I was introduced to Ambit Energy a little over a year ago and I had no interest at all. About 2 weeks ago a co-worker started to talk to me about earning a 2nd income and I immediately knew what he was referring to, Ambit Energy.

The amusing thing is that there are tons of blogs and articles posted online about how Ambit Energy is a scam. Being the skeptic that I am I decided to do a bit of research. When attempting to find out if a company/opportunity is a scam there a just a few things to look at. Does the company have a good reputation? Does the company offer a viable service or product. Does the company make more profit from actual customers than affiliate members? Is the company financially stable?

Questions 1: Does the company have a good reputation? In my opinion, yes it does. Ambit has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Question 2: Does the company offer a viable service or product? Yes it does…savings on electricity and gas.

Question 3: Does the company make more profit from actual customers than affiliate members? I would say so. The company has approximately 500,000 affiliate members but approximately 800,000 customers.

Is the company financially stable? $1 billion in annual revenue and over 1 million paying customers….draw your own conclusion.

So why is there so much Ambit Energy is a scam complaints and reviews on the internet? In my opinion it’s due to their MLM sales business model. If you take the time to carefully read through these “complaints” you will find that a majority are from unsuccessful sales representatives. People who pay the $429 one time fee and the $24.95 month fee who crash and burn.

A major problem with the MLM sales model is that a majority of people who join will not be successful. Many quickly burn through their warm market (family and friends) and throw their hands in the air and scream SCAM!

Can you build a successful and profitable business with Ambit Energy? Yes you can but like any business venture it will not be easy. Although it may seem easy don’t fool yourself and don’t quit your day job.

Like any other MLM based company the ideology is that you become a representative, sign up customers and representatives and those representatives sign up customers and representatives and you make a sick amount of money in the process.

The reality is that many representatives you sign up will pay the fees and do absolutely nothing. So how would I build a successful Ambit Energy Business? I live in New York so if you’re not in New York your approach may be different.

Step 1: Approach your warm market. – “John, I just became a representative for Ambit Energy. Since the market has been deregulated, Ambit will become your new energy supplier. Con Edison will still be reading your meter and billing you. However, you get guaranteed savings of 7% in your first two months and 1% each month thereafter. Of course it’s not a huge savings but you will also get reward points for each kw you consume which can be used for discounts on services and products. You also get a savings statement and the end of the year showing how much you saved by having Ambit as your energy supplier.” Pretty simple.

Now here’s where the majority of people fail. They’ve depleted their warm market and don’t know what to do. So here is what I would do.

Google Voice Number.
Get a fax number, home or efax, whatever works for you.
Spend a few bucks on business cards.
Print up some fliers and hang them in the post office, supermarket, etc.

POUND THE PAVEMENT! Remember I said this would not be easy and when things get hard most people would rather call something a scam than actually put in the time and energy needed. I’m not saying go to private homes and start knocking on doors. What I am saying is start going to small businesses in your area and make the pitch.

FACT! People in general would like to get something for nothing. What’s the something? Guaranteed Savings. What’s the nothing? Reward points for paying something that you are paying for anyway.

Keep it simple. “Sir, if you were able to save $2 a month on your cell phone bill and get reward points for every 10 minutes of talk time you spend on your cell phone would that be of interest to you? If you were able to save $2 a month on your cable bill but get reward points every time you paid your cable bill would that be of interest to you?

The bottom line is that if you are willing to devote the time and energy needed to make money you can. If you expect to do nothing and get something in return than you’ll find yourself posting angry comments on some BS consumer complaint site. Keep in mind that you’ll be making around $.25 for every customer you sign up who pay their bills on time and will need to burn through 50 representatives before you find 1 who is worth working with but it is possible.

I’m not affiliated with Ambit Energy at this time as I don’t have the free time necessary but I can see myself signing up with them in the future.

If you’ve researched Ambit Energy and feel that it may not be the right opportunity for you, check out the below opportunity video for Giant Cinema provided by MisterSpud of www.BecomeASpud.com.

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