dolphOk, the secret is out. I love the WWE. When I was a kid my best friend and I would go to the local video store and watch hours upon hours of WWF wrestling tapes. I tuned out for a while, started watching when Rocky Maivia became the Rock and tuned out again until my kid starting watching a few years ago.

One thing that is driving me absolutely crazy about the WWE these days is that Dolph Ziggler is nothing more than a jobber. As far as I’m concerned the gimmick that was going with Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E. Langston was great, reminded me a bit of the begging of Degeneration X with Michaels, Triple H and Chyna.

This was a guy who won Money in the Bank and cashed it in against Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. The pop that Ziggler received when his music hit and the pop he received when he hit Del Rio with the Zig Zag was the loudest I’ve heard a WWE crowd in a long time. Ziggler gets the pop of the year, becomes the WWE Heavyweight Champion only to lose it back to Del Rio at the very next pay per view?

Since that time Ziggler has been getting whooped in the ring by guys like Del Rio and Big E. Langston. Around a month ago Ziggler had a match against then WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. At the start of the match I thought that at minimum WWE had learned from the error of their ways and were about to allow Ziggler to embark and a long Intercontinental reign. I was wrong as Axel beat Ziggler straight up! The very next week Big E. Langston destroys Axel to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion!?

So what we have here in the WWE in the case of Dolph Ziggler is one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster being used as a whooping boy for less talented wrestlers on the roster! Sure, the guy speaks his mind and says things during non WWE interviews that he probably shouldn’t say but how he loses week after week when the WWE Universe is 100% behind him and invested boggles my mind.

Why won’t the WWE blow this guy up? Ziggler has more than paid his dues in the ring, is one of the most athletic performers on the roster, is the best seller in the ring and has a great gimmick yet he’s being booked on bullshit WWE shows and has fallen so low on the card that he had a pre-match to one of the last pay per views! Is the WWE punishing him for being honest?

WTF? Randy Orton gets suspended twice, once for failing a drug test and once for steroids yet he’s had 2 WWE Championship reigns in the last few months. John Cena loses the WWE title to Daniel Bryan, goes out with an injury, wins the WWE Heavyweight Championship in his very first match back and is now having a match against Orton to unify the title? Yeah I get it, the WWE is about making money but how does a guy like Ziggler prove that he can sell merchandise and put ass in the seats if he isn’t given an opportunity to show what he can do. Sorry, a month as WWE Heavyweight Champion wasn’t going to accomplish the mission.

Ziggler at 33 years of age is not getting any younger. Maybe he needs a gimmick change? Maybe he needs a CM Punk moment where he’s allowed to grab the microphone and air his frustrations. Either way the WWE Universe wants Ziggler to stop being used as a jobber and for him to become one of the top level talents on the roster. Why won’t the WWE give us what we want?