Lebron James Signs with the Knicks?
Lebron James Signs with the Knicks?

As a die hard and life long fan of the New York Knicks there is nothing I would like more than for Lebron James to sign with the Knicks this summer. I can see the back page of the Daily News now…. “The King of New York Has Arrived.”

Unfortunately, the likelihood of King James signing with the Knick is slim to none.  Sure the fan side of me says “It’s New York; he will be the man if he wins it all in New York.” The reasonable side of me says “It’s not going to happen.”

So why wouldn’t Bron Bron sign a deal with the Knicks………


1. He’s from Ohio – I don’t buy into the media crap that states he’s not from Cleveland so it won’t factor into his decision. WTF!


2. The McMansion – Lebron paid a ton of money and spent 5 years building a palace in Akron that he’s not going to live in? Seems to me the guy is getting settled for good.


3. Hated in your home state  – Lebron is Ohio. I don’t think for a minute that he won’t think about what it would be like to come “home” in another uniform.


4. The Cavs are trying to win – Mo Williams, SHAQ and now Jamison. Seems to me that the Cavs are trying their best to get the players Lebron needs to win a championship. 
The Knicks have a ton of cap space and the ability to get some great players next season and the season after that. It saddens me to know that Lebron won’t be one of them but it won’t stop the media from going nuts until he resigns with the Cavs.  The back page in the summer of 2010 will read “Lebron Stays with the Cavs.”