It has been almost 3 months since I came across Giant Cinema and all I can say is that the growth that the company is experiencing is nothing short of amazing. Considering that the company has not officially launched as of yet has me scratching me head in disbelief of how popular the website has become.

I went to earlier today to check on how Giant Cinema is doing and I can say is WOW! A United States traffic ranking of 25,677 and for the month of October 122,251 unique visitors!!! WTF!!!! There is no product yet over 100,000 people went to Giant Cinema last month? Let’s say that only 30% of the people who went to Giant Cinema registered for an account. That puts them at 30,000 registered users for October but lets take it a few steps further. Let’s say that those 30,000 people referred 5 people each who referred 2 people each who referred 1 other person.

30,000 x 5 = 150,000 x 2 = 300,000. Now those 300,000 people refer 1 person each resulting in another 300,000 registered users. That’s a freaking total of 770,000 registered users! Even if Giant Cinema did half of that in the month of September and half of what they did in September in the month of August that would put them at over 1.3 million registered users over 3 months! 1.3 million!!!!! It’s crazy to consider but the actual numbers may be far greater. However, good luck on trying to get an actual number from the company. I know as I’ve tried but mum is the word.

NetFlix has over 40 million subscribers who pay around $10 a month yet has a limited amount of content although from what I hear they are going to be going to into original programming if they have not yet done so. So how many people will ultimately register for a FREE streaming movie service where the people who hold the rights to the programs are free to upload whatever content they want and where affiliate marketers can earn a 10% commission? I don’t freaking know but the possibilities are through the roof!

I don’t know if Ross Cailen bumped his head on a toilet one day and the idea of Giant Cinema popped into his head like the professor in Back to the Future when the idea of the Flux Capacitor popped into his head but it is very possible that this company could become the biggest player in the game and create an entirely new industry.


Courtesy to MisterSpud of for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video