I can’t believe that people actually fall for crap like Empower Network but then again stupidity runs rampant so perhaps I shouldn’t be as perplexed as I am. Obviously you’re researching the Empower Network “opportunity” so thank me in advance for what you are about to read or simply be thankful that you won’t be another person whose been taken advantage of. If you are an Empower Network Kool-Aid drinker you’re going to be uber (super) pissed about what you are about to read.

Empower Network charges people who would like to earn an online income $25 a month so they can have a blog on a subdomain. They charge people $19.99 a month so they can get paid on commission they earned. Empower Network attempts to upsell people on useless training to the tune of $100 a month! At least they’re not totally bad as a person can purchase additional useless training modules for $500 and $1,000 respectively.

“Empower Network is the best thing since sliced bread! KnowItAll, you’re a jerk and have no clue about what you’re taking about! I love Empower Network!” Don’t be mad at me be mad at yourself for not having the mental capability of conducting research before your splurged on Empower Network to the tune of $1,600. That’s a lot of money as far as I’m concerned yet that is what a person involved with Empower Network would have spent for one month! One month of membership fees, one month of e-wallet, joining their Inner Circle and paying for their two bullshit upsell training videos. $1,600! One thousand six hundred dollars! Now here’s the real kick in the pants! Empower Network is not providing you with anything that you can’t get for FREE! That’s right 100% FREE! How?

WordPress.com Need a blogging platform? Before spending $25 a month to hook up with Empower Network simply head on over to WordPress.com and get your very own WordPress blog. WordPress is the most powerful and used blogging platform in the world and powers the super fantastic blog you are reading at this very moment. Need products to sell? Sign up for any one of the thousands of affiliate programs available on the internet. You get a blog as well as affiliate products to sell and it will cost you $0.

Taking a step back I do realize that some of you reading this post as part of your research regarding Empower Network and some of you who may be with Empower Network may not know anything about blogging software, affiliate products and how to drive traffic to a blog. However, as I stated earlier Empower Network is not providing you with anything you can’t get for free and that includes training. Save yourself at least $100 per month and head on over to WealthyAffiliate.com.

WealthyAffiliate.com is on online community for people looking to make money from blogging and is geared towards those with little to no knowledge of affiliate marketing. Best of all is that it’s 100% FREE. You will get 10 FREE training videos and 2 free blogs as a starter member. All you have to do is watch the videos and follow the instructions. It will cost you nothing but your time. Once you start making a few dollars you can upgrade to their premium membership for a cost of only $47 per month. However, for starters, simply create your free account and go through the training modules.

WealthyAffiliate.com Training

As I stated, Empower Network is a huge scam in that they suck you dry for your money when everything they provide to you as a member can be had for no cost. If you are with Empower Network all I can say is that stupidity is contagious.

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