I’ve been a gamer my entire life. Yeah I know I’m getting old as fuck but I love playing video games. Hell, if I manage to live another 30 or so years I’ll be a sixty something year old playing games on a Play Station 10. All I want to do is go to a video game store, buy my game and get the fuck home so I can play the game I just purchased.

Instead I have the “pleasure” of having to go to GameStop for my video game needs. Instead of simply going to the register, stating I would like purchase xyz game for the PS3 I have to be asked if I have a fucking Power Up card, if I would like to pre-order any of the soon to be released titles and interrogated about video game playing. If you’ve been to GameStop the following should be the norm.

GS -“Welcome to GameStop, how can I help you?”
ME – “I’d like to purchase XYZ for the PS3.”
GS – “Wow great game. If you like that I’m sure you would like ZXW, GRB, FFX and GR19! Would you like to pre-order any of those titles today?”
ME – “No, I just want to purchase XYZ.”
GS – “XYZ is a great basketball game. Do you enjoy playing non sports games?”
ME – “Yeah.”
GS – “Well we have a fantastic selection of pre-owned non sports games. If you like first person shooters I can suggest blah blah blah. If you like action adventure games I can suggest blah, blah.”
ME – “I know you have a selection of pre-owned games as I’m not blind and was able to see the hundreds of used games for various gaming systems as I’ve been waiting in line for 20 minutes even though there were only 5 people in front of me. I just want to purchase XYZ for the PS3 please.”
GS – “Of course sir. Do you have our membership card.”
ME – “Nope.”
GS – “With out membership card you can get more money for your trade ins, get discounts on new titles and earn rewards points that can be used to purchase games and accessories for your system of systems. In addition you get our super awesome video game magazine mailed to your home.”
ME – “I’m aware of that as each time I come in I’m told the same thing. You weren’t working here at the time as apparently GameStop must pay shit wages and work you people like slaves as every time I come in here there is a new person telling me the same exact thing you just did. I dont’ want to pre-order anything, I don’t want a membership card and I don’t want the shitty magazine that gives good ratings to all games as it’s sole purpose is to get me to come back here to buy a shitty game for $59.99 that I’ll hate so I can trade it back in a day later for $25 so this store can sell it some other pissed off gamer for $50! Can I please just buy XYZ for the PS3!?”
GS – “Sure. Would you like to purchase insurance for $3. In the event your game stops gets scratched and no longer works we’ll replace it at no charge.”
ME – “Listen, I’m not 5 and I don’t scratch my games.”
GS – “We have a used copy of XYZ for the PS3 so instead of paying $52 you can pay $45. Would you like a used copy?”
Me – “No as I don’t trust the eye test that you game advisers use when a person trades in a game. I’d rather buy a new copy.”
GS – “A used copy is just as good and you can save money.”
Me – “I know I can save money but like I said I would like a new copy!”
GS – “Okay sir that will be $52.”
ME – “Here you go.”
GS – “Thank you for your purchase and thank you for coming in today. See you next time.”
ME – “You’re welcome.”

Yes I know I can buy video games at stores other than GameStop but there not video game stores as I don’t have the desire to go into Best Buy, Walmart or Toys R Us and try to track down a person only to find out that the game I want is not in stock. All I want to is to go into a video game store buy my game and go home. Unfortunately, GameStop has, for the most part, monopolized the video game store industry so I have no choice but to go to them to buy my games. Yes, they get my business and will continue to get my business for that reason but it doesn’t change the fact that I FUCKING HATE GAME STOP. As such, FUCK GAMESTOP!!!!