaGia?

Of course, LibertaGia is banking on the fact that you are mentally challenged and get blinded by the ridiculous amount of money that you can make.


Become a LibertaGia Master Seller by earning $800,000 in a calendar year and you’ll get a fucking mansion!! Where is the mansion and is there a cost associated with getting your mansion? Why bother with semantics? The most important thing is that you can get a FUCKING MANSION!!! Of course, there are lesser seller achievements where a person can earn an iPhone, laptops, etc but c’mon a fucking mansion?!

LibertaGia is a straight “pay to play” MLM based company where an army of dumb ass people will believe the hype, leave dumb ass comments on this blog and act like LibertaGia is an awesome one of a kind company. The fact of the matter is that LibertaGia is following the MLM scam blueprint step by step.

Step 1 – Take free services, package them together, call it “state of the art” or “one of a kind.”
Step 2 – Promote like mad.
Step 3 – Make promises of riches and talk about luxury cars, goals and achievements to build hype.
Step 4 – Charge a ridiculous price which will make people believe that the product or service is valuable when in reality it is not.
Step 5 – The owner makes a ton of money while leaving a path of financial destruction behind him.
Step 6 – Rinse and repeat.

Now before LibertaGia Kool-Aid drinkers start pissing me off by leaving dumb ass comments ask yourself a few serious questions before doing so. If LibertaGia’s Live In Box is so great why does the company want to charge people $1,495 for it? If it is a viable, good service why go down the MLM path to begin with? Why not simply make it affordable, for example, $20 a month and create a two-tier affiliate program where a person can register for free to become an affiliate and earn say 25% on direct sales and 15% on sales made by affiliates who sell under them? I’ll tell you why! It’s because the service is neither viable or good and is run by a person, namely Rui Salvador, who has less than a stellar online MLM reputation.

Of course, you are free to create your own opinion on LibertaGia but don’t say your boy KnowItAll didn’t warn you.

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