KnowItAll Knows Baseball!

Remember those “Bo Knows” Nike commercials from back in the day? If you do great and if you don’t Google it. Nevertheless if there is anything that KnowItAll knows it’s BASEBALL!

Perhaps I have lost my mind or perhaps it’s the liquid lunch that I consumed earlier today. Either way I have reached out to the owner of and have inquired about purchasing the domain name with the intent of creaiting my very own reasonably priced baseball handicapping tout service.

I have been watching Money Talks on CNBC and wrote a review on the supposed “Best MLB Betting System” which I have been paper playing and can certify is absolute SHIT! However, I have become inspired and after all how hard can this fucking be anyway?!

Introducing the Baseball Underdog Handicapping Service. I have no intention of ruining my mess of a blog by posting daily picks but I will create a new category and ONE (1) post where I will update my baseball underdog baseball gambling picks.

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