7 thoughts on “Tsu.co Scam! Is the Social Network tsu.co Really a Scam?”

  1. Tsu banned me with no reason so you say facebook sucks?.. but facebook dont banned if you share music on your wall 😉 thanks for reading this… and tell everybody..

  2. I recently set up a profile for our company since we are very involved with social media due to our line of business. We had invited some users and quickly realized the site is infested with spammers/get rich quick type of people. However that is okay because I understand they are probably attracting those individuals as early adapters since it is about getting paid.

    After 10 days of TSU and just a few post our account broke a dollar a few nights ago. The morning after we broke a dollar we tried to sign in. I see a message saying “User does not exists.” We have emailed the TSU team a few times now and have gotten no response. We never spammed, broke any rules, and are a legitimate company.

    The strange thing is I passed many TSU posts while going through popular hashtags stating that people were being deleted once they started making money. I thought TSU was legit at first but I think they are the bottom of the barrel scam artists. The second you make any bit of money they will delete your account and never respond. They won’t give an explanation or respond to emails about it because they are SCAMMERS.

    I think the idea is great however the TSU TEAM IS SCUM.

  3. I don’t know if this is common as of yet as I have yet to break a dollar but am close. Should I suffer the same fate I will post a follow up to the review.

  4. You were probably banned because you tried to scam the site by putting up follow for follow posts. Trying to get something for nothing and now you are bitter. Too bad. The site is much better now that they have gotten rid of your type. Go on back to facebook and wait till hell freezes over to get a cheque from Zuckerburg. You obviously are bitter because your dreams of making a quick easy fortune were shut down. Maybe go back to your job where you ask people ‘do you want fries with that?’

  5. I’ve been on Ts? for a few weeks now and it has been a good experience. Definitely not a get rich quick opportunity but I’ve seen some people make some good additional income. I like Ts? because it has awesome original content, insightful groups, user-sponsored contests (yes for money), and a very positive vibe. I guess it matters to me that I’m getting something for my time as opposed to nothing. It is true that you cannot cash out until you hit $100 but you can donate any amount to charity direct from the site.

  6. Really shady operation- allows some people to cheat with automated software, constant service problems, spamming makes it impossible for friends to see your posts, robots crawling everywhere, and arbitrary rules applied on in tsu’s favor. Total disrespect of its clientele, shuts down accounts and keeps copyrighted material posted for earning domiciled in Texas, headquartered in New York, bank drafts from Florida.

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