Let God Work His Magic Through ChistianMingle.com For the last few weeks I’ve been bombarded with television commercials telling me that God has a match for me. Where do I find that match? ChristianMingle.com of course as their company slogan is ‘Find God’s Match for You’

So let me get this straight…..God has a match for me but better yet he has created a website for his followers to find their soul mates? No it’s not God, it’s actually a company called Sparks Networks, Inc. that not only owns ChristianMingle.com but 30 other online dating sites. Maybe it’s just me but using God to hock subscriptions to a dating site seems wrong and somewhat EVIL. There’s nothing wrong with single people trying to meet other single people using online dating sites but shamelessly using God to do their dirty work rubs me the wrong way. Worst of all, they have Pastors hocking memberships to the site such as Pastor Jay Dennis, Sr.

“As a follower of Jesus where do you find that right person, that one who is God’s will for your life? In the past as a Senior Pastor I have said, find him or her in church. I still believe that but my definition of Church has expanded beyond four walls as I have become a friend and fan of Christian Mingle. God’s man for you ladies or God’s woman for you men may be in a church a thousand miles away; in the next city, or even in the same town. How do you find them? You log onto Christian Mingle.com and allow God to use this process to help you discover the person He has for you. Give God an opportunity to work through Christian Mingle.” – ~Pastor Jay Dennis, Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church at the Mall, Lakeland, FL

Is Pastor Dennis telling us that God does not have an opportunity to work his magic through a site like Match.com or EHarmony.com? Better yet, if God has a match for you don’t you think he’d do it for free? I think he would but apparently God prefers charging membership fees ranging from $29.99 a month to as low as $13.99 per month as long as you prepay for 6 months. At least God, I mean Sparks Networks, Inc. give all followers of Jesus Christ 24 hours to browse profiles with photographs so a perspective member can lust for an attractive follower of God so God has the opportunity to work. Of course, if one were to find a spouse through the site and were to get divorced, God would have nothing to do with it as it was not God’s match but simple human error as God cannot be wrong.

I can’t wait to get a cease and desist letter with a threat of a lawsuit from the publicly traded Sparks Network. What they don’t know is that God himself spoke to me and asked that I create this blog post to shed light on this heinous and blasphemous corporate titan. "I have your back KnowItAll!" - Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour

If God now has a hand in the online dating scene what else can the God PR machine come up with next? Duh…. StupidityisContagious.com – God’s Choice for Politically Incorrect Opinions.