A few days ago my lovely lady mentioned a new social network called www.tsu.co that shares it revenue with it’s users. She showed me an about 5 minute Fox Business News video about www.tsu.co and I immediately liked what I was shown.

Of course with anything new that promises $$$ there is no shortage of people singing the praises of www.tsu.co. I also managed to come across some that have nothing but negatives about www.tsu.co but the bottom line is that this new social network is giving a big middle finger to the sky to FaceBook.

Personally I have grown to detest Face Book. It’s not bad enough that Mark Zuckerberg originally stole the idea and went on to become a billionaire but that users continue to share news, life events, rant, rave and do whatever they do but that FaceBook keeps every single fucking penny from it’s user base. I remember when Face Book was new and fan pages first rolled out. If you had 1,000 followers and posted on your page 1,000 followers received your post. My buddy has a fan page with over 600 followers but now only gets around 10 views for each post as Face Book now wants you to pay in order to “boost” your posting. In my opinion boosting your reach should allow you to reach people outside of those who already follow you. Why in the fuck should anyone have to pay to boost a post when they already have a solid following? It’s like having an email database of 1,000 people but you can only email 10 of those people. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me.

Sure, www.tsu.co is pretty bare bones at this point as in post content, obtain followers, follow other people, make friends and like posts but as time goes on I’m sure that features will be added as is normally the case with anything web based. Sebastian Sobczak, the founder of www.tsu.co is not promising that anyone will become rich. From the research I’ve done it appears that if your network grows to 2,000 you should earn $1,000 a year which means that each user in your network is worth $.50 a year in revenue which is $.50 per year more than FaceBook pays out.

The nice thing about the network is that it is by invite only. Even if you arrive at the site and would like to register you cannot register unless you have the username of someone who registered previously. If you would like to give the middle finger to FaceBook or simply would like to register in order to make a few bucks a year for doing what you already do on Facebook CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.