I don’t know who Charles R. Patrick is, where he resides, where he was raised and who raised him. What I do know is that I am happy that I came across the below YouTube video as what he states is nothing but positive! Here we have an intelligent person with a positive message…. PERSONAL FUCKING or in this case DAMN RESPONSIBILITY!!

There is something that disturbs me way beyond religion, believe it or not, and it’s racism. I believe that slavery has been the greatest atrocity to face the human race thus far and can’t imagine what it could have been like to be a slave. Than again I personally don’t appreciate being put on the hook for something that I had absolutely nothing to do with and don’t appreciate being looked upon as some sort of racist, fuck black people person simply because I’m not black.

The truth of the matter is that I judge all people, regardless of race or religion, for that matter, on an individual basis. In my life I have met people of different races and religions that I have like and detested as well. The bottom line is that we are all HUMAN BEINGS! We are in the year 2014 yet for as much as things have changed things also remain the same. Many people find it necessary to point to religion, politics and/or race when something that should not happen winds up happening.

Yes, I’m not black but as one Mr. Charles R. Patrick is sick of shit so am I. If you take my written words to be racist so be it but I feel the need to state things so I shall. Why is it that black people are incarcerated so much much more than others? Why is it that when a person who is white kills a black person, law enforcement or not, the despicable Reverend Al Sharpton finds it necessary to bring his ignorant ass to the front line yet has absolutely nothing to fucking say when a young black child is killed in his or her living room, while while watching television, by a young black male who was shooting at another black male but just so happened to miss?
Why is it than when a black person kills a person who is not black people don’t march or try to boycott shit?

As I stated before, I cannot imagine what slavery was like but as Mr. Charles R. Patrick stated in the below video, I’m not a slave, you’re not a slave and don’t know a person who was a fucking slave. 70 fucking years after civil rights we as a society continue to deal with the same shit year after year! The black community needs a voice, a FUCKING LEADER! Sorry to break it to people but that person is not Al Sharpton or fucking Jesse Jackson!! It’s not a fucking rapper nor is it a pro athlete. Perhaps that voice can be Charles R. Patrick who is not speaking of hate, racism, 40 acres and a mule but is speaking of personal responsibility!!!

Society will always consist of the “have” and “have not’s” but the bottom line is that race has NOTHING to do with fucking anything. What has everything to do with “it” is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Yes, some of us have it easier than others but so is life. Mr. Charles R. Patrick I applaud you and truly hope that your video does indeed go viral. I hope that this post on my little blog can help your cause.