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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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I hate gay people. There I said it!! Gay people make me sick. How dare those fucking “faggots” walk among us straight people! Sure gay people eat, sleep, walk, talk, have family, friends and jobs. They have to deal with sickness, death, taxes and feelings. Those fucking faggots are just so different from us normal people!

The gays want to live prosperous lives, have children and teach those children the values that were instilled in them! These fucking gays are so different it make me fucking hate their guts. Can you believe the nerve of these fucking gays? Uck! Fucking gays want to love and have that love reciprocated. These fucking gays enter into relationships fall in love with the wrong person and are emotionally hurt. It makes the fucking queers question whether or not they will ever find the right person!!

Fucking gays want to share their feeling with the people that they love. What makes me so irate over the fucking gays is that want to marry each other! How fucking dare they want to spend the rest of their lives together and make sure that they can provide for one another! In the event that one should pass before the other how dare those fucking queers expect to be given the same privileges as us normal’s!!!

Yeah I’m a man! As a man there is nothing more that makes my dick hard they seeing two chicks with big tits, kiss each other, pull each others hair and watch them lick each other pussies but the very though of them engaging in such behavior off camera makes me sick!!!!

As well know if we allow gays, as in faggots, enjoy the same lives as us straights it will pervert the world and before we know it life as we know it will cease to exist. All boys will like boys, all girls will like girls and procreation will stop. Mankind will end!!!!!

What will be next? John will marry his horse Joanne, Bob will marry his dog Robert, Jill will marry her cat Joshua and the sanctimony known as marriage will be a fucking joke. Marriages will crumble resulting in more than half (50%) of those entering into the sanctimony of marriage exiting marriage!!!!!!

The nerve of these fucking gay faggots wanting to raise children. As we all know, a gay couple raising a child of any gender will result in that child being gay as well. There is no fucking way that two females acting like mom and dad or two guys acting like mom and dad could result in a well adjusted, educated and normal child. We would all be much better of having these kids raised in single parent households thus resulting in actual well adjusted, educated and normal children who never knew of the love and affection enjoyed by kids from a two parent household!!!!!!!

Seriously if God wanted people of the same gender to be together he would have created Adam and Steve or Eva and Eve. After all, God created everything that is and everything that ever will be and as we all know God is perfect as witnesses by this magical place called earth. It makes no difference that this place called Earth will be evaporated and all have no traces of having ever known to exist in a few billion years as long as queers are allowed to infect us straights with their immoral thoughts and actions!!!!!!!!

C’mon normal folk it’s not like this sort of behavior is condoned outside of our species. Could you imagine any other animals engaging in this sick and perverted manner? Of course not! There is no scientific evidence that shows any other animals of the same gender engaging in such erroneous behavior!!!!!!!!!

Finally, there is now way that allowing or recognizing the rights of gay people could lead to a better society where people simply lead their own lives. We’re all much better off having the rich and poor, the well and sickly, the educated and uneducated and don’t need to deal with the homo’s and straights!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t see what the big deal is. Steve loves John, John loves Steve. Why shouldn’t John and Steve be allowed to get married so they can enjoy the same legal protections afforded to Sue and Dave? For some reason, this topic brings out the worst in people and I have heard the most idiotic reasons why gay couples should not be allowed to get married. Keeping to the standards of my blog I’ve decided to post just a few of my favorite idiotic views that opponents of gay marriage continuously use.

#1 – If gay people are allowed to marry what’s next, people marrying horses?!
Marriage is a legally binding contract. As such you need two consenting adults to enter in a contract. As we all know horses, dogs, cats, pigs, cows and such are not capable of signing a document nor are capable of providing consent. Now if the horse happens to be Mr. Ed he can provide the yay or nay.

#2 – Marriage in this country has always been between a man and a woman!
Things in this great country of ours do change. Why not change once again? Of course we can leave it alone like abolishing slavery and allowing women the right to vote.

#3 – Marriages are for procreation and deserves special social recognition!
One does not need to be married in order to procreate. Just ask all the single baby mommas walking around the country.

#4 – God is not in favor of gay marriage!
Really, has anyone spoken to God and asked for his/her/it’s opinion?

#5 – Allowing gay people to marry will be the downfall of our society!
LOL! In what freaking way? Oh, I know! Gay people will adopt children thus causing those children to become gay. Those gay children who are now gay adults will then adopt more children causing them to be gay and bang….before you know it our society will become overrun with gays!

#6 – Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman!
And gay was defined as being joyful, glee and happy until the 1920’s and didn’t hold its existing definition until the 1950’s although the word gay goes all the way back to around 12th century England.

Stupidity at its finest ladies and gentlemen! I will now eagerly wait for the ton of asinine comments that will be arriving.