Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!




7 Reasons Why God is an Asshole!

Yes, I said it, I HATE RELIGION! Why do I hate religion? I hate religion as it separates people from one another based on nothing more than interpretations and beliefs in what equates to nothing more than “fairy tales” in various texts written thousands of years ago.

Religion is brainwashing and as used a device to control those who are intellectually incapable of living with the possibility that we as humans have no factual knowledge of how we became to be and what will happen to us when we cease to exist. Religion is based on fear of the unknown which is why I choose to live my life free from the confines of religion than to take part in Pascal’s Wager.

Yes, I hate religion for the above reasons but for no greater reason than the being called God, who the religious follow so blindly, who is an absolute asshole. You may be religious and feel that God is an asshole but have been afraid to say it out loud. I’m not and can yell to the “heavens” above “GOD IS AN ASSHOLE!!”

Logic and religion cannot coexist as religion in of itself is illogical. Forget for a moment that the Bible is full of contradictions. Forget for a moment that the being referred to as God did not write the Bible. Open your mind, if you are capable and allow me to elaborate on why God is an asshole.

God is an asshole #1 – God is a deadbeat dad! – The supreme being created us all but doesn’t have the decency to show himself or take part in our lives? I don’t know about you but where in the fuck was God when I was at little league. Oh yeah, he was always with me! Know he fucking wasn’t. He left it up to divinely inspired writing of various people to even let me know he existed in the first place.

God is an asshole #2 – God killed his son to pay for the sins of those who were not born yet! Makes perfect sense. Kill off your own kid to pay for wrongs that you created in the first place. Throw a naked man and woman in a garden with an apple tree and tell them not to eat from the damn thing. C’mon….any parent knows as soon as you tell a child not to do something the child is going to want to do it. He set them up to fail and than gets pissed off when they do? ASSHOLE!

God is an asshole #3 – God created evil! He’s the fucking being that created evil yet gets pissed off when people commit evil deeds?! It equates to creating the electric chair for the purpose of killing people but getting pissed off when the electric chair is used to kill people.

God is an asshole #4 – God gave us free will with contingencies! That in of itself is contradictory. We are to believe in him but if we don’t we get punished! Let me put this more simply. We who live in the United States live here with the belief that we are free although we are not free. Being free would allow you to do as you want, when you want and as you see fit. However, we must live within the confines of laws that prevent us from doing certain acts we want to do, when we want to do them and how we can do them. Confines and free are contradictory!!

God is an asshole #5 – God gave us a shitty place to live! Avalanches, blizzards, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, heat waves, cold waves, drought, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc. and a planet that consists of over 70% of salt water. Fuck, we would all be much better off as some sort of fish being than the beings that we are yet God had to make us in his fucking image? Poor planning is yet another reason why God is an asshole!

God is an asshole #6 – God didn’t create ONE LANGUAGE! I don’t get it. God put us here, makes us worship him or else yet make it difficult to communicate with one another? God is the supreme being yet felt it necessary to allow over 6,000 languages to evolve? It would be much easier to get God’s message across if we human beings were all on the same page.

God is an asshole #7 – God gave us no instructions other than to worship GOD! At minimum this asshole could have given us some sort of clue on things we take for granted in this day and age such as water, fire, shelter and the sort instead of making us figure all this shit out for ourselves. Imagine having been alive 4,000 years ago and getting a rumble in your stomach and not having the luxury of the supermarket. Just drop us off on this shitty place to live with no idea on how to get rid of hunger pains but make sure you place that we believe in you or else. ASSHOLE!

I could continue this post but it’s way too late and I need to go to work tomorrow. At minimum I hope I at least gave you religious folk a few things to ponder as you continue to live your lives based on texts written thousands of years ago by people, not the almighty asshole being referred to as God.

132 thoughts on “Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!”

  1. God is without a doubt a total Asshole for punishing many of us innocent Single people which many of us would’ve Preferred to have been married instead of being all Alone now and having No one to share our life with.

  2. Right up my alley if god is so all knowing all powerful why does he let bad shit happen to good people? God is a douche bag motherfucking ashhole dickhead cocksucker.

  3. I do not agree with what you said, however I must say that if there is a God, he is an un-merficul ass who likes to toy with people, break them and make them feel like crap. If God were truly a loving being, as we have been taught, he would not put people through the crap he puts us through. If I was to put people through the crap, God had put me through, then I would be condemned by man as an ass. So why should a supreme being not be condemned when he does the same to us?

  4. Not to mention he impregnated a young virgin, making her poor husband Joseph a cuckold. And later abandoned his son to be crucified, the almighty prick! ASSHOLY TRINITY!

  5. God is a fucking piece of shit, I totally agree. God damn him and his fucking piece of shit laws that were only created to hurt people. I hate him more than any fucking Jesus devil that he had supposedly created. He is the biggest jerk that this world could ever know. GOD DAMN HIM.

  6. God is a fucking piece of shit asshole who loves misery and pain. Don’t be fooled by all of the asshole christians who flock to him and worship that cocksucker. He created evil and he allows it to run rampant through the entire earth. he is not worthy of any kind of worship and is really the same as what we refer to as satan. he is a spineless whimp who wants people to trust him on faith yet allows all of this shit on earth to happen to everyone. what kind of asshole creator would do/want that at all if they are really a loving father/creator???? any parent out there who really does love his family would do anything for them wouldn’t they??? there are the deadbeat dads and drug addicted mothers who are basically evil scummy people who dont care about their kids at all and allow them to grow up being the same kind of crap they are. Sound familiar??? God is a deadbeat dad who just sits back and watches all of the misery and occasionally masterbates into jesus ass when he gets to watch his faggot priests go down on some poor innocent child in a church that represents him. Do they get into trouble?? NO, they go to a new church with new victims so god can again masterbate after watching them. he is a fucking low life scum faggot who is as evil as he is suppossed to be good. nothing can change those facts….. NOTHING. go to fucking hell god, you piece of shit cocksucking asshole and suck of your son while your at it, oh your already done…..

  7. God is supposed to be all seeing, all knowing and all powerful, if so why keep a private torture chamber known as hell. If all seeing, all knowing ect. why not instruct the children and correct any problems that may arise such as ignorance and stupidity! Why allow more than 22,000 children a day die of starvation and starvation related illnesses while a small group of assholes have billions they can’t possibly need,use or spend. So I have to agree god is an ASSHOLE.

  8. Finally, someone put it into words, I think ive found my people, lol. I get so fucking frustrated continually seeing bad people do horrible things and good stuff just keeps happening to them, while the good people who care and try to do well keep getting shit on! Also, I fucking hate fake christians…”church, im so blessed, ill pray for you” crap and as soon as they think no one is looking, their true colors come out, to me they are the scum of the earth.

    Email me if you’re happy to find others like us šŸ™‚

  9. Here’s my theory/hypothesis as to why God is an asshole:

    Think about it. This eternal being has been alone for infinity. No one to talk to; He was here before the angels, the demons, people, etc. Because of His isolation and never being around another living entity, He is a sociopath. He may even be a psychopath. It would be the equivalent of being locked away in solitary confinement for your entire life. You were always alone and that’s all you’ve ever known for as far back as you can remember. Never had a parent; never saw or knew another living soul. Not even a pet. But every day, your meals are there; there are toys for you to play with; activities for you to do (but all activities are confined to your area); your every need is taken care of as if by magic. You just think it and it seems to appear. Then one day, you wake up in the middle of this dull eternity and decide to build a “friend” for you to play with. You pull out your play-set and build your doll and it miraculously comes to life. Walah! You have an instant friend, however, no one ever taught you how to interact with others or how to treat others or even that others have their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, etc. But you created this living doll and dammit, you’ll play with it any damn way you please and no one is going to tell you otherwise. You can break it; shit or piss on it; treat it nicely; boil it in acid; etc. What’s it going to do? Who’s going to stop you? They’re your toys and if you feel like breaking it, that’s your right. This is a self-centered, ego-maniacal asshole. Certainly a god to avoid and not one that deserves our respect. I mean, do you respect prisoners in solitary confinement that every time they’re put back into general population they either kill or maim someone? God no! You want to avoid that SOB at all costs.

    God is that sociopath that you want to avoid and pray that he isn’t going to take it out on you today.

  10. If we are all God’s children then God should be charged with child abandonment. And he leaves us with this dusty 2000 year old book written by madmen in a desert somewhere. Hello? Haven’t you heard of the internet GOD? As for people chalking up all the holes in this wonder fucking theory to “faith and miracles”, well, you have my deepest sympathies. Life is a TEST alright – not for eternal life but to see if you have the strength to rise above this need for GOD to deal with your own mortality.

  11. Awesome! I’ve always believed this God fella is a total dickhead! This should be sent to every church on a daily basis! I do disagree with just one line, we created evil by creating money. If it wasn’t for that shit we’d be alright.

  12. I love this fucking article!! God is the biggest piece of shit!! Everything said in this article is on point!! So FUCK U GOD, EAT A FUCK ING DICK, U NO GOOD COCK SUCKER!!

  13. This article is on point!! Everything it says is true!! God is nothing but a lazy no good motherfucker!! I always hear these religious freaks say that he answers them….well the motherfucker never talked or helped me. So as far as I see it god CAN GO SUCK A COCK, that dumb MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!

  14. all of the comments here are futile. god doesn’t even exist.. but yeah if he does exist, he’s probably laughing at us right now for believing in him.

  15. God is a Fucked up piece of Garbage and sucks Filthy Cock everyday which he should Burn in Hell with Satan.

  16. It is a real Shame that God created so many Low Life Loser women today which it is the Real Reason why many of us GOOD men are still SINGLE today because of this.

  17. I can’t believe it. I’ve actually found people who agree with me. This cocksucker who calls himself Yahweh and demands we either worship his ass or he’ll send us to hell is a fucking cunt. First he says we have free will, then he says we’ll go to hell unless we do what he says and worship him. Which is it asshole? Do we or don’t we have free will. TBH, though, I really do have free will because I choose to not believe in the fairy tales spouted in the bible. That shit was written by humans. Religion was invented for one reason and one reason only: so the fat cats could control everybody else. Carl Marx hit the nail on the head – “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. AS far as I’m concerned, there is no god, but on the off chance that I’m mistaken – Fuck you god, fuck your son and fuck your fucking holy shit-eating ghost. I have no goddamn use for you or your fucking brain-dead followers, so get the fuck out of my life and leave me the fuck alone. Fucking two-bit tin god. Eat shit, bark at the goddamn moon and fucking DIE. Yeah god, do the universe a favor and commit suicide and put us all out of your fucking misery. Fuck you biatch.

  18. you are still missing something very intresting about god. (read everything carefully to conclude):-
    1. in our life we do not have everything, so we work & plan (action) to achieve those things, like we do job for money. In life we do plenty of things, like marriage, job, children. we have dreams like purchasing an iPhone or something like that. its all because we do not have everything. BUt god is supposed to have everything, so basically (conclusion 1) he have nothing to do at all.

    2. he is supposed omniscience, even if he watches a movie for timepass, he will already knowing the story.
    conclusion 2:- he must feeling pretty much boringness.
    3. that all having god also have an eternal life.
    conclusion 3 :- he can not even die.

    now add all three conclusions step by step, such a god will have infinite frustration, infinite anger. he have nothing to do at all,he already knows everything, can not even die,,poor god…..that’s why he is form of pure hate, frustration anger.

    and sorry for weak english.

  19. To hate what you don’t believe seems to be an obvious contradiction, but since I was brainwashed to believe in God at a time – from birth, really, -when I could not intellectually fight back, and I’m sure the other posters were also, its more of a paradox than a contradiction, a way of speaking that vents rage on the morally obtuse, emotionally distant apathetic rats who continue to sing the praises of an entity which, if it did exist, would not only deserve more hate than all the human souls over time could muster, but that actually would deserve mockery,scourging, crucifixion, and everything the Romans meted out to the blaspheming heretic with one exception – the mercy they showed It at the end by breaking It’s legs instead of letting It suffer as it should have, to the bitter end.

  20. Why are you capitalize god and bible? They should be lower case. The bible and god aren’t real, that’s why should be lower case.

    Thank you.

  21. Excellent article!

    But if you want to talk about Degrees… Allah outranks Jesus as the mega-asshole of gods, and Muslims are easily more insane and ignorant than the Christers.

    I’ve been bullied, condemned; discriminated against, throughout my life for no believing in this fairytale shit.
    Religion is nothing more than Superstition. Crystallized, finely-tuned, mass-marketed Superstition imposed on the ignorant masses to control them.

    I’m really sick and tired of all religions. If humanity is going to survive, this shit has to end!
    With the growing conflict between Muslims and Christens there’s going to be an all-out war or devastation undreamt of. We really need to found an Atheist Colony on the Moon, Mars…somewhere else…and Fast!
    A place where we can safely store and guard humanity’s secular treasures and great works.

  22. Atheists Rule. It is a topic like this that tells it all. God And Jesus should Burn in hell with Satan.

  23. I was a Christian and keep leaving and the reason I keep leaving is because God is a mother fucking cunt asshole dead son of a bitch that has a backup of prayer requests that he needs to get his fat fucking ass on if he even exists. Bitch!!!!! Total fucking bitch ass cunt God you fucking cocksuckinh cunt from hell

  24. Excellent article! God is even worse than Donald Trump. I hope humanity will come to their senses and abandon the stupid Abrahamic religions once and for all. These outdated religions that were invented by stooopid desert shepherds needs to go away if our civilization is to survive.

  25. That fucking Faggot scum sucking pig that calls himself God Never gave me a wife and family that i always wanted since he gave it to Billions of other people on this Rotten no good Earth. Eat shit and die you fucking Homo.

  26. Agreed. If god exists, it is an A1 prick. Burn me in a lake of fire for eternity just because I’m not convinced those old middle eastern writings were the thoughts of god? How the hell is that moral? It’s evil. The all powerful god chooses to burn people. God could just as easily not impose such punishment for simple not being convinced!

  27. god is an evil cunt who loves evil cunts – they’re the ones that get all the good luck
    poor bastards like me never hurt anyone or anything get all the shit going every day
    I have fucking god and fucking christ and madonna the whole fucking lot of the cunts

  28. I agree most definitly with this artical. However I wish he did exsist………………………SO I COULD KICK HIS ASS111111111111111
    I used to speak to god from my bedside when i was a kid who believed in his lies. But the last time I did that , I made him A promis….If you do exsist then I will make your life a living hell! I owe him that much…And I always pay my debts!!!!…I truly beleive that religeon was created by those of power just to scare and control those of weakness. ( Kings & Queens over Peasants.) If there is a heaven then I dont want to go. I mean this is the world he claims is his creation. And it sucks. so how could any other world he created be any better. Who is he to decide whom is good or bad with a failed world such as this. For his sake I hope he does’nt exsist. I think that we need to destroy religeon in order for this world to move forward. All men are responsible for their actions and choices. Stop waiting for some great reward at the end of life. Just live the life you have like their will be no other.
    Be good to yourself and good to your family and at the end of your life you can die with pride that you did your best and died a good person. …..FUCK GOD he is an ASSHOLE.

  29. god is an asshole to me all the time,he made me and my dads relationship suck ass. im 14 and have been grounded for 2 fucking years because of something sombody else fucking did. (btw i have made a vow already to find that little fuck and show him who the fuck hes messing with.) i have been bullied on many ocassions before, one instance leading to a broken arm and a fucking concussion. i have been made fun of at my school because of not having a phone and not being able to do anything other than sit in my damn room and play a fucking cookie clicker game. overall, my life is the epitome of a pile of shit. god himself, if hes so mighty and has the power to fuck my life up, he must have the fucking power to make things better for me, but what do you think happens, i get even more fucked every god damn time. my great grandma is about to fucking die and my other one is already dead. ive tried going to church and guess what i got back nothing but a huge pile of bull shit plopped in front of me. i dont know what to fucking do at this point.

  30. I have a relative who…every night stands around the table holding hands with her husband and kids, praying over a balony sandwich or bucket of popeye’s chicken proclaming what a great job that fucking asshole god is doing and that he should keep up the good work, etc. Within an hour she’ll be screaming like a lunatic at some poor dumb bastard because he/she got the parking spot she lusted for, or got to the gas pump before she did and so on. This person can recite the bible from front to back. Knows every Goddamned song in the hymn book. PRRRAISE LORD HALEJULA!!! pffft what ever. If this is being a fucking christian, you can have it god you self-absorbed dickweed. Yes, I believe God exists…so what. He doesn’t give a fuck about you, me, whoever. He just sits on his holy couch eating cheetos and turning his dick orange while watching us poor tortured assholes suffer. You’ll get better results praying to a cat.

  31. The real truth is God is a Filthy Fucking Scum Sucking Pig Homo that sucks Filthy Cock everyday for Punishing us Good People for no reason at all and Never Punishes the very Bad People that cause so much Trouble on this rotten no good Earth that Deserved to be Punished very Severely. What the Fuck is Wrong with that Retarded Bastard?

  32. I am and always been an Atheist. Never bought into all that god crap. If there was a god, that piece of shit would be pure evil!

  33. All religions are man made illogical talking snake magical FAIRY TALES. We understand a possible god less than ants understand us.
    But if there is a god- the control freaks who were trying to create these fairy tales got it all exactly backwards–
    PEOPLE are the good loving souls who help you when you’re down or sick. GOD is the evil fuck who created things like babies with cancer and pain.
    May you burn in hell forever, possible god. Because if you do exist– you’ve certainly earned a spot in hell for all eternity.


  35. Wow, this article is exactly how I feel about god and why I don’t believe in that bullshit religion. Man, I wish I knew more people like you in person. Thanks for this, I’ve been telling people these same things for years. Fucking brainwashed idiots. Wish you the best man.

  36. It is real fact that God is a filthy Scumbag. And it is very unfortunate for many of us Good innocent people that had to Suffer because of that low life piece of shit.

  37. God is an asshole look what he did killed his only son and got his sons wife pregnant. Now people worship him what a joke

  38. God is the biggest cocksucker of them all and swallows all of the cum juice that he gets in his mouth that fucking no good faggot filthy jew bastard for punishing us good people and never punishes the bad people. What is wrong with that fucking no good piece of shit Homo.

  39. I’ll go light on what brought me to this state, but I’ll say that for over four decades, I wanted to be right, be good. As bad as things got, and there were some dark fucking times, I would remind myself that I couldn’t justify any good fortune, or any that came my way. Past three years, I cannot even tell you. “In a world turned truly on its head, telling the truth is an act of rebellion.” Past November, the nightmares, first PTSD, then I cannot even fucking explain. Something died, belief. Belief in anything at all. I am a walking corpse.

    Fuck everything, apart from my cunt ex-wife’s reality t.v. “winner take’s all” metaphysic. Jumping through hoops for a few hours with my children, that’s what got me past the monkey-shit paralegal work for social climbing assholes. Fuck even all the administrative fails. The horizon has disappeared, wthin as without. Utter darkness. I hope wish and, fuck yeah, pray that god, angels and satan and all the other fucking weenies DO exist, only because I would like to rape any one with a pair of tits and take a flamethrower to the others. I cannot tell you, but it’s like realize you’ve been a fucking tool your whole life, a fucking stooge. Worst part, no blasphemy seems adequate, and looks like I’m tethered to this cess pit of a planet/world. Fuck them all, the “good,” “bad” and the other risibly retarted ass motherfucking Buddah’s, I mean give me a break. But, I swear, given the chance, I’d face them all, fucking smiling faces. Every night for weeks, I’m like, bring it on fuckers, now, where I’m alone and most vulnerable. I’d still like to get a hold of a couple of succubi, let them drain me. 430 a.m., time to take a walk down memory lane again unless I can kill off my own soul, and hollow this fucking ugly ass pathetic body and brain and just fucking turn off.

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