2 thoughts on “America Is Now a Nation of Pussies!!!”

  1. Totally f’ing agree, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s with a ruthless older brother who he and his friends kicked our ass if we stepped out of line. Not to mention 12 years of old school catholic school, much of which the miserable nuns could still smack you around. I am ashamed at what the US has become, except for my nephew that spent 6 months on the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf three years ago. HEY, AMERICA, GROW A FUCKIN’ PAIR

  2. I’m only 25 and I see what this nation is turning into. While I’m working full time and going to school part time, I see my peers at school crying racist at everything. They don’t work and their parents pay for everything. They believe they should be virtuous about everything. These grown kids do not know how to choose their battles . As a result, they feel they should stand up for everything. They’ve grown up with their parents telling them that they are number one. They tail gate, they’re outspoken, and worst of all they can’t back up shit with stone cold facts. This nation is no longer the world leader; it’s a laughing stock.

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