I had looked into Chitika years ago and almost a year ago to the date of this posting decided to run Chitika on this very blog. Of course, I also run adsense on this blog. Bottom line is that comparing Chitika to Adsense is like comparing a baseball player just drafted and playing in the Rookie Rookie A League to Miguel Cabrera. Adsense is the biggest and best on the block and Chitika is not so much but considering they’ve been around for over 10 years there must be a reason behind it.

To be fair in this review I decided to run a side by side comparison by running reports for both Chitika and Adsense from January 1st, 2014 through June 7th, 2014. Granted a didn’t think it would be close but how far apart Chitika is to Adsense shocked me a bit. A check my Adsense earnings daily and Chitika almost never but WOW!


Page views – 72,219
Clicks – 290
Page CTR .40%
CPC $.56
Page RPM $2.25
Earnings $162.60


Impressions 84,689
Clicks -271
Page CTR .32%
CPM – $.05
Earnings – $4.52

I run various Chitika products on this blog so I fully expected the impressions to be higher than the impressions I received through AdSense and was quite surprised that the click through rate/clicks was not too far apart between the two. However, earnings are far far apart. With Adsense I’m earning $.56 cents per click whereas through Chitika I’m earning a little over a cent and a half. Where it’s get a bit tricky is that I run AdSense on other blogs of mine but do not run Chitika anywhere but here. On another one of my blogs I’m earning almost $1 a click through Adsense so I may install Chitika on the other blog to see if the disparity will be as great as it is here.

Hands down winner is AdSense as expected but Chitika is far from worthless. In my opinion any revenue is good revenue and Chitika does generate revenue. Chitika in my opinion does not generate substantial income when compared to AdSense but whereas with AdSense you can only get paid once your account hits $100 Chitika has a payment threshold of only $10. I have been declined by almost every ad network on the face of the planet do to the risque nature of this blog and my love of using foul language to rant and rave.

Of course if I were required to choose between AdSense and Chitika, Adsense would be the way to go but as you can run Chitika in combination with AdSense I really don’t see any issue in doing so as I have done for almost a year at this point.

In closing, in a apples to apples comparison where it’s Chitika vs Google AdSense, Adsense is the run away winner but Chitika does bring value and more importantly revenue to the table. If you have a blog and have not been running Chitika why not give it a try? It won’t make you a ton of money but if you like generating revenue anyway you can I say give Chitika a go.