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I read the New York Daily News everyday on my way to and back from work on the subway. There’s a section in the paper called Voice of the People. It’s the Voice of the People section that actually inspired me to create this blog.

It’s no wonder why the City and State of New York is a mess. Although some comments are well written and make valid points most of the comments are plain and simply stupid. Lately there have been comments made with regard to the BP oil spill. Heck, BP has only been trying to stop the leak for a few months now but Dave the plumber in Brooklyn knows how to stop the leak?

Sometime the comments make me laugh but for the most part leave me scratching my head. We live in a bankrupt City located in a bankrupt State. If the Voice of the People section of the Daily News is an indication of the intelligence of our citizens then there really is no reason to wonder why we’re in the situation were in.

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  1. Recently, Kenneth Langone donated and raised sufficient money to provide for tuition-free four year education at NYU Medical School. This was praised by many and even featured on 60 minutes.
    I feel that this is an error of the benefactor as medical students have great potential for financial success and as a group surely are not in need of this benefit.
    Mr. Langone is wealthy and has fund raising skills. I feel that the huge amount of money raised that will pay for NYU medical students tuition could have and should have been spent on institutions that would very possibly have benefited many more than NYU medical students (e.g., enhanced research of causes and treatment of autism; Alzheimer’s Disease; Pediatric Cancer; Other Cancers; etc…)
    Mr. Langone: Shame on you not for being wealthy but for extremely poor use of your fortune. Tomorrow;s NYU trained physicians might think of you when driving their Porsches, Mercedes, and other expensive vehicles a few years after completion of their training.

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