Well it’s been a little over a week since Jeremy Lin became a member of the Houston Rockets. Here in New York, most Knicks fans have their panties in a bunch. The consensus seems to be “How dumb can James Dolan be to let Jeremy Lin go to the Houston Rockets?” “The decision to not sign Lin has nothing to do with finances and it was 100% personal.” Well, call me crazy but I believe the Knicks made the right call.

“Linsanity” was a great sports story. Out of nowhere an undrafted, twice waived, NBDL player takes the NBA and New York by storm, putting up numbers that have only been put up by all-time greats. What may fail to realize is that he did most, if not all, of his damage being the focal point of the offense under Mike D’Antoni. The numbers under D’Antoni – 20.3 PPG, 8.4 AST, 2.4 STL, 4.8 TO, .453 FG% and a .350 3PT% in a total of 19 games. In the 7 games Lin played under new coach Mike Woodson with a returning Carmelo Anthony the numbers were 13.2 PPG, 5.4 AST, 1 STL, 3.7 TO .428 FG% and a .294 3PT%.

Mike Woodson is not going to have a Mike D’Antoni run and gun offense and will rely more heavily and a half court, isolation offense. Additionally, Woodson stresses defense over offense and defense is not a Jeremy Lin strength. Sure, he can steal the ball pretty well but there is no denying that both Deron Williams and Rajon Rondo absolutely destroyed Lin. In fact, Lin was having major issues trying to guard Jose Calderon to the point that Iman Shumpert was needed to stop Calderon from having his way on the court. How did Jeremy Lin play against Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry? I would love to tell you but he didn’t play a damn game against those guys last season.

No one truly knows what Jeremy Lin’s ceiling is but there is no way that the potential of a player equates to $14.8 million. That payday needs to be earned and Jeremy Lin has done nothing to earn that amount of pay. Steve Nash, as a 2 time MVP never received such a high payday. Rajon Rondo in the last year of his current contract is due to make a little over $13 million. Jeremy Lin is not Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Steve Nash. 3 time NBA champion, 4 time all-star and finals MVP Tony Parker has never made more than $13.5 million in a season, yet Jeremy Lin the 19 game phenom is worth $14.8 for a season!

Jeremy Lin can absolutely play the game of basketball but he is a work in progress and work in progress does not deserve to get paid more for a season than perennial all stars and MVP players. Enjoy your time in Houston Jeremy and Go New York Go New York, Go!