Many people take exception to what I write in this blog. However, most the hate communication comes through the contact form on this blog and the writers 100% of the time have used fake email addresses to vent their frustrations. I have always kept these communications private.
However, today I received my first scathing response to a posting that was not through the contact form. I was so excited at this event that I decided to dedicate an entirely new category on This will be entertaining for me but should be entertaining for you as well. I would like everyone to thank Joe in Texas for this new category and hope to post our back and forth. In the future all hate email/responses that I deem worthy will be posted here but Joe from Texas will be enshrined here for all time unless;

1. A catastrophic event happens where I do not survive and can no longer post.
2. A catastrophic event happens where the internet cannot be accessed.
3. A catastrophic event happens and I did not have food insurance.
4. I no longer decide to pay for hosting services.