As a Yankees fan I wanted Robinson Cano back in pinstripes. The Yankees made more than a fair offer but Cano is all about the money and is taking his baseball talents to Seattle for $240,000 million over 10 years! Yes, the Yankees spend money like it’s going out of style but there is no way Robinson Cano is worth that contract.

Back in 2008 the Yankees extended Cano’s contract and were rewarded with a .271 batting average, 14 homers and 72 rbi’s. Robbie was the best player on the Yankees last year yet attendance and television ratings dropped. He is a good player but is no way near the contract he just signed. Why?

Robinson Cano – 9 Years in MLB

    Never won the MVP award and only finished in the top 3 once!
    Has hit 30 homers once with 33 in 2012!
    Has driven in 100 runs 3 times over 9 years!
    Had 200 hits or more in a season twice!
    Has never stolen more than 8 bases in a season!
    2 Gold Glove awards!
    .222 career postseason batting average!
    1 World Series trophy in 2009 in which he hit a whopping .136!

    I’ve watched his entire career and although he is a good hitter and plays good defense he does not play hard! One thing that Mariners fan can look forward to is Cano jogging to 1st base on ground balls regardless of where the ball is hit. Watching him run out a pop fly is done so poorly that my kid could probably beat him to 1st base running backwards.

    Yankee Stadium is one of the best hitting ball parks in MLB which is not the case with Safeco Field….the park where homers go to die. For the people who thought the Pujols, ARod and Hamilton contracts were bad, just wait and how Cano’s contract will be talked about 3 years from now. There is no doubt that he is a good player but has never come close to putting a season together like the above mentioned players have.

    The Yankees are a better team with him than without him but the bottom line is that Cano is not a difference maker. Robinson Cano wants to build his brand but just shot his legacy to hell. He could have signed with the Yankees for 7 more years for close to $200,000 million, become the face of the franchise once Jeter retires, could have looked forward to having his number retired and hanging in monument park while continuing to play in the biggest media market in the country. Instead, Cano goes to the Mariners for the money and can look forward to regional car dealership commercials.

    “Whadya Know Robbie Cano?” He’s a dumb ass! Good riddance!