Sure I haven’t posted in a while but I feel the need to post today as I’m pissed off and fed up. Pissed off at what and fed up about what? Hmmmm where shall I begin?

BLACK LIVES MATTER – I’m not saying black lives don’t matter but why in the hell did Martin O’Malley have to apologize for stating that “All Lives Matter!” Yeah Black Lives Matter is supposed to be a rallying cry for blacks being killed by white police but the fact of the matter is that police kill more white people than black people! Don’t believe me? Do some research and get back to me. Better yet I agree with “All Lives Matter.” Regardless of race, religion, etc all people deserve to be treated fairly and equally. Stephen A. Smith was called an “Uncle Tom” and worse by simply stating factually that it appears black lives matter only when the black life being taken is at the hands of a white person. What about black on black crime? Where is the voice of reason on that front? Please give me a phuken break!

WORK YOUR ARSE OFF AND WHERE’S MY/YOUR MONEY?! I don’t know about you but I work my ever lovin arse off yet when my check arrives all I can see is the absurd amount of money being deducted from my check! Seriously how in the hell is a person supposed to get ahead when almost 45% of a damn check is gone in deductions?! I swear I often think I would be much better off if a became a straight deadbeat. Cry that I can’t get a job, get some food stamps, housing assistance and find a job off the damn books. I would be able to a public assistance package in the range of $40K a year and get a freaking job that pays $500 a week cash or $25K a years in straight cash money which would equate to me making around $38K a year legit while still having to pay for my own damn groceries! It’s no wonder why we have such a high dead beat population here in New York City!! Maybe Sonny was right…..”The working man is a sucker.”!

THE COST OF HOUSES EVEN IN THE BURBS! The thought has crossed my mind to up and leave the City and head on off to the burbs so I can deal with a 1 hour commute to work and at least enjoy drinking a beer in the comfort of my own backyard. Unfortunately the burbs seem to be hit or miss with regard to schools. If I am going to be forced to pay upwards of $8,000 a year in taxes I expect a good school district yet this is often not the case. Even worse people in the burbs must be losing their ever loving minds. I actually had a realtor tell me a home was a steal and priced right to sell at the low low cost of $469,000. Sure if the damn house didn’t need new windows, needed the kitchen gutted and replaced, the bathroom gutted and replaced, need steps to be added to the side of the house so I could actually access the backyard without having to walk out the front door, needed the driveway repaved, a new garage door and needed new retaining walls!!! Priced right? How about priced $50K to high? How about I have no desire to purchase a house at $489K and still need to drop another $40K in renovations. Than again it may be a better option than trying to buy a $600K single family house in a crappy area of NYC and need $100K in renovations and still not have a lawn in my backyard!

BLOG SPAMMERS! – In years past I have created posts about this very topic but this is really pissing me off lately, even more than usual. If you spam my blog I am NOT APPROVING YOUR COMMENT!! It takes me a grand total of 5 seconds to delete all spam comments with the simple click of a button but it makes me more than angry to see all the nonsense comments that are left. Let it be known, leave a well though out and somewhat intelligent response to a post and I will approve your comment. Leave a comment such as “Your writing is amazing and think well. You are most awesome and I’ll be sure to come back to find out more.” As I was typing this paragraph in this post the following comment was left “Ebola made our children forget lots of things in school, said Mary Thomas, who works in Liberia. Some of them have forgotten about basic math and hardly know how to comprehend. I am worried. n louis vuitton outlet.” Seriously does this person think a sane person would buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag from some crap hole website from some 3rd world country somewhere through ARRGGHHH!

MUSLIMS! – I’m beyond fed up with Muslims or shall I dare say “Extremists.” Whenever some bat shit crazy Muslim shoots people for no freakin reason I have to hear about Muslims who are upset that people are talking smack about their religion. WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Muslims are allowed to practice their religion and I’m free as a citizen of the greatest country on Earth to talk smack about Islam if I damn well please. If Muslims are oh so upset go back to whatever freaking country you come from and feel free to rape little girls, chop off the hand of a thief of whatever other barbaric thing you do which is acceptable over there.