MLM – Multilevel Marketing is for SUCKERS!

It amazes me that year after year people lose money with multilevel marketing scams only to join the latest and greatest multilevel marketing scam with the promise of becoming rich overnight. How utterly fucking stupid can people be? How long does it take to figure out the only people getting rich from these multilevel marketing schemes is the asshole(s) who created the MLM “opportunity.”

Before you get your panties in a bunch I’m fully aware that there are successful MLM based companies in existence. Companies such as AVON, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Amway to name a few. However, this doesn’t change the fact that on average 99.7% of people lose money on their oh so fucking great MLM opportunities. This doesn’t change the fact that 50% of people who join a MLM based company drop out within the first year. Heck, 90% of people drop out within 5 years. 64% of small business are not in operation within 10 years meaning that 36% last at least 10 years which is not a great statistic to begin with but much better than the 99.7% that crash and burn.

So again how is that people keep falling for the same crap year after year? Plain and simply the shear stupidity of the masses. A person would be much better off opening their own businesses than to get into a MLM based company. Of course that would be too hard and the promise of overnight riches, making money with little to no time invested and shear laziness leads to thousands of MLM based companies that open, make a ton of money off their “distributors” and then laugh their asses off while they drive their luxury vehicles, enjoy their McMansions and sip fruity drinks on some tropical island paradise off that money while Joan in Nebraska figures out how to pay off the $20,000 debt she racked up trying to “operate her own distributorship!”

Seriously how stupid can people be?! In order to sell MLM Great Companies product(s) I only have to pay a one time fee of $300. That $300 gets me 10 widgets but I also need to create business cards, order marketing materials. Luckily MLM Great Company will only charge me an additional $400 for a few hundred business cards and some flyers. Oh, but I need a website! No fucking problem, MLM Great Company will only charge me $30 a month for a generic “distributor” website. YES! Oh crap…I need to tell people about MLM Great Company and my family and friends aren’t buying. Luckily I can purchase MLM Great Company leads for an additional $500 a month. Oh boy, only $1230 to start my business and I’m going to be rich!!

If a company has a great product or service they more often than not create an affiliate program as in send me a customer and I’ll pay you a commission of say 20%. Amazing that hundreds of thousands of successful companies utilize affiliate marketing programs yet thousands of MLM based companies close their doors leaving a path of financial devastation for those who believed in the bullshit hype.

If you’re thinking about getting into any MLM based business “opportunity” I hope you’ve read this blog posting and it saves you from making a huge mistake. If you disagree leave a comment and I’ll roast your ass. Better yet, send me weekly updates on your progress until you crash and burn so I can laugh my ass off. Bottom line… MLM is for suckers.

7 thoughts on “MLM – Multilevel Marketing is for SUCKERS!”

  1. Thanks for this post. I have been thinking about starting a website to help people avoid scams and it would include just what you are saying here. The other thing I tell people is that how could a MLM company hire people to take orders or answering the phone. If their MLM is so good, why would anyone work there more than a few weeks when they discover “how much they could make” on their own. I have occasionally called some of the people working at the offices of several MLM and/or get rich quick companies. I then put the phone answerer on the spot and ask them how soon they are going to quit since if they use the “system” or whatever they should be able to get rich on their own… soon. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking I should have written down or recorded the lame excuses I’ve gotten… hmm maybe I need to make some more calls…

  2. I do relieved I found another one who had common sense. This MLM scam is so stupid and wrong I can vomit exactly at the time I went to their so called seminar. The worst thing of all is, this scam is presented by my friend, the one I put my respect in, now I got to trash her out of my life. These suckers really ruining good relationship that we’re already had.

  3. You my friend have common sense. Starting a scam review website is a good idea but keep in mind that it is a heavily saturated market and it will take a ton of time to get it off the ground. However, if you are serious about doing it go for it. Best of luck pal.

  4. A fun MLM for you to rip apart might be WorldVentures. It’s this annoying MLM where it promises people that they can travel the world and get great deals from them. It is one of the most irritating ones for me because it plays on people’s desires to travel while also playing on their desire to “get rich.” If you have friends on any social media who travel to some foreign country and have signs in their pictures that say “You should be here” you have seen a worldventures MLM person.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick and fun read about the ridiculousness of MLM and have fun with continuing to rip apart their idiocy!

  5. Stear clear of forever living and salad master too. They ride low on the radar and few have looked into them yet. Totally, f mlms. They ruin everything they touch and it’s sad. Which is worse in terms of devistation to family and friends. Heroin? Or joining an mlm.

  6. The math doesn’t work out on these things. It simply doesn’t. As stated on Jon Oliver’s recent piece in regards to Herbalife, “You go out and recruit 5 people. Then they go out and recruit 5 more…this means you can only do this 13 times before you have recruited every single person on earth.”

    What’s terrible about them, in addition to cleaning suckers out of their money, is that it ends up making people hit up their friends and try to bring them into the scam too. Tasteless. Seeing your friends and loved ones as a means to an end. The second anyone I know tries to tell me about some MLM “opportunity” I cease talking to them. It crosses a line.

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