Another round of new video games yet the same fucking bullshit. I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m angry. How angry? FUCK MADDEN 15!

Start a connected franchise with a created player and time after fucking time the game freezes after a game is completed. The only solution I’ve found to “correct” the problem on Madden 15 for the PS3 is to delete the game data utility which means having to re-install the game which takes forever.

I was not happy with the game to begin with. Every corner back in the game has hands like Jerry Rice meaning make one bad throw and the ball gets picked off. Fuck, even linebackers have an easy time picking off balls. Sure it pissed me off a bit but even if I threw 30 picks a year the game was still somewhat fun. Of course this was before the game kept fucking freezing.

EA sports laughs it’s ass off and Game Stop isn’t refunding any fucking money so basically I got ripped the fuck off. I might as well have taken $60 out of my wallet and burned it! The real issue is why in the fuck does the game have such a major glitch to begin with?! Are these fucking games not thoroughly tested before being released? Of course they are but the same old shit happens year after year as there are no repercussions to video game makers for continuously selling broken video games!!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….only the video game industry can get away with this shit! If you are thinking about buying Madden 15 for the PS3 don’t fucking bother it’s a waste of your hard earned cash!!!