The City and State of New York, in hopes of closing a $9.2 billion budget gap are proposing the following;

1. Tax alcohol – Don’t worry it will only cost about $.10 more for a beer.
2. Remember the Soda Tax? – $.01 and ounce of sugary soda or really $.12 a can.
3. The $10 pack of cigs? Although a pack of smokes now costs $10 in New York City, should this budget proposal pass a pack of cigarettes will cost $11. $3.75 in taxes on cigarettes will be the new national high. Note to self, stop smoking cigs and start smoking weed. It would be cheaper.
4. Mortgage recording fees – The housing market already sucks so charge the people who can actually afford a house an extra $.20 per $1,000 of the mortgage value. So a mortgage for $300,000 will now cost an extra $60.
5. $100 increase on new vehicle document fees – Don’t worry it will only be on select models that have yet to be determined.

Should the above “proposals” be implemented it should only leave the state scrambling to find another $8.5 billion dollars. In an effort to run for public office in the City or State of New York I will propose the following in order to get the support of the Democrats and Republicans alike;

1. Tax shoes and sneakers $1 a pair – New Yorkers walk everywhere and why should we leave all that money on the feet of New Yorkers?
2. Raise sales tax – $10% sounds about right until we realize it won’t be enough and raise it to 15%.
3. Charge $.25 to call 311 – I’m running for office, I don’t have to explain!
4. Charge $1 to enter Public Libraries – Reading is not only fundamental but comes with a price.

The above is only a few things this politician in training can implement. I can go on but fear a rival may catch wind of my inner thoughts and use them against me. Until next time………