Leroy Comrie is all about healthy eating!Once again McDonald’s is the target of dumb ass politicians who would like to blame the famous franchise for childhood obesity. The Fast Food Toy Ban Bill would ban any restaurant from including a toy as part of a meal that contains over 500 calories. San Francisco has banned restaurants from including toys in their meals unless the meal contains less than 600 calories and if less than 35% of the calories come from fat. You have to be fucking kidding me! It's All McDonald's Fault!!!!!!!!

So let me get this straight…. kids are turning into obese pudgy bastards because restaurants include toys with meals that have high calories. Oh yeah and these bans need to be placed because the toys make the kids want to eat at those restaurants. And ahhhh, we need governments help to fight the epidemic.

Give me a fucking break. What douche bags like City councilman Leroy Comrie fails to realize is that kids have parents. These parents can easily take their kids to McDonald’s and replace French fries with apple slices and a soda with juice or milk. In fact, these parents don’t have to take their kids to McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant for that matter. Dicks like Leroy Comrie should stand up and tell parents not to send their kids to school in the morning with a soda and bag of chips for breakfast.

What really has me agitated is that Comrie is a fat fuck to begin with. He likes to say he’s the poster child for obese eating habits but the problem is that he’s not a child he’s a grown man. I’ve never seen a 5 year old cash his check, jump in his car, drive to McDonalds and go to the counter and ask for a fucking Happy Meal.

What makes me laugh is that Comrie has the support of 6 other council members who have vowed to join the fight. So hey Leroy, check out the below;

1. When kids say they want to go to McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant, parents can say NO!

2. Soda and chips are not breakfast. Replace soda with orange juice and chips with a toasted bagel or toast. Perhaps a few public service announcements can help spread the word.

3. McDonald’s allows fries to be replaced with apple slices and soda with milk or juice. You should know this as you look like you eat at least 10 Happy Meals per day. Educate you fellow council members.

4. When kids ask for soda parents can say “No but you can have some apple juice.”

5. Yeah fast food restaurants target children. Was it the Happy Meal that gave it away or was it Ronald McDonald or Grimace that gave it away?

6. Candy is not nutritious. Spend tax payer dollars and get the word out to the media. Parents need to know.
What pisses me off is that once again we have politicians making excuses for dead beat parents. Politicians like Comrie refuse to call a spade a spade. Rather they choose to make excuses for people by passing the buck. It’s no secret that McDonald’s includes toys in their meals because they’ll sell more meals. It’s called capitalism!!!!

NEWSFLASH……children are the responsibility of those who bring them into the world. When a TV program has questionable language, politicians and save us from ourselves groups try to get it thrown off the air when the reality is called don’t allow your kids to watch the program. When a video game contains violence the reality is called don’t let your kids play the fucking game. When a child struggles in school it’s 100% the teacher fault even though the kid was never taught how to spell his or her name or was read a book at bedtime. The reality is called raise your children.
So to Leroy Comrie and other politicians who may be looking for the next great cause, here’s a couple of ideas as to how you can continue to destroy freedom in this country;

1. Candy should no longer be sold in stores! My kid asks for candy whenever we patron a corner store or grocery chain. Candy is bad for kids so please create the America Against Candy Bill. The Act will require all candy to be purchased over the internet and you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.

2. No more toy commercials! There are way too many toy commercials on television. My kid is at the age where he wants every toy he sees on television. I’m going broke, falling behind on my mortgage and my house is starting to look like a toy store. I beg that the Toy Commercial is Destroying Homes Bill be introduced. The key feature of the bill would require toy manufactures to cease and desist from airing commercials and that all solicitations for the purchase of toys are to be done solely via registered mail to the head of household.