Ban SpongeBob SquarePants!!

Is he really just cute and harmless? NO!
As a concerned parent I feel an obligation to start a grass roots movement to ban Sponge Bob Square Pants from the world. The millions of adults and children who love this show are led to believe that the show is nothing other than innocent entertainment. They will tell you that the show is nothing more than a loveable kid sponge that has a big heart, loves his friends and family and enjoys jelly fishing and playing with his next door neighbor and best friend. He loves his job and his pet. However, I am not fooled and will expose Sponge Bob for what it really is. It’s a show that is far from innocent and is ingraining social ills and behavior into the brains of our innocent children. So what is Sponge Bob really teaching our children?

It’s okay for children to live alone!

Sponge Bob lives in a pineapple under the sea. He’s a kid yet lives alone with no parental supervision! It’s obvious that this is teaching our children that it’s okay to live alone and it’s only a matter of time before your child attempts to leave the nest.

School is not important!

Sponge Bob does not attend any sort of formal schooling and it’s obvious that he is not being home schooled as he lives alone with no parental supervision. In fact the only schooling that he attends is boating school. Sponge Bob is teaching our children that getting a driver license is more important than education.

Incorrect spelling is acceptable!

Just look at the “correct” spelling. SpongeBob SquarePants. Acceptable titles are A Sponge Named Bob Who Wears Square Pants, Sponge Bob Square Pants or Bob Square Pants. Additionally the name of the most popular restaurant in Bikini Bottom is named the Krusty Krab. The correct name should be The Crusty Crab. I’m amazed that a lawsuit has not been brought forth as of this blog posting.
Krusty Krab? How about Crusty Crab?

Be called or named after what you are and what your wear!
He’s a sponge named Bob that wears square pants so it’s logical that his name is SpongeBob SquarePants? There have been reports of children referring to other children as Asian Brian Nike Shoes, Black Mike FUBU Pants and others that I am too distraught over to post here. Although these reports have been virtually nonexistent we all know that it’s only a matter of time before this becomes an epidemic. How would you like to go to work and be referred to as White John Docker Pants? I fear that this may soon become a reality.

Child labor and low wages are acceptable!

Sponge Bob is obviously a kid yet works long hours sweating over a hot grill with no overtime pay. Even worse there has been an occasion where he was forced to work for over 24 hours straight. Would you like for your child to drip out of school to become a fry cook? This may very well happen should this program continue to be aired.

Derogatory name calling should be tolerated!

SpongeBob has a coworker named Squidward who often refers to him as Sponge Boob. When this derogatory name is used SpongeBob has no reaction. Not once has SpongeBob said “Please do not refer to me by that name.” This is teaching our children that being called a derogatory name is to not only be tolerated but is acceptable. Also, since he simply ignores the name calling and doesn’t speak to any adults about it, this is showing our children that when he or she is called a derogatory name there is no reason to speak to an adult.

Eat unhealthy!
Ice Cream!Burger!Candy!
SpongeBob’s diet consists of hamburgers, French fries, ice cream and candy. He has never been observed eating fruits, vegetables or anything healthy for that matter. It’s no wonder why my child only wants to eat at fast food restaurants and ice cream parlors. If your child has not begun to display these eating tendencies, believe me, it’s right around the corner and an absolute nightmare to deal with.

The above is simply a few of the many things that SpongeBob SquarePants is teaching our children but I feel poses the most concern. You now know SpongeBob truly is and what it’s teaching our children but to summarize please see the below points.

1. Move out before you’re ready.
2. Judge and call people based on what they wear.
3. Do not attend school.
4. Spelling and education is not important.
5. Eat unhealthy.
6. Ignore derogatory name calling, accept it and speak to no one about it.

I implore you to join my grass roots movement by signing my online petition located at I have enough signatures I will forward my online petition to the U.S. Congress in hope of introducing the SpongeBob Square Pants is a Detriment to Our Children Bill.

Together we can Ban SpongeBob SquarePants!!

5 thoughts on “Ban SpongeBob SquarePants!!”

  1. I guess you’ve said it all in your post.

    He works and goes to driving school. He also has his own house. Why exactly do you believe the character is a kid?

    I agree partially with some of arguments thou, it’s a pretty “empty” cartoon.

    You should reconsider your views, and pick on what does MATTER.

    ‘Cause u know, usin’ some kreativity to write stuff in a cool wayz won’t make’yakidz clowndumbos. Dat will teach’em everythin’ haz more than juz wan side.

    And you obviously never learnt that :).

  2. I agree with you
    I have always believed that Disney in particular agenda was for kids to believe that parental supervision=bad and they would embed that into their heads from young (this is evident in many disney movies) and I never really paid attention to Nickelodeo shows but you are correct. Spongebob is seen as a kid yet he lives alone with a snail.He does get called for what he is wearing which encourages name calling/bullying. We see him working at an unhealthy burger store promoting fast food diet.
    I am a bit shocked that you didnt go into Patrick and Spongebobs relationship as well as the role of squidward.

  3. Uh. Its a cartoon! Next thing you’ll be saying that kids are gonna start thinking that sponges and sea life actually talk. People blow this crap out of whack. I have two kids, but i also know that as a parent, you have to teach your kids the difference between fantasy and reality. Kids arent as dumb as you think. Anal retentive parents who sweat everything must’ve not had much of a childhood. Besides from my observation, its always the “old” parents who take things too seriously. Loosen up. I grew up watching 80s cartoons. And i never once had the urge to run away from home to live with little blue people (smurfs). Or stomp on turtles and eat shrooms (super mario bros.) If your worried that your child might think spongebob is an ideal idle, then that just means you just need to vamp up your parenting. Chill out, every generation had parents who wanted to blame something stupid for their lack of parenting. If you would grow up and stop playing the blame game on a cartoon (or anything else trivial for that matter), your kids wont follow this stupid trend, and wont fuck it up for the next generation of kid shows.

  4. Out of curiosity, is this a joke? Because it looks like one, yet the comments seem to take it seriously. And In the show it reveals his birthday as July 14,1986.

  5. Of course it’s a joke. My amusement comes from the dumb asses who take it seriously. Many simply don’t have a sense of humor.

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