Nothing sells better than fear and this company is trying to corner the market.  What’s the fear? Hunger and possible starvation. What are they selling? Emergency supplies of freeze dried food.  In the event of a 2nd Katrina, you can have 2 week’s worth of freeze dried food for the super low price of $199.99 with their Emergency Pack. Best of all, the food is great tasting and on average only needs 1 cup of water to prepare.

However, in case something catastrophic happens you’ll need much more than a measly 2 week supply of food. Luckily they also offer a long term Emergency Food Supply Option.  For those of you who like to live in fear and would like to have the ultimate in peace of mind you can purchase a 2,528 entrée package for the price of $6,299.99. Wow, only $2.49 for a delicious gourmet freeze dried meal that only needs on average 1 cup of water.   I need to sign up ASAP but I won’t as I’m not mentally challenged.

Why would you be mentally challenged for signing up Food Insurance? Well, what if you only purchase a 2 week emergency pack and the “emergency” lasts 4 months? There are different factors to take into consideration to arrive at an actual date of when you can possibly starve to death but ultimately a person should be able starve to death within 4 months.  Congratulations, you just blew $199.99 plus any applicable tax and shipping to make sure you live for an extra 2 weeks before you starve to death.

Now let’s take a look at the ultimate in idiocy; the Emergency Food Supply Option. Why is it idiotic? Let’s say you’re single and purchase the ultimate 2,528 entrée’s. If you limit yourself to one meal a day you should be able to eat for a little under 7 years and all you need is on average 1 measly cup of water. This catastrophic event has somehow decimated the food supply but luckily there’s plenty of water.  Surely, there is no way that the water supply would be affected as well.  If such a catastrophic event did happen you would need the following to happen to assure survival!

  1. You need to survive the event.
  2. Your freeze dried food supply storage area would have to survive. The supply must be kept in a cool, dry place where the temperature does not go above 75 degree for a prolonged amount of time. Surely, these ideal conditions can be met in a catastrophe.
  3. You’ll need 158 gallons or more of water in order to consume all meals.
  4. You need to have the ability to watch other survivors starve to death.

So what do you think about Food Insurance? Am I a mentally challenged idiot for thinking that I would have to be a mentally challenged idiot for not getting it?


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  1. I’m getting so tired when doing what I would hope to be responsible research concerning the subject of such importance of running into intellectual idiots, almost all of the liberal bent concerning reviews of this type of product.

    Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut and pray to God you never need any survival gear, and that you don’t have to watch people around you die because they were as stupid as you are trying to espouse others to become.

    Having been through disasters in Third World nations, I can speak from experience which you have obviously never went through. None of the catastrophes we could imagine would ever be perfect is far as the ability to maintain our food supply. Yet have you ever watched someone starve to death or eat wood or leather over a prolonged period of time, I have – so you need to speak about something for which you have first-hand knowledge and not an intellectual proclivity to expound upon things far above your pay grade.

    As someone that is looking to purchase long-term food storage, rather than attempting to condemn those that are doing so, I go at this subject legitimately – whereas you display a lack of integrity because you’re not interested in the subject matter, only the intellectual stimulation of feeling superior to others is the obvious pursuit that you are so invested in.

    So again please, look for another subject wear you can feel that you have displayed your wit as well as your superior intelligence, and if you were ever so unfortunate to be in the disaster, pray that your stupid hick neighbor would’ve purchased one of these programs, and be loving and kind enough to share it with you – because if the situation is reversed you have displayed that you would not have the integrity nor the humanity to do either. If you notice any typos please be aware that I’m utilizing voice recognition and don’t even want to waste my time to proof read this because an idiot such as yourself needs excuses to condemn the massager, especially if they’ve never really of value weighted are understand the message itself.


  2. One of the reasons it might be worthwhile to have a month or two of food on hand is to survive your own catastrophe, such as a job loss — where money suddenly becomes tight. My brother-in-law and his family (five kids at the time) went through a financial hardship and their store of food certainly helped them get through it w/o as much stress. The same could be said for just having cash on hand, I suppose. Though for some reason, having some actual _food_ until you get on solid footing…that feels pretty good to me (father of four).

  3. Having food on hand would be nice but you can easily stock up inexpensive foods like rice and pasta and spam. MMMMM….spam.

  4. Your comment If Joe is guilty of anything, it’s stooping to your level. Your the one who started with the inflammatory rhetoric. When you do so, you attract the same and even some otherwise decent people might succumb to the temptation to respond in kind.

    As far as “reasonable research” goes, it isn’t limited to easily faked reviews, hence the term “reasonable”. If I may be so bold as to guess, is say that Joe, like me, replies to such criticisms mainly to ensure that a counter-argument exists for future passers-by. Your sarcasm is of little use other than, as you admit, to entertain you and perhaps some similarly tempered lurkers.

    Regarding access to water, there would likely be enough time to fill a bathtub. And swimming pools, hot water tanks and rain barrels can serve as alternative sources. Some might even have water ppurification devices.

    As for witnessing post-disaster starvation in other countries, it stands to reason that it can have a very sobering effect and impress one to consider that an emergency food supply, for some, might be some very good, cheap insurance that could, in the very least, buy one some time if, and when, “the cavalry arrives.” If there isn’t total disruption, theres the possibility of clean water and supplies being brought in within weeks. I mean, if we are talking complete meltdown,, your $ won’t matter much anyways… but any food you have surely will.


  5. Knowitall, I don’t think you are mentally challenged nor an idiot, a bit limited perhaps but not idiotic. Food Insurance is probably overpriced and overadvertised but not all that bad of a deal for a busy exec trying to do some prepping to protect his family.
    I think if truth were known you are actually taking a left-handed swipe at the conservative people who are suggesting that planning for an economic meltdown might be a very good idea. Keep an eye on the social democracies of Europe like the PIIGS; they’re a little ahead of us in descending into economic chaos due to pervasive socialistic parasitologies. Komrade Obama has used them as models in transforming America.

  6. What you call inflammatory rhetoric is nothing more than my opinion. My opinions are often referred to as rhetoric when one disagrees as you most certainly do.

    I stand firm in my position that entering the term food insurance review into Google is a far cry from “reasonable research.” Much like my friend Joe in Texas, he thinks food insurance is a good idea and began running internet inquires not to conduct reasonable research but to affirm his position. When he came across my review he did not stoop to my level but rather become insulted that I disagreed with his position much like you have.

    I’m all for counter arguments but take exception when arguments are based on hypothetical’s. Sure fill up a bathtub, swimming pools are a damn barrel for that matter but realize you do nothing more than waste water as water exposed to the elements for longer than a week would not be safe to drink. The smart one’s would not only have water purification devices but solar powered water purification devices.

    If we’re not talking complete meltdown, where the cavalry could arrive within weeks than an emergency food supply of freeze dried food, in my opinion, is nothing more than a waste of money. If there is access to fresh water than one can still easily boil water to make pasta or rice. You can easily go to any market in the country and stock up and low budget items that can last upwards of a month for less than $200. I’d write you a shopping list but you may very well be in the process of building your emergency food supply bunker.

  7. Ladd, thank you for a well thought and grammatically correct posting in my blog. You may very well be the first person to create such a posting since this blog has been created. I say bravo my good man.

    However, I must admit that I am a bit disturbed at being called limited. I am far from limited but can be found guilty of having diarrhea of the mouth. I simply must call a spade a spade. Although I feel that food insurance is idiotic I can very well see why people would purchase a plan. If you feel this is a good way to protect your family I applaud you. Insurance equates to piece of mind. I’m young but know there will come a point in time when my time has come to an end. As a result I purchased to life insurance policy to assure that my loved ones will be financially secure at that time. There is a possibility that my family and I can come to an end at the same time but having the policy makes me sleep better at night.

    I can assure you that I am not taking a left-handed swipe at those suggesting preparing for an economic meltdown but has does one prepare for chaos?

  8. I think the point of foodinsurnce is to buy food you can store in your basement and forget about. No need to rotate or worry. It buys piece of mind for people who can afford it. Its a good idea depending on your view of the future, there are no guarntees in life might as well try to put the odds in your favor.

  9. “Your freeze dried food supply storage area would have to survive. The supply must be kept in a cool, DRY PLACE where the temperature does not go above 75 degree for a prolonged amount of time. Surely, these ideal conditions can be met in a catastrophe.”

    Surely there must have been plenty of DRY places after Sandy caused MAJOR FLOODING. However, for those who may have kept their emergency food supply in their attics, they made a wise decision.

    Care to brush up on your reading comprehension and common sense before leaving asinine comments? Yeah I’m a morron……

  10. The purpose of the “dry” in the cool dry place as it relates to longer term food storage is to keep the cans in which freeze-dried food is stored from rusting over time. The short term moisture and general house destruction of Sandy would not have affected sealed cans. If everyone on NY and NJ had a pantry or basement full of at least a few weeks or months of stored canned food the needs and suffering would be greatly alleviated. It might not have been pretty or organized, but at least the wreckage would be full of cans of food and there would be a lot less roving bands of starving folks and the looters that prey upon them. Having at least a few weeks or a few months of food , toiletries, and other essentials around the house is just responsible common sense. Anything beyond that is peace of mind for those that can afford it and those folks should be applauded for reducing the scope of the relief problem in a disaster. It is the people who rely entirely on “the cavalry” who exacerbate the impact of a disaster.

  11. 99% of the people impacted by Sandy would not have their house destroyed and flooded. If your house is destroyed, of course you can’t eat your food you have stored there, but for the thousands, if not tens of thousands whose refrigerators stopped working when the power went out and their food spoiled and local grocery stores weren’t open for normal business, spare food would be a Godsend. Also, just because your spare food containers get wet, doesn’t mean they are ruined and temps above 75 are a problem if you want to maximize shelf life. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Water is another issue, but those wise enough to prepare for needing food also are also wise enough to have an emergency water supply. It’s really not that complicated, but
    as you so brilliantly stated, “Yeah, I’m a moron.”

    Better to remain silent and let people think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  12. The food is not stored in cans, the food is stored in bags. The general house destruction consisted of homes burning to the ground as well as many having 5-8 feet of water flood their entire basements as well as their first floors. In addition, those areas were evacuated. Looters were not seeking food, they were seeking things of value. It is simply my opinion that Food Insurance is a waste of money.

  13. KnowItAll, have you even been to an emergency food website? Most of what they offer is #10 canned food. Yes they have some in bags, too, but they are tough mylar-type bags like a thick potato chip bag or a CapriSun juice. They will not be affected by water in the short term.

    Most of the people affected didn’t evacuate. Most of the people affected weren’t flooded.

    It may be your opinion that food insurance is a waste of money, but it’s certainly not an informed opinion.

  14. Oh wise one. Please enlighten me with your infinite wisdom and please answer the below questions for me.

    How does a person get to their food supply in a room that contains 6-10 feet of water?
    Does all food need to be refigerated?
    How long does it take for water to go bad?
    When water does go bad, how do you remove the impurities?
    In the same way that the impurities that contaminated the water would be removed, could food not be prepared?
    When a person is fully aware that a major storm is heading their way, would most people not purchase food in order to ride out the storm?

    Better to think before posting.

  15. Good Lord, you’re ignorant. As I said above, if your house is destroyed by a hurricane blowing it away, then of course you can’t eat the food, but there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people having difficulty because they aren’t prepared. But to answer your irrelevant questions,
    1) see above
    2) no, but that’s what most people have in stock
    3) months to years if treated with bleach (I have my own supply that is going on 18 months and still tastes like the day I put it in the 300 gallon container)
    4) A filter and treatment kits available all over the net and camping stores.
    5) no, not if it’s spoiled
    6) you might not have warning or the means to purchase anything if the shelves are empty.

    You think you’re clever, but you’re a waste of time. If you think that fresh water will come out of your faucet for the next 100,000 years without interruption and there isn’t any need for preparing for events that are spontaneous like 9-11 and earthquakes, then that’s who you are. Good day.

  16. Yes, I have been to an emergency food site, hence the review on

    Most of the people affected simply lost electricity, some for a few days, others for a few weeks. However, I personally have many friends that were forced to evacuate and lost almost everything they owned due to the flooding.

    My opinion is an informed opinion, specifically based on information obtained from the website. For me it does not make sense as I live in a major metropolitan area. For $200 to $13,000 I feel there are better alternatives such as common sense.

  17. They are concerned with being ready for the kind emergency that happens regularly.
    Freezing and reducing the substance allowed the frozen water in the food to transit
    directly from the solid phase to the gas phase. Why, well,
    unless you have a time machine, preferably a Delorean, you probably won’t know what the future has in store.

  18. The kind of emergency that happens regularly? I don’t need a Delorean to know the difference between the definitions of regularly and occassionally.

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