I was on Craigslist last week looking at small business ads as I do from time to time and came across something that had me rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Get Paid to Watch T.V. and It’s FREE!

If there is one thing I love doing it’s watching TV so I quickly clicked on the link and was brought to GiantCinema.com

Other than the above YouTube video on the actual website I couldn’t find much information on the company. Nothing much on FaceBook but I did find a Twitter account. I ran the company through Google and the only thing I could find other than the company website was a case study written by Harvard in 2003. Then again I didn’t know if the case study was about GiantCinema or another company of the same name. However I was able to find a LinkedIn profile for Chris Monks who is on the website as a co-founder.

Considering I couldn’t find much information on the company I decided to do what any anal retentive a-hole would do, I sent a condescending message, as only I can, through the site. Shockingly the very next day I received a reply from Ross Callen who is the co-owner and Chief Executive “Spud.” To my surprise he agreed 100% with what I had to say which left me in a semi state of shock. I didn’t like the fact that there was no back end system up. How in the world would I be able to track my progress without any sort of statistics or system in place?

I left it alone for a few weeks but for some reason I couldn’t get GiantCinema out of my mind. How often does a person have a chance to get in on the ground floor of a company at ZERO COST!? What if this thing really took off and I missed out knowing that I could have made a fortune. What if I was watching CNBC two years from now talking about Giant Cinema turned from start-up to multi million dollar company making thousands of people wealthy in the process?

Late last week I received an email from Allen who is in charge of marketing. We went back on forth via email for a while until he asked if we could speak on the phone. I gave him my cell phone number and a half hour later I began a rather lengthy conversation about my hesitancy, the company and what the future could hold. Without getting into specifics I felt that the opportunity was just too good to pass up and decided to jump on board. After all it’s 100% free and as such the only thing that I could lose is time. No back end system but at least I receive an email whenever anyone signs up.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up you are provided with an affiliate link in which you are to use to sign people up. Each person that signs up is an account for you. For each account referred to Giant Cinema you will earn a 10% commission on the commercials that run during the movies and shows they are watching through the platform. I won’t get into earnings potential as Giant Cinema does not condone it which I can respect.

What I can tell you is that GiantCinema.com is super easy to promote. In fact I’ve been marketing for a grand total of 6 days I have 124 accounts or as they like to call them “spuds.” The best thing is that I’ve signed up these accounts for FREE! If Giant Cinema gets off the ground the way I think it will, there are going to be a lot of people who can earn a ridiculous living.

If you’re wondering if GiantCinema.com is a MLM company it’s not. It’s simply a referral based program. You lose absolutely nothing by signing up with GiantCinema.com so just do it.

Courtesy to MisterSpud of BecomeASpud.com for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video

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