I’m always on the lookout for an honest way to make a few dollars online. It’s really not too difficult marketing online but what is difficult is finding legitimate opportunities to market online. In fact I must spend around 8 hours per month looking at different opportunities. An opportunity that I recently came across is Better Web Builder.

Better Web Builder is marketed as an affiliate marketing system in which you can promote your MLM opportunities, affiliate programs or pretty much anything you want for free. Better Web Builder promises $100 in free marketing tools. However, when you actually look at Better Web Builder what you will find is a multi level marketing program disguised as a “free” affiliate marketing system.

Let me be clear that the company is not being totally dishonest in that a person marketing Better Web Builder can make money without investing money as you do not have to upgrade in order to make a 5% residual commission on people you refer who purchase any of their membership packages. Membership packages are Free, Bronze ($9.95 per month) Silver ($19.95 per month) and Gold ($29.95) per month. So for example, you register as a free member you would make $.50 (Bronze) $1.00 (Silver) and $1.50 respectively for each person who joins and purchase the respective packages each month that the people you refer continue to pay.

Better Web Builder Packages

However, as you bounce around your free membership package you will find that Better Web Builder is geared towards getting a person to upgrade to a paid membership package as anything worth while comes with a monthly fee for free members. After all, why pay an additional monthly fee for certain tools when you can all those great tools with a Gold Membership for $29.95 a month?

I must give credit where credit is due and that is reserved for the income calculator which can be found in your free account and has a default setting of 3 referrals who refer 3 other 7 levels deep. This default setting will show you a monthly income of a little over $6,500 per month which equates to a little under $79,000 per year. I’m not going to get into how many people this equates to as I’ll assume you have at least a shred of intelligence and can figure it out for yourself.

Of course the best way to build your brand new web based business is by purchasing a Platinum Membership for the low cost of $249. With the Platinum Membership combined with your Gold Membership your on your way to building your very own successful on line business. Uh….what exactly is that business? It’s promoting Better Web Builder Membership packages and trying to sell those people on purchasing the Platinum Membership.

At the end of the day Better Web Builder is nothing more than a MLM company marketed as a free marketing system in which to build your very own web based business. If you disagree I say go for it but at least I can say you were warned.

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