BeepXtra Review – Is BeepXtra a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity

I came across BeepXtra on FaceBook around a month ago and was going to write a review back then but didn’t feel like posting at the time. I wish I had posted at the time as this opportunity was screaming scam to me at that time and even more so today. What is BeepXtra? It’s simply a discount and loyalty program marketed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Bottom line it’s nothing more than a MLM in one of many in a long list of MLM “opportunities” in which thousands of people will lose their shirts. Last month when I went to their site there was a sales matrix as well as information as to how much of a “few dollars” it would cost a business owner to integrate with their super awesome system. Today? All of that information is gone and in it’s place is some rather visually impressive sales fluff as to how great BeepXtra is!

How is BeepXtra supposed to work? As a BeepXtra card holder you can earn 10% cash back on purchases you make at participating BeepXtra locations. Sounds great. I get my haircut and a participating BeepXtra location and pay $10 for the haircut. I just earned $1 for doing what I normally do anyway….SIGN ME UP!

In reality you go to get your $10 haircut and your barber says $10. You say “Do you accept BeepXtra?” Your barber replies “No and what in the hell is BeepXtra?” You state “BeepXtra is a discount and loyalty program in which you would need to part with a few dollars if you wanted to join. You provide an affordable discount of say 10% with would only be $1 and best of all, if you hand out BeepXtra cards to your customers you will earn a commission when those people shop at participating BeepXtra merchant!” You’re barber states “Sounds great especially for a few dollars!” Yes you have a sale, now all you have to do is ask your barber to part with anywhere between $125 and $400. (A few dollars my ass!!) Your barber states “You are an asshole, get your haircut somewhere else from now on.”

It’s no secret that I think MLM companies are the spawn of stupidity everywhere. With BeepXtra you can earn a percentage of a percentage of a percentage of a percentage which will have you driving a new Lambo in no time. Thankfully BeepXtra earns 2.75% of whatever the discount is which leave tons of cash for you to start building your McMansion. Let’s do some math.

Your barber, in an alternate reality, agrees to pony up $125 to get involved. BeepXtra gives him a few hundred cards to dispense to his already loyal customers (more on this in a bit) so your barber won’t even have to cut hair anymore. He’s going to be fucking rich when he earns 12% of the 2.75% that BeepXtra earns. After all this thing is fucking global! Ah, the percentage of a percentage. Your barber gives a card to one of his customers who uses the card at a participating merchant close by who gives a 10% discount on his daily lunch special. Yeah that 10% discount on the $5 lunch special earns BeepXtra 2.75% of the $5 for revenue of approximately $.14 cents. Luckily your barber just earned 12% of the approximate $.14 for a commission of approximately $.02 cents. He’ll stop cutting hair in no time with those $.02 increments.

Loyalty! People shop where they shop because they like shopping where they do. There’s a fucking bagel store 2 blocks away from where I live but it doesn’t stop me from getting into my car and driving 5 minutes, paying for parking and waiting 10 minutes in line to get the bagels that I like best. Know why? They have the best fucking bagels! The shithole giving me back 10% on their shit bagels and allowing me to get back $.10 fucking cents wouldn’t deter me in my mission for the best tasting fucking bagel. Fuck, I would pay them $.20 cents so I wouldn’t have to put their shit product into my mouth!

But KnowItAll, BeepXtra is giving cash back! So fucking what!!! My damn bank gives me cash back for shopping at certain merchants as does 500 of the fucking credit cards that I have in my possession. Cash back is nothing new. What is new is some assholes who decided to open a company in the Virgin Islands promising riches by allowing people and businesses to earn 12% of $.10 cents who can then earn 50% of the 12%. Again, a fucking percentage a percentage of a fucking percentage!!!!!!!

Think of this bullshit logically if you can. I start a company and state that you can earn 20% of the revenue that I generate. I generate $.20 cents so you can earn $.04 cents. Yes, you only made $.04 for all of your effort so I sweeten the pot. I state that I will also pay 20% of the 20% that other people you bring on will make. Yes! 20% of $.04 for a grand total of $.008 cents! Now we’re talking.

Bottom line is that successful businesses have no need to discount their services, that’s why their successful. They already have a loyal stream of customers who patron their establishments. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat history. Have no clue about what I speaking about? Do some further research you lazy asshole. Seriously do I really have to get into the whole discounted “coupon industry.”

Luckily the believer in BeepXtra will be able to prove me wrong once launches in 9 short days. Once launches I will surely be made a fool of as there will be hundreds of thousands of worldwide stores who have signed on for this amazing opportunity. More like failing businesses who are grasping for straws in order to keep the lights on.

Be forewarned…..BeepXtra is shit and will always be shit. In other words BeepXtra is a scam!!! Don’t think so….no problem. I will pay you 20% of the 5% this blog generates each and every month just as long as you market your ass off. You’ll make a hell of a lot more money than you ever will getting into bed with BeepXtra. Stupidity at it’s finest but than again stupidity is contagious!


The above BeepXtra review was published on November 20, 2013 and earlier today I decided to head on over to BeepXtra to find out if was finally activated and holy shit it has been. However, in the 15 months since this post was published the amount of participating merchants is hysterical. Yup I was wrong as BeepXtra is setting the fucking world on fire. Right here in the United States there is a grand total of 29 stores using BeepXtra! Europe consists of a total of 413 merchants which would be OK if it were 413 merchants in one country but not so much when the 413 is the total of 23 countries. I truly hope that that one merchant in Estonia can somehow have a customer who visited the one store Croatia so both can participate in the global phenomenon that is BeepXtra. Yes comment leavers it does take time to build a global network of merchants but in the 15 months since the above post was created and a grand total of 498 merchants in the entire world is not a phenomenon but rather downright pathetic as observed by the one merchant in Australia. The Netherlands by far has the most participating merchants but only has 132 merchants. Perhaps in 2 more years there could be a total of 3,000 BeepXtra participating stores in the Network which would still be a blip on the radar and nothing in the grand scheme of things. People must be making a life changing income with BeepXtra!

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  1. Hey man just read your blog there and im a typical 22 year old, not the smartest but not the slowest as i thought about how the % of the % of the % works.. The only way your ever gonna make money is if you get like 50 business’ that hand out 25+ cards.. Saying that i live in a medium sized town next to another medium sized town. I agree with everything you say and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Thanks for breaking it down as simple as possible for the people thinking of using this business opportunity

  2. wow, your vision seems rather limited. I’m guessing you live in New York in a bad area, where you encounter lot’s of cynical people on a daily basis? If my barber was that rude I’d know why his business isn’t doing do so well. I guess we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

    Yes some people in MLM companies don’t make much if any money, but that is down to them, and there skills, and or lack of, and the effort they put in. I’m not a big advocate of MLM per say but I think it’s a better model than a huge corporation whose structure is the same as any MLM company but who pay there staff minimum wage, and the staff have little chance of upping there game.

    I think MLM is a challenge which takes effort and a decision to break through barriers and paradigms.

    If anyone reading is thinking of joining Beepxtra, it won’t happen overnight maybe not even in the first year, or maybe not even at all! but it is a fantastic idea, and much more advantageous for everyone than all the other loyalty cards out there.

  3. I live in New York City but not in a bad area. I speak from experience as I have worked for companies in the discounted services industry. Some people in MLM companies don’t make much money…try over 95% don’t make any money!

    Are you seriously comparing MLM to corporations? There is one big difference….a worker does not have to pay the corporation in order to represent them. There are a handful of successful MLM based companies but it boils down to the product. Sorry to tell you that BeepXtra is straight garbage and will be a huge waste of time for those who promote it and are expecting to earn any sort of income. already went by the wayside and does not have any businesses listed although it “launched” over a month ago.

    Can you seriously believe that you would ever go into a restaurant and ask a waiter if the restaurant accepts a Beep Card? “What in the hell is a Beep Card?” Exactly…..

  4. I would like to react on your post.
    Obviously this is your privat opinion. But i would like to state that Beepxtra is a nice and more important…free way for people to get to know about mlm. Let them make up their own mind. They will not loose any money, and will be an experience richer.


  5. One more thing…
    I do think people should be warned about MLM. But i also know that there are oppertunities that will make you money.
    I can not say Beepxtra is one of them yet. Let time be the judge and not us!


  6. Let time be the judge? Ever here of the saying “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”? I would assume not based on your comment. Hope that Kool-Aid your drinking tastes good.

  7. My god you must have lost thousand to have become such a knob head over MLM or is it that you live in New York one of the shitiest places in the world and you are soooooooooooo angry you have to rant to make you feel better? If you feel that unhappy move may I suggest Florida or California

  8. I haven’t lost once single red cent in MLM as I’m not mentally challenged and know that factually 99.7% of people that enter into a MLM lose money and that 90% of those who enter will drop out within 5 years, statistics much worse than those who open a small business in this country. What don’t you check back in 6 months and let us all know how much money you’ve made with BeepXtra? As an aside, yes New York is a shitty place to live and I will be exiting upon retirement in 20 or so years. In the meantime this blog allows me to keep my sanity. Besides I could just as easily be this pissed off if I lived in the UK and had to deal with overcast weather, bland food and millions of people with fucked up teeth.

  9. Happy New Year to all!

    On the first day of the year, I was introduced to this MLM. I am familiar with Flexkom, and this one seems to be the improved version. I have just started my search and this is the 2nd page I explore, the first being a youtube movie about beeb (with 11 likes). I must say I got sceptical after the 12-hour-valid response link.

    Maybe I’ll get back to this topic after I’ve gathered more info. But at this moment I’ve just encountered a very negative review, but since I find it too one-sided I will go on and find neutral reviews.


  10. I appreciate your detailed analogy.. However ou got me thinking.. Let’s break down the numbers.. If I have one business who has aprox 400 – 500 customers, which is not alot in most businesses… So if each customer went to an avg of 3 – 4 beep extra businesses a week, and let’s say each transaction was an avog of 10 bucks.. Let’s say he earns a buck a week from say have his customers, 200 or 250 bucks.. That’s 1k a month.. not so bad if my math is right… Now If I have 50 business like that how much do you think I would earn? You get where Im going, it’s not about one tranasaction, it’s about volume… I mean to your point who woundt want to get paid by your cusotmers who shop elsewhere?? One other question, what’s the 400 dollar charge you mentioned the business has to pay?
    thanks for your time

  11. Let’s go with 4 beepxtra businesses a week with an average transaction of $10. That’s 2.75% of $10 for $.28. The referring business owner earns 12% of the $.28 for $.03 cents. That’s 4 stores per week for a grand total of $.16 cents. $.16 cents per week for 52 weeks equals a grand total of $8.32 for the referring store owner so no your math is not correct. Now if the referring store owner is providing a 10% discount on his $10 service it’s only costing him $1 per customer in profit. Let’s say that half of the store owners 500 customer use BeepXtra (250 customers) the store owner is costing himself $200 in profit per month or $2,400 a year but it’s ok as he’s making $8.32 a year for his customer shopping elsewhere.

    I didn’t mention a $400 charge…I mentioned a $125 charge which is what it would cost a store who would like to sign on with BeepXtra to integrate with their system. At the end of the day there are far superior solutions for merchants who would like to use a discount loyalty program such as Plum Reward. Amazing that a company like Plum Reward would refrain from using a MLM based business model but not really as companies that can turn a profit based solely on their service don’t have to sucker people by charging them for an opportunity to sell for them.

    I stand by my article.

  12. In theory this Beep Extra Program sounds like it would work. In reality, the Business Owner is outlaying far more cash than he will ever get back. As a business owner, ask your self this question, why on earth would I want to discount my product or service to my already paying customers? Any smart business would not! Discounts are meant to attract new customers only. The likelihood that that said business owner’s customer would even be able to find another Beep Extra Business to patronize is slim to none due to the fact that this entire program is based on costing the business owners money.
    Let say I am a restaurant owner. I am not going to give a regular customer a discount because that means a loss for me. Further more on top of the discount I have to pay 2.75% So on a $100 bill I am now giving away my discount percentage (let’s say 10%= $10.00) plus the Beep percentage which is another $2.75. So I just lost $12.75 on a customer I already had in hopes that they will remember to use this Beep card elsewhere? Not smart business. And if the customer did remember and could find other businesses to use that Beep card at, they would have to spend roughly $1065. at a 10% discount in order for the original merchant to make his 12% commission to recoup that $12.75 he lost. $1065.x 10% discount($106.50) x 12% commission (=$12.78) What is the likelihood that each customer is going to spend that much elsewhere and not have just signed up solely for purposes of discounted dining at their favorite restaurant? And I have not even gone into the cost to the business owner of integrating the system! This whole concept is just not practical.
    They offer a great sales pitch but if people are not smart enough to run the numbers, and think this through they will get sucked in.

  13. As has been said, most MLM do not work for the individual as it costs them, from my perspective, beepxtra is an MLM learning tool that may just make money, on a free model, it’s only time invested, and with the economy and lack of income being a big problem, time spent doing nothing is at an all time high, I remember the days when someone who was bored did some gardening, or painted the house, or ……, thing is, Everywhere I go, I get offered a loyalty card, most businesses have aimed at the loyalty scheme as a way or providing added value to a product, yeah pay the same price, but get a little more, I for one would rather have a loyalty card that I can spend else where, at the end of the day, I don’t need a $5 voucher to buy fuel when I’m going to fill up anyway, but it interests me that I can take that card and go buy a $5 meal with it, to me that’s the store owner saying hey, you come here all the time, let me buy you lunch.
    You could say that brings up a point, the best businesses to aim at could be the one with loyalty schemes in place already?
    See, percentage of a percentage of a percentage is fine if the numbers work right, even to the store owner who is now earning something back from the discount he was already giving in the first place, it just means the business owner needs to sit and think, he was operating at a loss(as you state) already, what numbers allow him to operate at the same loss, okay so there is outlay for an epos system, or epos integration, but to smaller businesses sat there with just a till, it’s going to improve there business approach and allow them a real time view of their cash flow and the ability to track seasonal and eventful changes making their stocking habits essentially more honed, now to a small business that means they could have more products as they have tighter stock control.

    I cannot see the pit of despair that your looking over the top of, especially when these businesses could be making back some of the ‘loss’, the system your discussing is already in 83 countries i think it is, with X amount of distributors which is a fairly good start, and the fact society is scepticle by nature now is also a good thing aswell, because slower adoption = longer term confidence, and that is a fact.

    Ok, so technically it is a money syphon from which the creators will earn well, but in exchange for boredom the likes of you and me can go a have the chats we already do, discussing the latest events and topics, as we are doing right here, and when buying our coffees, earn back a proportion of it which, hey we can spend the next time in the same place (or other) and use the discount but never lose it because if we are buying the same product for the same price that discount stays right there, the difference is that the originators earn more.

    Frankly I am not going to be upset with someone who is making money from my shopping habits, at least they wont be using them to shove shit adverts down my throat. ^^

    What I am saying is that, alright you cannot be bothered to be a people person, or spend your spare time earning a bit of money back from the purchases you make and your friends make and their friends make, and their friends make or from the income of businesses that are backing the loyalty card trend.

    But even a sceptic as yourself could be saying that hey, if your gonna do essential a lot for not little, then at least this gives you the option to take your loyalty discount from the bagel shop to the burger bar cause their new, you’ve never tried them and you hear their good…. and hey fuck it, if you dont like it you can go to the bagel shop and buy a meal cause you didnt pay any extra to dump this burger, in fact 50 people going into shops all over the planet paid for this for me!

    Cynicism is such a waste to an intelligent person, I feel.

  14. Why would a store sign up with BeepXtra when they could just as easily create their own in house loyalty program with a company such PlumReward? Oh, because the store owner could earn $.03 cents when one of his customers shops at a store that is also providing a 10% discount on a $10 product or service through BeepXtra? You seem to miss the most important aspect of BeepXtra….there are no stores! 83 countries but not one store to be found on the website. Yup my cynicism is a such a waste in this case. Why shouldn’t any intelligent person be cynical with regard to BeepXtra?

  15. Knowitall, just to clarify … you stated that the 4 businesses would only make $8.32 per year if they were taking a weekly transaction commission of $0.16 … but that would only be if they made 1 transaction per week. The business would actually make $0.03 for every single transaction they made … so if the business makes 100 transactions per day, they would be making $3 per day each … multiply this by 4 for the 4 business you use in your example and thats $16 per day across all 4 businesses … $16 per day x 6 typical business days (if they close for 1 day) is $96 per week … x 4 weeks in a month = Ā£384 per month … x 12 months = $4608 per year. Not $8.32.

    That is also based on an average transaction of $10 … average transactions for many retailers could well exceed this. The business would also receive payments from company bonus pools.

  16. Great so I’m making $4,608 a year as a participating BeepXtra merchant. Let’s say that my store is providing a 10% discount on my $100 service so I’m taking a $10 hit every time a person shows me one of those super fantastic BeepXtra cards plus a 2.75% transaction fee a total of $12.75. Let’s say I have a successful businesses and 200 people per month receive the discount. 200 * $12.75 = $2,550 in lost revenue for the month. Multiply that loss by 12 months and I lost $30,600. I’ll simply deduct the $4,608 I made at other merchants so I only took a hit of $25,992 for the year. For me I would need around 24 participating stores at 100 transactions per day just to break even. At the end of the day we’re discussing hypotheticals.

    However, BeepXtra is being promoted like mad yet there are not even a handful of participating businesses. First it was supposed to be Now it’s and with the exception of a few fake UK listings there is no other merchants listed? This is supposed to be a company operating in 83 countries with thousands of representatives yet this doesn’t raise a red flag?

    Most small merchants cannot afford to provide cash back rewards. The merchants that do are normally big box stores that have their own branded credit cards. For the small merchants that do offer loyalty programs it’s more in line with for every 10 visits I’ll give you a free burger, haircut, soft drink, etc. If my average profit margin on a $10 sale is $2 why in the world would I give away $1.28 in profit to customers that are already coming into my location? Because, someone that may not have come to my location normally is now going to come due to BeepXtra?! Perhaps in theory but not in reality as witnessed by the lack of merchants on the site.

    Seems to me that everyone pushing BeepXtra is talking about discounts and possible earning for both themselves and imaginary merchants at this point.

  17. The beep stores only go live guys on jan 31st and I have been reliably informed that thousands of regular high street stores and online stores are included .
    The whole business model has moved that fast in uptake that it is initially three months ahead of expected launch of the beep stores search facility.
    Stores range from the US , Russia , china ,India, Pakistan, numerous Africa , uk,ireland,
    New Zealand , carribean ,south America,Canada,Mexico,Australia , china,Japan to name a few .

  18. I agree a lot of past efforts were very hard to market like Lyoness etc and from what I hear this is a streamlined model minus the accounting system whistles and bells.
    But the free model concept and the startling uptake in the last weeks have prompted me to watch carefully as I love the concept of cash back with a purchase .
    I have heard of a major sporting organisation chief executive wanting to purchase 1000s of branded beep card in that clubs crest (which is available) and hand them out free to every supporter through the gates .
    Now when local businesses in that area hear that they can boost their customer footfall by signing up to beep and providing these supporters with somewhere to use them and have them feel they are giving their beloved club a few cents and helping support local economy
    Tell me the problem in fact it could revolutionise the local economy never mind them using this for big spend items like say an online travel agent or car sales the figures elevate considerably , too easy to dismiss watch it carefully .

  19. Here we are on February 1st, 2014 and nothing has changed on Where are the thousands of stores who accept BeepXtra? The search function still doesn’t work either. Reliably informed huh?

  20. I think this is the best opportunity to come around in a long time plus it’s going to take some time to catch on. The discount doesn’t have to be 10% and offered to every customer. Lets also not forget about the free advertising on top of that. How much is he paying for ads. Can he stop paying for ads altogether and how much is that? Let say this thing takes off and barber ups his prices to $12.00 to offset the discount of 10% on $12.00 is only $1.20 plus 2.75% that is $0.33 for a total 1.53 so now he’s made an extra 0.47. Sounds like good math to me. Plus free ads and new customers…

  21. Sounds like good math? In your example the barber made an extra $.47. However, if the barber paid $125 to integrate he would only need 265 customers to break even. So now the barber can piss off his loyal customers who’ve been paying $10 just so he can make $.02 if a person uses a BeepXtra card that originated from his shop?

    You’re name on this comment makes perfect sense “inkownothing” as cash back and customer loyalty programs don’t need time to catch on as they’ve been in existence for fucking decades. Yet another example of a person who wants something to be more than it actually is as he dismisses the fact that no fucking BeepXtra stores exist.

    No business owner in their right fucking mind would ever go for this. LOGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pay me between $125 and $400 so you can discount your product and/or service so you can make 12% of 2.75%!! What is not clear about this? How many people who believe in this BeepXtra bullshit are spending their money on worthless Beep Power Cards?


  22. Your name should be really really angry knowf##k all .
    To start a civilised blog about a new loyalty programme with such venom against it before the programme is fully launched and without any respect for others opinions allied to the language of a foul mouthed teenager I don’t feel beep xtra will get a fair assessment or need one from you. I happen to have over 130 people working with beep every day talking to business large and small online and offline and have had great success with in this case so far 35 businesses agreeing to come on board with lots of others interested.
    Integrating hundreds of businesses everyday is not going to happen overnight and the company have said that February will be the busiest period as the list of business come on stream in the first wave , when this is complete things will be streamlined.
    The search function and online stores will be up and running in due course and of course in the tree months since launch you expect the worlds business directory to be in place!
    No business happens like that overnight the infrastructure is in place and the people who are working to bring this system to business worldwide will develop and be rewarded in the future as nothing is for nothing except like what you offer “criticism !
    For no cost whatsoever needed to promote this brilliant programme it will be a lifeline for lots of people so tbh I for one won’t be back on your angry obviously “stung badly by a previous venture” little page again .

    Ps clean your language up for gods sake .

  23. Listen up fucktard, it’s my blog and I’ll rant and curse if I want to. Obviously you haven’t been to other pages of the blog as if you had you would know this is the language I use in all postings!!! You just made my point. If you have 35 businesses signed on why not have them on the site. Doing this would give BeepXtra a bit of credibility. There are obviously Beep Cards in circulation so why have businesses wait to start honoring them, especially since these businesses are paying a fee to integrate in the hopes of making 12% of 2.75%?

    BStores was supposed to launch in November. was supposed to go live on January 31st. So now it’s it will launch when it launches although thousands of people are taking money from hard working merchants? Hey if I’m proven wrong it wouldn’t be the first time in my life but I won’t bank on it.

    Please come back and keep us all updated on the amazing company that is BeepXtra. ROFL!!!!!!

  24. I only wish I was within a few steps so I could teach you a thing or two about manners you complete asshole!
    Too much time wasted engaging an obvious arrogant prick of a man already.

  25. I’ve never denied the fact that I am an asshole but calling me arrogant is crossing the line. What you consider to be arrogance I consider to be intelligence.

    I wrote a scathing review of BeepXtra which I feel is for good reason but you disagree. With that being said, please provide a few answers, if you would be so kind, that clearly would raise red flags to a logical person but apparently did not raise a red flag as you apparently jumped into the pool head first.

    Where is BeepXtra’s corporate offices located?
    I would like to speak to a BeepXtra customer service employee before I begin to promote. Where is the phone number located on

    The two above questions are logical questions to ask before one jumps into any business opportunity. I know you can’t answer the questions without having to conduct online research. Why should anyone have to!? Have you even bothered to research the “Managing Director” of BeepXtra? I would think not.

    The bottom line is that prior to posting a review I conduct due diligence. I may not disclose all my findings but that’s the reason this blog exists….for my amusement. Illogical people rant, rave and make threats. Logical people, for the most part agree. However, I do not consider a person to be logical or illogical simply based on their agreement or disagreement with my findings.

    I obviously pissed you off but why are you so pissed? Is it simply because of the language I used or is it because you may be smacking you hand across you head stating “Why didn’t I…..”

    You’re obviously passionate about your opinion of BeepXtra which is commendable. Passion often leads to success but only if the passion is directed towards something that can ultimately lead to success. I don’t believe that BeepXtra is an avenue for success but you do.

    A final question, if you even respond to this comment at all. With supposedly thousands of companies signing up for BeepXtra, across the world, why is it that none can be found on yet has been accessible from the onset?

    As an aside, I don’t appreciate the threat of bodily harm. I may use foul language on my blog but I have never ever made threats of physical violence towards any person making a comment if they simply disagreed with me nor would I ever.

  26. With all business there is an up front cost to doing business. What ever the cost, be it $125.00 or $400.00 over time it starts to pay off. Mad Dog no personal threat please.

  27. I want to say that I was disgusted to read such a vulgar and illiterate text, the author apparently still such a demeanor, gaining his rating)) We call it “trolling”.
    Get down to business , Beep Xtra – is something which is not neither a loyalty card , and everything is still on the development of narrow-minded people have a hard to see the truth , the truth is that it’s $ 0.02 for purchases from 1000 – it will turn $ 20. But I doubt that in Europe, people spend a month less than 100 euros and 100 euros even through the card , make a profit from 1500 card = 495 euros for the one who gave them . And I’m sure if your favorite biscuits are discounted map Beep Xtra sold, then you become our customer card because no one else did not refuse to save or free opportunities to earn.

  28. Iknownothing,

    Of course there is an upfront cost of doing business but the point is when will it pay off? For a merchant to even pay $125 and have to discount their service they’ll always lose money. BeepXtra has done a good job of marketing a global cash back system but in reality what is the likelihood that a person from Ireland is going to visit a store located in Oshkosh Wisconsin?

  29. Of course BeepXtra is not a loyalty card, it’s shit! Why would the merchant want to discount his biscuits if he already has customers with you already being one of them? If they’re your favorite your’re already buying them!!!!

    $0.02 from 1,000 = $20? NO SHIT!! As a merchant it would take me a little over 6,000 transactions just to recoup the cost of integration at $125!

  30. This is just pure MLM hype. I see that there are still people happily and ignorantly pushing MLM crap.
    I may understand it if some great product is being pushed but there is no great product here. Just some
    fancy accounting plus MLM business format. It will crash because there is no product. Avon, Mary Kay,
    and Amway at least have products people use and love. There is nothing here folks.

  31. In addition, “free to join” crap always crashes. It only attracts failures and tire kickers.
    Have a great product and charge premium product for it and also have a great compensation
    plan. None of that exist in this ponzi scheme.

  32. Never met a rich and fulfilled and cheerful skeptic myself but maybe you are one. If you are I bet Mom’s proud of you. How do you do? Anyway from my own humble point of view. I signed up to Beepextra simply as an incentive to get more ‘likes’ on Facebook which means I’m more shallow than you. There are 3 things to remember that we omit from our shopping karts.

    One thing: There is no such thing as discount. Discount is ‘pap’ built into an already over inflated list price. I know I would rob my own grandmother to make her pay full price for her Nike trainers. Like there is no such thing as a ‘Closing Down Sale’ otherwise the White house would be shut all the time instead of just pretending to run the economy of America and having the weekend off that one time. I have books on my shelf older than your country that will teach you how marketing works. They are called the Magna Carta the Domesday Book and ‘Sexy Susan Never says No” (How did that get in there?) proving we all have something to sell and if we don’t we starve? Beep is just the illusion of accrediting value to goods or services. You have to look at the end game
    Secondly: If loyalty cards didn’t work how come the major food giants use them and my wife refused my advances last night (one of Ā£3 and another Ā£7) when I forgot to get double points on the Tesco ‘Club’ card after a Ā£300 shop? A historic error. As you say I still haven’t learned from history. I was crap at history all that shite happens before even I was even born. Nectar discount cards work for flossing due to bland UK food or scraping dog squeeze off my shoe. So don’t be so judgmental about networking. Everybody networks including you otherwise you wouldn’t have successfully go so many people to listen to your pain.

    The 3rd point is. Over time if Beep or Flexkom do become one of the biggest millionnairemakers over the next 10 years I will get the first discounted flight over the pond and if after all your ‘doom & Gloom’ catch you with any discount card in your wallet I will beat the depleted radioactive half life of shit out of you.

    The 4th point is. Go rub some lavender on your temples and have lie down.

    The 5th point? Don’t trust Brits that can’t count.
    Get more information from the link above about other stuff you haven’t a clue about. Oh I’m not anonymous because I’m not 12 years old and on the Internet when my Mom doesn’t know.Actually I’m 16 and half and don’t care if my Mom knows.

  33. How do I do? I’m great and honestly almost pissed my pants in laughter after reading your comment. Where shall I start?

    There is no such thing as a discount. A discount is built into an already inflated list price. Taking your example of Nike trainers, Nike sells their sneakers at a wholesale price to stores that would like to carry and sell Nike sneakers. Nike sells a pair of Nikes for $75, example, and the store sells them for $100 meaning a gross profit margin of $25 per pair. The store owner in this example also sells hats in which the store purchases for $12 and sells for $20 ($8 gross profit) and jackets in which the store pays $50 for and sells for $80 ($30 gross profit margin.) The store owner must pay for rent, utilities, insurance and income tax which is backed out of the store owners gross profit to arrive at a net income….the income from gross receipts minus the cost of doing business. So is the price inflated? Absolutely as you have to sell products for more than you paid for them as if you did not you do not have a business.

    Now let’s say this store owner is convinced by a BeepXtra Kool-Aid drinker to pay $400 to integrate with the BeepXtra system and decides that he will provide a discount on all goods in his store by 5%. Here’s some simple math…$100 sales price on Nike sneakers at a 5% discount is a savings to a customer of $5 meaning $5 less in the pocket of the store owner. As the store owner paid $75 for the sneakers, gross profit margin of $25, the $5 discount represents an actual discount of 20% to the store owner. On sneakers alone the store owner is taking a $5 (20%) hit every time a Beep Customer walks in his door on top of the 2.75% BeepXtra fee. How long will it take him to recoup his $400 integration charge plus the 2.75% in per transaction fees? Luckily he is earning 12% of 2.75% every time a BeepXtra card holder that originated from his store is used elsewhere.

    I’m fully aware of how marketing works but apparently you have absolutely no idea how businesses make money. Every heard of a ‘hot item sale’? If not, let me educate you. KMart markets a 60 inch Sharp flat screen 1080 high definition TV that normally sells for $800 for $650 which is at cost for Kmart. For every one of that TV sold KMART is not making a profit. However, KMart knows that people that come in to purchase that TV will in all likelihood make additional purchases which is where they will meet their per shopper profit margin. KMart as superstore can afford to do this whereas Bob’s Corner Store Electronics can’t as the same TV costs him $700 at wholesale and he doesn’t have the same buying power as Kmart. This is the end game that you speak of. A Discount card is not an allusion, it is an actual discount on the profit margin for the store. I’m thinking that you have yet to take a Business 101 class.

    Second, I never said that discount and loyalty cards don’t work. I stated that discount and loyalty cards don’t need time to catch on as they have already been in existence for decades and although BeepXtra sounds good in theory it won’t work. Many businesses cannot afford to provide discounts on already slim profit margins and I’m not sure about the shopping habits of people in the UK but people here in the U.S. normally shop within a 5 to 10 mile radius from their homes. Smart business owners, prior to opening, will normally choose a location that has x amount of residents and makes sure that no other competition exists within that 5 to 10 mile radius. The smart business owner who has done his due diligence would not want to discount his goods or services to begin with as he is already getting his businesses from within the area he chose to open in. The smart business owner knows what his gross profit margin is and how many sales he will need to not only break even on the cost of running the store but also how many sales he will need to turn the profit necessary to earn an income that is high enough to meet his personal monthly obligations and hopefully put some money in the bank. Yes, there is such a thing as a ‘Closing Down’ sale as in Liquidation sale. Many big box stores/mega stores already have discount and loyalty card programs in place as they can afford to do business that way. This is common knowledge as is the fact that many have their own store branded cash back credit cards.

    Dude, you can get a discounted flight across the pond now through any one of hundred of discount travel sites. There is no doubt that both BeepXtra and Flexkom will become millionaire makers as in make millions for the people who own the fucking companies but not so much for the poor shmucks that are out there hustling, trying to sign up businesses so they can earn less than half a fucking cent on a transaction.

    As an aside there is a reason I choose to remain anonymous!!! There are a ton of bat shit crazy people in this world and I receive threats due to this blog almost daily. The last thing I need is some stupid fucking mentally challenged asshole showing up at my door and trying to cause harm to myself and or my family because of a fucking blog genius!!!! You’re giving me shot for not disclosing who I am but people who read this comment are to believe that you’re a 16 year old married kid?

    Enjoy the free traffic to your bullshit blog as in your purpose of making your comment to begin with. Marketing does work and I never stated otherwise.

  34. Hi KnowItAll

    I’m replying to your cynical review of The Maths do stack up for and it can work for it’s independent representatives. Let us consider…

    When I sign up only 10 businesses with each business issuing 1000 cards. Monthly spend on each card of only $100 earns BeepXtra $2.75 per card. I earn 33 cents (12%) per card times 10,000 is $3,300.00 monthly income. So put that in you pipe Smarty Pants! šŸ™‚

  35. Plug in any numbers you like and you can arrive at a healthy monthly sum. Why not sign up 500 businesses who issue 1,000 cards with a monthly spend of $50 and make yourself over $80K a month?

    People are so wrapped up in how much money they’re going to make but how many are actually pounding the pavement and trying to sing up merchants? In addition are most of these merchants going to be locations that people may actually want to go to?

    Forget when! Go out, sign up 100 merchants, have them issue 1,000 cards and laugh your way to the bank. Saying when is like saying if! Don’t say it do it. For all the people singing the praises of BeepXtra not one has making a fucking red cent.

    I’ll be more than happy to create a new post on BeepXtra if people across the world are making thousands of dollars per month. Until then I’ll continue to read wise ass comments from BeepXtra Kool-Aid drinkers about if, when, possibly and all that other nonsense.

  36. Great and accurate blog post. Ignore the dissenters as I’m sure all the pro-beepextra posts are from the MD, who incidentally has all the hallmarks of an ex-double glazing sales director. Probably multiple folded companies behind him.

  37. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I will give some additional food for though for folks not acquainted with how business works. The majority of businesses that are successful or want to be successful advertise to some extent. They may spend $500 or $5000 per month or somewhere in between on average, some will spend much more, and the few that don’t either have more business than they know what to do with or are on their way out of business.

    There are many different customer loyalty and rewards models out there from airline miles, hotel points, cash back credit cards, retail stores, punched cards, fish bowls, etc. Then there is the mobile commerce based or loyalty card, social media integrated, etc. Some of these are store or brand specific, others are universal, meaning that you either get and use rewards at the brand where received or can get from one and use at any other. All models work more or less and some industries with larger companies, chains and franchises tend to do their own.

    Then there are the small businesses, these guys have the fish bowls and punched cards, some have adopted groupon or something similar or an electronic version of their punched card. Even with this newer model that may include a smartphone app, the program is locked to a single store brand in most cases. Then beepxtra comes along and offers a universal cash back loyalty program that is free to join as a customer, affiliate, or small business. The program is universal, meaning that all rewards can be earned by any participating merchant and can be redeemed at any participating merchant. This is already better than the others but wait, there is more… Anyone that refers others to program, also gets a percentage of the rewards generated by businesses or individuals they refer to the loyalty program.

    Now let’s look at the cost… The cost is low, only $125 for either integrating with the businesses existing Point of Sale or they can use the entire POS offering from beepxtra for the same cost and just buy their own POS hardware from beep or wherever (great option for new businesses) or they can simply purchase one of 3 different tablet based terminals from $230 to $495 for the most expensive which also includes a mobile data card integration and a locked down, secure tablet for business use. The terminal purchase includes the $125 integration fee. This fee pays the technical team to configure and train the new business owner and provide support as needed going forward. Furthermore, additional business locations pay only $25 per location to configure the back office, only if they need separate accounting. These fees are low, I don’t know what kind of businesses most of you work with but see what any vendor charges to configure anything at a business, the POS, ATM, restaurant equipment, computers, accounting system, etc.

    Finally, let’s get to the other charges: Advertising costs are virtually eliminated because now, not only do your own customers have access to the rewards but so do all of the customers of nearby businesses, and folks that are traveling and are part of the program but from outside the area. All of these customers can now see you on the map and what rewards and products you have to offer. The customers you or your customers enroll provide an additional revenue stream to your business and the only cost is the discount that you would provide anyway (you decide how much from 2.5% or more) and you pay the company a flat 2.75% of the transaction. For comparison, Groupon collects the money then only pays the merchant about 25% of the bill, 30-90 days after the sale. Beepxtra merchants collect all of the money, then pay for the business brought by the card at the end of the month. With traditional advertising, you pay first and pray that you get some customers.

    About MLM, this is not MLM, it’s an affiliate referral program. With MLM you pay to join, you buy or sell products that are overpriced and you get others to do the same so that you get recruiting bonuses and commissions, usually the products are believed to be of higher quality than comparable products sold in stores. While there isn’t anything wrong with that model, this is not the beepxtra model. There are no recruiting costs or bonuses, the commissions don’t get paid unless merchants benefit from the program and customers buy what they usually buy but now get a rebate for shopping for stuff they already buy. If you only want to be a customer, you get money back from every purchase, this is in addition to anything you get by using you favorite rewards based credit card. The design of the program is to encourage viral sharing which will most definitely benefit all that enroll and businesses will benefit by having more direct communication with their own customers and more importantly, the potential customers that will now find them to purchase products or services that generate rebates rather than patronizing merchants that don’t when they have a choice of merchants and all other things are perceived equal.

    If you don’t like the model, you don’t have to join, but if you don’t join, just know that you are leaving free money on the table that is yours for the taking. Check it out if you don’t believe me. Get an invitation at

  38. Another comment that I probably should have made regarding your small percentage argument… Have you ever taken a look at credit card processing fees? These are the fees that the merchant processor or bank charges businesses for providing equipment and infrastructure for accepting credit cards as payment. They take a fee for every card processed. The sales reps that sold the business on their service makes a very small percentage of the 2-3% collected. This model works very well because the total of all transactions is millions and billions per hour all across the globe. This is the kind of unfathomable revenue that can be generated from a viral business model.

    Are you saying that you wouldn’t want a fractional percentage of every dollar that goes through a loyalty program from every transaction you had something to do with referring or enrolling the customer or the business?

    Regarding the number of stores on the map, they just got the back-end infrastructure completed in February and already have many waiting to integrate, others coming online. You need to have customers in the network to appeal to merchants, not just their own. In a newly started town, the first merchants on board will sign up the most customers and make the most money but the others will still benefit from access to customers that never knew they existed. Places where customers are online before merchants accelerates the adoption. There are already more than 100k people enrolled and the growth will be exponential.

    Have any of the naysayers looked at the amount of money being invested on m-commerce and more specifically customer loyalty systems? Why might that be? Smart money sees this segment of the market as being a hyper growth area. A few pioneers will own the majority of it and others will get the crumbs and some will fail completely, the only sure way to lose this bet is to not participate.

  39. “Anyone that refers others to program, also gets a percentage of the rewards generated by businesses or individuals they refer to the loyalty program.” yet BeepXtra is not MLM? Sorry to tell you but any compensation plan that pays a person more than 3 levels deep is not an affiliate program but multi-level marketing. A “bonus” with regard to compensation is synonymous with MLM. Does BeepXtra have a “bonus”plan?

    The FACT that people shop within a 5-10 mile radius of their homes and patron the stores that they do because of the proximity of the merchant location is lost on BeepXtra Kool-Aid drinkers. There is absolutely no comparing Groupon to BeepXtra. Groupon is not a loyalty program, it’s a coupon company that pays merchants 25% of the 50% discount that the merchant offers. You are aware that the Groupon model sucks which is why their stock is shit and their almost bankrupt…right?!

    You are assuming that all stores advertise when in fact many, especially in major cities, do not! I’ve been going to the same bagel store for over 10 years because they make awesome bagels, coffee and sandwiches. I have NEVER in those 10 years seen an advertisement of any kind in the form of a coupon, classified ad or loyalty card. Know why? They make a great food and knew that when they opened that solely based on location and their product they would have a profitable and successful business. I would love to see a BeepXtra representative try to sell the owner on how great BeepXtra is. I can 1000% guarantee that this store would kick the representative out within 30 seconds.

    Take off the blinders and use a bit of logic if you’re capable. You own a deli in anywhere USA. In order to participate with BeepXtra you have to pay $125 and you get BeepXtra cards. As you are the store owner who are you giving the BeepCards to? Your own fucking customers! So now you are handing out a discount to each and every customer that takes the BeepCard meaning each and every time a customer you gave the BeepCard to enters your store your giving that person a discount even though that person was already coming in to begin with all in the hope that your customers are going to use it at another participating merchant so you as the store owner can earn 12% of 2.75%? I don’t care what the discount offered is! If I already have loyal customers and I am making money why would I discount my products to them to begin with?! They are already loyal and patron my establishment. How are you not capable of seeing this?

  40. Accepting credit cards is a NECESSITY for businesses. Yes the percentage earned for a representative is small but with anything if you have enough volume you will make money. It can be profitable as witnessed by the thousands of merchant processing companies in existence.

    In a newly started town, the first merchants on board will lose the most money! Logic again if you will. You own a store in Anywhere USA how many BeepCard holders will there be in my town? Probably as many that result from me giving out the cards from my business!!

    WOW, over 100K people across the globe yet Joan in Nebraska who owns a beauty parlor should jump on board hoping that May from Ireland may visit her store? A sure way to lose is to get involved. As you are obviously sold, please report back 12 months in the future and let us all know how much you’re earning every month.

    Pioneers? Customer loyalty programs have been in existence for decades!

  41. You make me laugh Know it all! You dont even need to argue your point as you made sence in the first few sentences. I was approached ( almost poached) by a beep extra rep at a networking meeting but i would not commit as i am busy making money. I could not work out how it would work for me and it seemed that beep extra would be the only winner . You have just exlpained simply how it works and now i wont go near it. You have saved me a lot of time and money so if you are ever in London and i will sort you out a nice fat steak free of charge…

    Thank you

  42. What a jerk! I can see deleting the link but making a vulgar link because you dislike or disagree doesn’t say much for your integrity. Clearly this blog is just a place for you to spout off about things you think you know and then belittle points of view that you disagree with. Your blog is worthless and hardly an authority on anything.

    Of course customer loyalty programs have been around for decades, because they work!!! now the new ones are taking advantage of modern technology and distribution methods, i.e., going viral. Previous methods of spreading the word took decades to reach millions of people, now it takes weeks or months.

    Bottom line is this: your dislike of a company or business model doesn’t mean a thing. Some will thrive, some won’t, so what? The free market will decide the value of the programs or the companies to both the customer and the business owner, not you or your opinion.

  43. Woohoo….a comment from an actual successful business owner! Attention BeepXtra Kool-Aid drinkers, you now have an REAL business owner located in the UK who actually agrees with me although I supposedly know nothing. šŸ™‚ He ALREADY has loyal customers, he ALREADY is making money AND is intelligent as he couldn’t quite figure out how a relationship with BeepXtra would benefit his business. Stupidity Is Contagious but luckily this business owner isn’t a carrier of the gene.

    To my new friend in London….Visiting London is on my bucket list and if all goes well I plan on taking a trip across the pond in a few years. It is my wifes dream, as well as my mother in law, of vacationing in London. I LOVE steak as well so I will take you up on the offer.

    Thank you….you just made my day.

  44. You’re questioning my integrity? I posted a negative review on BeepXtra, you disagree with my review and in doing so attempt to send FREE traffic from my blog to your affiliate link yet I’m the one having my integrity questioned?

    “Clearly this blog is just a place for you to spout off about things you think you know and then belittle points of view that you disagree with.” NO! This blog is a place for me to spout off about things I KNOW and than choose to belittle points of view that are absent of COMMON SENSE!

    Customer loyalty programs do work, to an extent, which is why not all businesses use loyalty programs. BeepXtra is not a loyalty program as the participating merchant would discount every time a BeepCard holder presented the card! Viral???? ROFL!!!! I haven’t heard of a new customer loyalty program going viral as this new customer loyalty program would have to have participating merchants posted on their site in order for the viral effect to take hold.

    Bottom line is that your opinion on my opinion means SHIT to me! I create reviews, people from across the globe come across them and are free to agree or disagree. The funny thing is that the only people who seem to disagree with negative reviews are those who have already have made up their minds to promote the product or service trashed in one of my negative reviews. They than take offense that a review so negative exists online which could deter people who have not made up their mind to sign on board.

    I may very well be a JERK but I could use this blog and my SEO skills to post nothing but positive reviews of “business opportunities” and make a ton of $$$ in the process. That would make me more than a Jerk it would make me a piece of shit!

  45. Did you not learn your lesson with the affiliate comment last time?

    You obviously think BeepXtra is great. Why not try and talk Ken, a successful business owner, who agreed with my review who believes that BeepXtra will not benefit his business?

    C’mon KevinK sell the man!!!!!!!!

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