Society is in the crapper! I can’t believe the crap that gets media attention. The sad fact of the matter is that the media wouldn’t pay any attention to this crap if it were not for all the dumb asses eating it up every minute of the day.

Lindsay Lohan goes to the Clink! – Who give a shit! She was supposed to do 3 months but instead does a few weeks and is off to rehab? WTF! If I were to get caught for 2 DWI’s and possession I would be in prison hanging with my new boyfriend. This little biatch get off with a slap on the wrist and I’m supposed to feel sorry for her. Fuck you LILO! Go cry to your GF or BF whichever one you decide you want at this time!

Mel Gibson is a Lunatic! So freaking what? The only thing that makes this dick any different from Daquen in the projects is that he has millions of dollars and makes movies. Big freaking deal. Why can’t I read the paper or watch the news without an update on this asshole?

Chelsea Gets Married! People get married every day. Why is this biatch getting front page news coverage? “KnowitAll, she’s the president’s daughter!” No she’s the fucking ex president’s daughter. Why should anyone give a rat’s ass if she gets married or not? It may have been news worthy if she were marrying a retard midget who suffers from ADHD and who tried to feel up Hillary during a drunken bender. When John and Beth get married next month, they should be on the front page of the Daily News. Why? Exactly!

 More to come……………