If anyone has ever dealt with Con Edison this post should be nothing new. Con Edison is in fact one of the many things that make me detest living in New York City. Today, being May 1st I sat down on my laptop to pay those bills that never seem to go away. Normally I just pay my level payment plan installment amount without ever opening a statement but today I actually decided to open my Con Edison bill and read it and what I read has me fucking furious!

I have an energy supplier that is not Con Edison. Pretty straight forward for 414 kWh I had to pay a customer charge of $0, a supply cost of $41.36 @9.9900 and sales tax @4.5% for a grand total of $43.22. No problem here but that’s only supply charges what about delivery charges?

Flipping over my Con Edison bill and reading it is what brought this post about. Charges…..

1. Basic Service Charge – Charge for basic system infrastructure and customer-related services, including customer accounting, meter reading and meter maintenance – $16.81 – Not sure how the fuck a meter is maintained but considering they actually read my meter every other month how much maintaining is actually needed?

2. Delivery 414 kWh @11.2295 – Charge for maintaining the system through which Con Edison delivers electricity to you. – $46.49 – Now hold on for just one fucking minute! I paid $41.36 for the actual electricity but am paying $46.49 to have the electricity delivered to me? How in the fuck does this make any sort of fucking sense? That’s like ordering a pizza for $16 and having to pay and additional $18 to have the fucking pizza delivered to your door. That’s like ordering a shirt for $50 online and paying and additional $55 to the company for shipping the fucking shirt! FUCK YOU CON EDISON!

3. System Benefit Charge @0.6691 kWh – The System Benefits Charge recovers costs associated with clean energy activities conducted by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and energy efficiency programs implemented by the Company. – $2.77 – So Con Edison has to pay New York State and probably required Con Edison to implement programs so instead of just absorbing the cost they feel it necessary to pass on the cost to me?! Seriously?! FUCK YOU CON EDISON!!

4. Temporary NY State Surcharge @0.1256 kWh – Covers new fees imposed by the state – $0.52 – Again, instead of absorbing the charge Con Edison is charging me for it! FUCK YOU CON EDISON!!!

5. GRT & other tax surcharges – Taxes on Con Edison gross receipts from sales of utility services and other tax surcharges – $3.40 – FUCK!!!!!!!!!
Again Con Edison has to pay taxes and AGAIN instead of absorbing this cost they are AGAIN charging me for it! FUCK YOU CON EDISON!!!!

6. Sales tax @ 4.50% – Tax collected on behalf of New York City – $3.15

Total DELIVERY CHARGES = $73.14!!!!

My total Con Edison Electricity Bill for March of 2017 = $116.36!

OK….so I just paid $43.22 for the electricity I used for the month of March but it cost me an additional $73.14 to have the electricity delivered to me which included taxes and fees that Con Edison must pay but instead of absorbing this cost they simply FORCE me to pay it for them!! What really pisses me off is that I have to pay Con Edison a tax for their gross receipts! Fucking seriously?!

WHAT A FUCKING RIPOFF!!!! Over 60% of my fucking Con Edison bill is made of delivery fees, taxes and surcharges on the fucking electricity that I used! I wish that I can say that I’m surprised but I’m not. A huge part of living in New York City is knowing you’re getting fucked for your hard earned money for pretty much everything so why would electricity be any different?

With that being said I have only four more words left……. FUCK YOU CON EDISON!!!!!