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  1. I have read a dozen “Empower Network Reviews” that simply try to sell you on the system. I like that you are giving your own opinion, rather than selling EN. What you state here is absolutely true. There is little to no value offered. Whatever lessons they do provide, is not generic marketing, but marketing specifically for EN. Good job.

  2. Your no different since your using empower network keywords to push wealthy affiliate. Funny. No I’m not with empower

  3. No different than what? You don’t have to pay for Wealthy Affiliate!! I must have learned something since I am using empower network keywords…wouldn’t you say? Love the fucking geniuses that leave wise ass comments. ROFL!

  4. I’m VERY glad to see the author using those keywords up there. At least, in this instance, they will lead searchers to the truth about Empower Network AND to a REAL investment of education! Clicking the links above is HIGHLY recommended!

    Wealthy Affiliate runs a tight ship in the effort to teach members there honest, ethical online business and is the Internet’s legacy of the 21st century in the way of online business training. Empower Network doesn’t even come close!

    Some of you have come here to find out where your search about Empower Network’s integrity. This is one of a number of REAL blogs about using those keywords to actually expose EN for what it is and NOT other blogs posing a critical review with the keywords, only to present bait-‘n-switch rubbish.

    Great work with the article above!


  5. Although the author has some vulgur language I can tell you that he is 100% right. I joined empower network with no experience at all for $25 which is what I was told the cost was. Within 5 minutes I was being upsold into all sorts of products and told don’t be a wussy. I bought a few of them and had no idea how to blog or anything like that or how to set it up. I got no support and it seems that empower network is supposed to teach you how to advertise to sell empower network. Basically teaching you to become an affiliate selling how to become an affiliate.. I’ve heard the rumors that empower network has huge amounts of people promoting their own products…fairy tails are so cute. I never even got the blog active and spent a lot of time on it. By luck I actually found wealthy affiliate. It’s an entire community of affiliate marketers, some have no experience and some are advanced. What I learned there is that if you have a question you can post it and within 5 minutes your question is answered. You can even Private Message the owners and they will respond within a few days…I believe it’s their staff but still at least they don’t leave you hanging. In all honesty you can start it for free and go through first lessons for free to test it out. I can tell you that within the first few days I was blown away. I’m an idiot when it comes to learning things online and it took me 2 weeks and I had my site live. They offer you multiple ways to make money, one of which is to promote Wealthy Affiliate, but that is only one way and it’s not even focused on. Most of the focus is promoting a product that you know and are passionate about. The author is right, why would you pay thousands of dollars for something you can do and get for close to free? You can have a fully functional site for free or choose to become a paying member. The only fee is $47 per month, they do have a tool called Jaaxy which is a keyword research tool for $19 a month but they also have a free tool you can use..jaaxy is just better.
    You are always treated with respect when you ask questions at WA, you have tens of thousands of people there to answer your questions. Imagine having a question regarding your site or keywords. You don’t have just 1 person who half the time won’t pick up their phone, you have thousands of people who will answer you. Sometimes a newbie has had the same issue and knows the answer and can’t wait to walk you through it. You will also never be called a wussy because you don’t mortgage your house for products you can find for next to nothing online.
    Those of you criticizing the author for promoting WA, at least he is being honest and upfront with the free trial and actual pricing if you decide to upgrade. How many empower network people ever tell you that it’s thousands of dollars? So why not test it out? It’s free! If you don’t like the first lessons then all you have wasted is time. Try getting someone from empower network to let you test out their program free of charge…good luck!
    BTW, don’t know the author…I just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

  6. Nice write-up. I also did a blog on this. Being as I was personally in it I was honest on it also. Would love you to stop by and read it. As well as others if you would like. Like said here this isn’t needed. I also use wordpress and have many blogs outranking people on Empower on the same keywords/phrases. Save your money. If you want to blog get wordpress and hosting plain and simple.

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