If you didn’t know now you know that your man KnowItAll is a huge Grand Theft Auto fan. In fact I’ve played ever single Grand Theft Auto ever made including the original Grand Theft Auto for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which was nothing close to the games that followed.

Admittedly I was a bit late to the party with Grand Theft Auto V (5) having purchased it only a month or so ago. However, GTA 5 is by far the best Rockstar Games has ever made. After beating the game I started it over and now find myself just driving around, stealing and customizing cars and picking up prostitutes as there is nothing left to do. I may just have to start the game over once again while I dream about what Grand Theft Auto 6 (VI) could possibly be.

It’s not a matter of if Grand Theft Auto 6 will be made but when. Based on what a could find online it appears that Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t be available until sometime in 2018 but there are a bunch of things online that I find super interesting. It appears that the lead character may be female and the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6 may be the entire United States.

I’m not sold on a female lead character, although it may be interesting, but I would be more than okay with having a female character that you as the player can switch to as you switched to the 3 different characters in Grand Theft Auto 5. As far as the setting is concerned an open world USA may be a bit ambitious but 3 different cities to travel to can be more than doable.

As great as Grand Theft Auto 5 was and is I do have a rather extensive wish list for Grand Theft Auto 6 as there are a few things that leave me with a bit to be desired concerning Grand Theft Auto 5.

So without further ado here is my wish list for Grand Theft Auto 6.

1. More buildings/places to enter. – The graphics are fantastic but it sucks to see all this cool looking places that you can’t enter.

2. Purchase as many homes as you can afford. – Driving around town there is no shortage of foreclosures, homes for sale and places to rent. However, when you dial the number you get some sort of weird music or a voicemail. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually connect with the realtor and buy the home being sold?

3. Furnish your home(s). – It’s cool that you can go to a variety of clothing stores but I think it would be super cool if you could actually furnish your own home and any homes that you purchase along the way.

4. Female companionship. – As Michael you can bang as many prostitutes as you want but there is no way to bang your wife Amanda. Sure you can hang out and play tennis, catch a movie or get drunk but that’s pretty much it. Why not make it so that you can have an actual relationship with that special someone?

5. More businesses. – What in the hell is the point of being able to make a billion dollars in the stock market when there is a grand total of 15 businesses that can be purchased? For Grand Theft Auto 6 why not make it that there is a ton of businesses that you can purchase and better yet run? In Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin seems to be the “car guy” so why not have a businesses where you can purchase/steal cars, customize and than sell those cars at your very own car business?

6. PRISON! – In Grand Theft Auto 5 there is a prison present but you can’t do anything other than get shot to death. How is it that you can get arrested but be out in a few hours after killing 10 cops, destroying 20 cars and causing millions of dollars in damage? For Grand Theft Auto 6 why not have the characters who get arrested have to spend time in the clink and either serve their sentence or be forced to break out somehow?

7. The ability to change your primary vehicle. – I like that each character in Grand Theft Auto 5 has their very own vehicle but it would be awesome if you had the ability to change their primary vehicle.

Granted I wish that Grand Theft Auto 6 was ready to roll next month as opposed to waiting upwards of 3 years for it but I give Rockstar credit for not rushing anything. You now know my wishlist for Grand Theft Auto 6 so what’s you wishlist?