Apparently the saga of Angel Adams and the city of Tampa, Florida has been going on for quite some time but yours truly, being in NYC and all, just found about this walking piece of shit a few days ago through FaceBook and my blood instantly began to boil.

This bitch had 15 kids and obviously can’t afford them which leads me to believe that she probably couldn’t afford 3 yet continued to spit out kid after fucking kid. Luckily 3 are old enough to care for themselves while the other 12, ranging in age from 6 months old through age 12, have to live a fucking nightmare. Little to no food, no change of clothes, no shoes and probably struggling with school if any of the of age children are able to get to school with no fucking shoes!

What kind of future do these kids have? In my opinion, a perfect example of kids who start out with 2 strikes against them who will never know what a loving, caring home is like where if you’re hungry or thirsty you go to the fucking fridge. Kids who don’t know what a birthday party with all the bells and whistles is like. Instead they all get to live in foster care, where they’ll all be better off anyway.

What really pisses me off is that this bitch had the audacity to state “Someone needs to be held accountable for all this!”? Accountability…..really Angel Adams?! How about you be held fucking accountable and be forced to work and give up 50% of your earnings to the city for having to support your fucking kids! How about you be held accountable for bypassing the cost of a fucking condom!

The sad fact is that ghetto pieces of shit like Angel Adams are all to common in this country. Do what you want without any though to financial ability and simply bitch, moan and hold your hand out as if there is nothing wrong with it. I highly doubt this bitch has a job as she was too busy spitting out a kid a fucking year. Of course the father of 10 of the 12 she had custody of was arrested and as far as I can tell is in jail where he should have been put to begin with for not having the decency to at least pull out!

It’s stories like this that make me realize that people with intelligence are shit out of luck as the dumb fucks of this country are procreating faster and faster. If you watch the below video and don’t feel as I do you’re probably Angel Adams!