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My $1 Business Review – How Many People Can You Talk into Spending $1?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make an extra $1 or 2 and I’ve found it with My $1 Business. Historically I’ve been against MLM (Multi Level Marketing) but the My $1 Business is so simple and easy I wish I would gave come up with the idea!

Think about how much we spend on a monthly basis on the simple things in life. A bottle of soda, a cup of coffee, gum, energy drinks, etc. Crap…. I pay $197 a month for cable and I’m never home to watch it. It costs me $1 to park my car on a city street for a freaking hour!

What do you get for $1. Stop being lazy and find out for yourself! If you’ve come across this blog post and expect me to do all the leg work for you I’m sorry but it’s not going to happen. If you want to start a business and $1 is too much for you to even get the most basic of information than you are unworthy of starting a business.

However, if you are able to talk only 2 people into spending $1 you’re not even spending a $1. Simply getting 2 people to enter the business for $1 a month means you pay nothing.

Okay I’ll be 100% transparent. The only reason I joined the My $1 Business Opportunity is to get my FREE 5 STAR LUXURY VACATION. That means I only have to talk 10 people into joining at $1 a month and have a total of 100 or more people on my team. YOU HAVE GOT BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! Forget talking 10 people into spending $1 a month. All I have to do is talk 100 people into spending $1 a month and get a free 5 STAR LUXURY VACATION? So simple I may as well as get talked into walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Is their work involved? ABSOLETLY! Yes, you have to talk people into why spending a $1 per month is good for them! So what do these people get for their $1? They get $700 in multi use coupons that can save them $10 or more per month plus an app that allows them to scan their receipts for cash rebates!

Think about the My $1 Business opportunity logically. If I asked you to give me $1 and I would give you $10 back would you do it? HECK, If I asked you to give me $1 and I would give you back $1.50 would you do it? I would like to think that you have an ounce of intelligence in your body so I’ll assume the answer is yes!

Obviously you’ve come to this blog post seeking information on the My $1 Business opportunity but if I haven’t given enough information than you might as well ask a person on the street to punch you in the face for $1 with no repercussion. Better yet ask the same person to give you $1, punch you in the face and have you pay them $10!!!!!

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I’ve lead you into spending $1 in order to get a 5 STAR LUXURY VACATION! Will you drink?!

I WOULD LIKE A DRINK to join now.

Review of NBA2K17 My Career Mode

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of NBA 2K’s My Career Mode. I 100% hated NBA2K16’s My Career mode with the debacle of a story line created by Spike Lee. However, I was absolutely blown away by My Career mode in NBA2K17.

Your nickname is Prez, short for President as you have an American flag blowing behind you when you make your college announcement. I decided to take my PG basketball talents to UConn where I wound up winning the National Championship which resulted in my being drafted 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. A young team with a ton of upside.

I started off as an overall 58 and quickly earned VC by attending open practices and using drills such as sprints, vertical jumps, ladder, hand/eye and squats. From time to time teammates stop over your place to hoist up 3’s, play one on one and even 3 on 3’s. After about 18 games I became a started along with teammate Justice Young. I played a total of 52 through the all star game where I won All Star Game MVP and decided to sim the rest of the season. I won Rookie of the Year as well as League MVP…no too shabby.

I made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs as I played one game and simulated one game before getting bounced by the Toronto Raptors. I thought I had a 4 year deal but at the end of the season I became a free agent and decided to leave Milwaukee for the bright lights of New York City as I signed on with the New York Knicks. To be honest I became a bit tired of the whole “Orange Juice” thing, a name that you and teammate Justice Young come up with during the course of the season and hoped I could part ways.

Unfortunately Justice also signed on with the Knicks so I’m stuck with Orange Juice for at least another season. One thing that I found to be a bit odd is that even though I signed a contract for 315 VC per game I don’t know how long the contract is for. I’m at the beginning of season 2 but hope that you do not become a free agent after every season.

The AI is much improved. The AI will set picks and screens to get open although one thing I absolutely hate is that it seems that almost all low post offense results in a foul. However, you don’t always have to call for the ball as in games past as teammates seem to be more willing to pass you the ball if you’re open.

I stared off playing on Pro but my numbers were getting ridiculous. On Pro it’s super easy to steal the ball. My player was turning into a quadruple double machine so I decided to play on All Star. As my player in now an overall 89 my numbers are once again going into ridiculous territory. My last game against my former team, the Milwaukee Bucks, I dropped 52 points, had 18 assists to go along with 8 boards. I’m seriously considering playing on Superstar but I do turn the ball over a ton and am not quite sure if I want to average 7 turnovers a game on Superstar.

For some reason regardless of difficulty level with 12 minute quarters your team seems to score 130 a game. I found 9 minutes quarters to be ideal as the final score is much more realistic and you can still put up decent numbers. One thing that I will say is that there are some games where the team you play against will not miss! It seems every jumper goes in and every rebound goes directly to the other team.

There is a ton to like about NBA2k17’s My Career Mode but there are a few things that I dislike. For one, missing team practices can result in loss of playing time. You also cannot simulate games without missing endorsement meetings and team practices. You also cannot skip cut scenes which I really don’t like as if I decide to create another player I have to sit through all the cut scenes again. There are also a few glitches that I have come across in season 2. The 1st is that during my first game of season 2 the commentators were talking about me going to the all star game. Really after one freaking game? The 2nd is that my cell phone seems to be stuck with 1 message even though I don’t have any new messages. It’s nothing major but it is a bit annoying. You also have attribute caps depending on what you make your player. For example, I’m a Sharp Shooting PG. As such I do have playmaking ability but will never be the 2nd coming of Pistol Pete.

All in all I really like NBA2K17’s My Career mode and am having a ton of fun playing it.

Kangen Water Business Opportunity Review – Is the Kangen Water Business Opportunity a Scam?

Wow….just WOW is all I can say! I’ve come across my fare share of business opportunities that I’ve though about in the past but I have never EVER been so dumbfounded in my life. In fact there are so many thoughts running through my mind as I type this article that I’m having issues trying to come up with coherent sentences so be forewarned.

It’s no secret that water is good for you. It varies but it’s most common that the amount of water a person should drink equates to a half gallon a day. I was on a business opportunity site when I came across an advertisement for liquid gold aka WATER. Make money with water? Seriously? I just had to get further information as to how I could possibly make a six figure income within a year with WATER. I entered my contact information and went about my day for approximately an hour. That’s when my day took a turn. The Kangen Water Representative shall remain nameless as I really can’t remember his name and am too lazy to log into my email account but for once in my life I was left speechless. I could not believe that a person could be so passionate about something that sounded so ridiculous.

Long story short….make a six figure income by selling a $4,000 water ionizer? You have got to be kidding me! I’m not a doctor nor a scientist but I’ve never even heard of a water ionizer. When I stated this to said sales representative I was told “That’s because less than 2% of the U.S. population even know about this. Imagine being given the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with the microwave! And this is GOOD FOR YOU!” I could care less about my bodies PH levels but what I do know to be FACT is that there is no as is NONE scientific evidence as to the health benefits of ionized water. Why in the heck would a person pay $4,000 and than try to screw other people into paying $4,000?

I don’t know about you but other than my trip to Mexico during spring break over 18 years ago I have never become sick from drinking water. No I’m not dumb enough to drink water from the tap in Mexico but I was dumb enough at the time to realize that ice cubes served in mixed drinks was actually frozen tap water.

The Kangen Water business opportunity is nothing more than yet another ridiculous MLM business opportunity. Buy the Kangen Water ionizer for $4,000 and you can make a whopping $285 if you can talk another person into buying a $4,000 water ionizer. The more you sell the higher your commission gets until you get to the point where you can make over $2,000 a sale. Best of all you can finance your new business for as little as $30 a month and recoup your entire investment within 60 days!

I know for a fact that I can make a killing with the Kangen Water business opportunity. The sad fact is that most people are dumb and dumb people will believe that a $4,000 “investment” will make them a six figure income within a year. I can spew non scientific “facts” to dumb people and convince dumb people that if they don’t have $30 a month to invest into a business that they should not be looking into getting into business. I can convince dumb people that giving away ionized water to dumb people will lead to riches.

Unfortunately for me I cannot do the above. I have a conscious and as much as I hate my soul sucking, white hair giving, ridiculous hours, no personal life, hope my wife doesn’t divorce me, take 17% of my pay check for child support job at least when I lay my head down on my pillow I can sleep knowing that I am living an honest life.

However, if you’re a fan of non scientific “facts”, believe that there is such a thing as a machine that can change the molecular structure of water for the better, that can lead a person into a healthier life by simply drinking ionized water at a cost of $4,000, have no conscious, than the Kangen Water business opportunity may be just the thing for you. Review

Yesterday morning a buddy of mine gave me a call to tell me about a brand new website called with a tagline of “Build the Biggest List Ever.” To be completely honest I really didn’t get what he was trying to tell me as I don’t think he fully understood it himself. Luckily be the anal person that I am and considering I was off from work today I decided to conduct my own research and all I can say is that is a case of “Why didn’t I think of this!”

Granted this was not my very first thought. My very first thought was “Why in the hell would anyone use this site?” but after thoroughly going through the site as in using my buddies log in information to bounce around I was starting to come around. After watching the video on the home page I though to myself “This guy looks familiar!” It was with good reason as the creator of this website is also the person behind Giant Cinema.

So how does one use GiantNetworker to build the biggest list ever? Most businesses have some sort of marketing list. For example lets say you sell sunglasses online and you have 2,000 customers that your previously sold sunglasses to. You’re smart so you send periodic emails to those 2,000 customers. Why not invite them to join you on GiantNetworker?

Taking it a step further, the sunglasses business is mine as in “KnowItAlls Super Awesome Sunglasses.” I register with the usernames KIASuperAwesomeSunglasses. I send an invite to my 2,000 customers to join me on GiantNetworker not because I’m trying to move over to a new email delivery service but because there is a good possibility that some of my customers may have a business of their own and may very well use GiantNetworker as well. Now lets say that 500 of my customers register with GiantNetworker under me. Great I can market to them on GiantNetworker as well but more importantly there is a good possibility that they will have something to promote themselves. Out of those 500 customers 20 of them each register 5 people each. I now have access to 100 new possible customers that I can market to! With GiantNetworker you of course have access to whoever you directly register but more importantly have access to to whoever your registrations refer up to 5 levels deep for FREE!

Now here is where it gets good. For $49 you can become a corporate partner where you can create a FaceBook like fan page referred to as a “spot.” If you’re thinking why in the hell would anyone pay $49 for a sort of fan page I’ve got you covered. For my $49 bucks a month I not only have access to the registrations of my registrations 20 levels deep but anyone who is registered on GiantNetworker can browse the various spots and can come across my super awesome sunglasses business, like my business which now gives me access to other brand new customers! As the business owner my customer email addresses and not exposed and all emails are sent through the site. Users can opt to have email notifications sent to them whenever they receive a message. Best of all since I’m a corporate partner at $49 a month if anyone within those 20 levels also become a corporate partner I get a 25% commission of the $49 or $12.25 meaning I only need 4 people out of those 20 levels of referrals to use the site for free!!!!

If you’re wondering if this is a multi-level marketing business the answer is yes. As a free affiliate you can earn a 10% commission on your direct referrals who become a corporate partner as well as have access to referral registrations 5 levels deep. As a corporate partner at $49 a month you get access to referral registrations 20 levels deeps, earn a 25% commission regardless of depth, can create a spot and are able to online chat with other corporate partners.

I feel that it’s going to take some time for GiantNetworker to take off as their is nothing like it but it may very well be something that can be huge. is by referral only so check it out for yourself by going to which is my friends referral link.

FUCK NBA 2K15!!!

After NBA2K14 last year I swore I would not purchase another NBA2K anything again. Than I happened to get a PS4 for Christmas and in sheer stupidity went out and purchased NBA2K15.

Yeah I know the title of this post is “Fuck NBA2K15” but I actually enjoy playing the game but there are quite a few things that drive me absolutely bat shit crazy! So here is my list of things that make me shout FUCK NBA2K15!!

1. If the Playstation network isn’t down it seems that 2K servers are down which means you can’t play the fucking game and earn virtual currency!

2. Worthless fucking locker codes! What the fuck is the point in releasing locker codes if they expire?! What the fuck is the point in releasing locker codes that have a fucking use limit?!

3. Why the fuck can’t I change my fucking shoes/sneakers? Yeah I got a fucking shoe contract and made my kicks. I decided to sign a free agent contract with another team. Looks pretty fucking stupid wearing Knicks sneakers when my player is on the fucking Houston Rockets! I know I’ll just edit my shoes and change the colors. Seems simple enough but it doesn’t fucking work! Yup I’m back to wearing 2K generics….great.

4. Game settings! Try playing on Hall of Fame mode and it will make you won’t to never play again. The team you’re playing doesn’t miss a shot yet your teammates can’t hit a wide open fucking layup? You have got to be kidding me. It’s cool that your opponent plays much tougher but makes no sense that your teammates play like they are drinking booze instead of Gatorade on the sidelines!

5. NO VC when simulating! Why do I have to play an entire games to earn VC? I know it’s because 2Ksports wants us to spend actual currency!! It would be nice to at least earn a few coins for the part of the game I played.

6. Playing park games suck! You have to run around basketball courts and wait to fucking play! Why the fuck did they do away with simply wanting to play and bam you can play a fucking game? Instead I have to run around court after court like a crackhead and wait to play a game!!

7. Yes My Player free agent time. Before I sign on the dotted line I want to check out the rosters of the teams offering me a deal. Oh wait….I FUCKING CAN’T! I purposely didn’t sign with the Kings as I didn’t know if Demarcus Cousins was staying or going. I signed with Houston and Cousins resigned! WISH I WOULD HAVE FUCKING KNOWN!

8. If I pass the ball to my teammate and he fumbles the fucking ball, tries to shoot and gets stripped that is not my fucking turnover! Why am I getting charged for it?!

All in all I believe NBA2K15 to be a solid basketball game but for the reasons listed above I say FUCK NBA2K15!

My Advertising Pays Review – Is My Advertising Pays (MAPS) a SCAM?

A few weeks ago yours truly received an email requesting a review on a company called My Advertising Pays or MAPS. Considering I had nothing better to do today and I aim to please I decided to write a review on My Advertising Pays.

So what is My Advertising Pays? My Advertising Pays is supposed to be a marketing website where business owners can purchase banner ads, pop under’s or take part in a traffic exchange. With this being said there is a major fucking problem that any business owner with half a fucking brain should be able to see from the onset. If I want to advertise a business or get traffic to a website that I own in order to have the traffic generate into a sale the most important question is what is the quality of the traffic. In the case of My Advertising Pays the quality of the traffic is jack shit!

My Advertising Pays is being promoted heavily online by affiliates who claim to be making a ton of money. How are these affiliates supposedly making tons of money? My Advertising Pays affiliates simply get dumb asses to purchase credit packs for $50 a pop or $49.99 and which is supposed to pay back $60 over time through “profit sharing.” Of course 5% of that profit is automatically deducted from your earnings so you can purchase, in this case MUST PURCHASE, as a person cannot withdraw from the advertising fund!!

Now back to the advertising. I pay My Advertising Pays whatever they charge to advertise my e-commerce site. Who the fuck is clicking on my banner? The people who are making money by clicking on 10 fucking ads a day. These people have no intention of buying anything. They simply are told to click 10 ads per day, everyday, in order to receive $60 back in time where 5% of that $60 is held in an advertising fund which again cannot be withdrawn from! What successful company would use My Advertising Pays to advertise their business? Not fucking one that I can think of.

Ladies and gentleman if something looks like shit and smells like shit in all likelihood you are staring at shit. Shit of course being My Advertising Pays. Simply put it’s a circular loop that will need to continue to get dumb people to sign on by buying credit packs until the whole fucking thing crashes. Admittedly this is not one of my best reviews and was not meant to provide all information necessary to call My Advertising Pays a scam as it’s already been done and done quite well via a FaceBook page dedicated to exposing My Advertising Pays as a scam.

If my review isn’t enough for you to stay away and avoid being scammed do yourself a favor and check out the My Advertising Pays Scam FaceBook page!

It’s a damn shame that yet another MLM scam as in My Advertising Pays has managed to live for over a year now and make a ton of money in the process. By the time it’s shut down for good who knows how much money these cocksuckers would have made by than?

Ebates Review! Is a Scam or Do You Really Get Cash Back?

In this Ebates Review I will address the questions “Is Ebates a Scam or Do You Really Get Cash Back?”

Is a scam or do you really get cash back? Before I get started on answering whether or not ebates is a scam please allow me to provide a little information as to how I found out about In late July of 2014, my lovely little lady told me about this shopping portal where you can receive cash back so I immediately used it to purchase an anniversary gift for her a day later. So what was the shopping portal that pays cash back? The shopping portal is! I spent a little over $83 and received a little over $5 into my Ebates accounts or a cash back credit of 6%. If there is one thing in life that I love that thing is getting a deal.

One thing that I absolutely hate is Christmas shopping in the living, breathing hell that I call the mall. Obnoxious people breathing and bumping into you, 2 hour long lines to simply purchase a damn shirt and what seems like forever to get out of the damn parking garage.

So how is it possible that Ebates can provide cash back to customers who choose to shop with the 1600+ online stores available through Ebates? It kind of sounds like ebates is some sort of scam. If you are thinking that ebates is a scam think again. In fact it’s so beautifully simply that I wish I had thought of the idea. Simply put, Ebates is an affiliate marketer. An affiliate simply drives traffic to an online store in exchange for a commission when a person who was referred to whatever store makes a purchase.

For example, I own a website that sell shoes. I decide to open an affiliate channel where I decide to pay marketers a 10% commission based upon the total sale. You as the affiliate send me a customer who purchases $100 worth of shoes. You just earned yourself $10 for simply referring that customer to my shoe site. Ebates acts as an affiliate for over 1600 stores and is able to provide customers cash back by simply sharing their affiliate commission with their user base. Of course, the amount of cash back you are able to receive is dependent upon how much the online store is paying Ebates but the nice thing is you can browse all stores and see exactly how much cash back you will receive if you decide to make a purchase or purchases through a particular online store.

With the Christmas season upon us and my utter hate for Christmas shopping at the mall I decided that I will from here on out do all of my shopping online. A logged into Ebates, browsed online stores and made my purchases. The very next day I received emails from Ebates stating that I received cash back credit from my various purchases. I spent $438.71 and received cash back in the amount of $37.36 or approximately an 8.5% rate of cash back return. What this means in dollars and cents is that I purchased $438.71 in merchandise but only paid $401.35 thanks to Ebates sharing their affiliate commissions with me.


So to answer the question directly….is Ebates a scam or do you really get cash back? The absolute bottom line is that Ebates in no way, shape or form is a scam but rather and ingenious company that indeed provides cash back to it’s users. There is nothing stopping a person from creating their own Ebates type shopping portal other than a butt load of money and time.

So why did I take the precious time out my day to create an review post? Simply put, if you register with Ebates by clicking through MY EBATES LINK I earn $5 when you make a purchase. Sure $5 is not going to make me rich but $5 today is $5 more than I had yesterday.

Regardless if you’re an online shopaholic or periodically purchase online goods, registering and shopping my Ebates is a no brainer.

If you do shop online and don’t use Ebates all I can say is stupidity is indeed contagious.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Fuck Madden 15!

Another round of new video games yet the same fucking bullshit. I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m angry. How angry? FUCK MADDEN 15!

Start a connected franchise with a created player and time after fucking time the game freezes after a game is completed. The only solution I’ve found to “correct” the problem on Madden 15 for the PS3 is to delete the game data utility which means having to re-install the game which takes forever.

I was not happy with the game to begin with. Every corner back in the game has hands like Jerry Rice meaning make one bad throw and the ball gets picked off. Fuck, even linebackers have an easy time picking off balls. Sure it pissed me off a bit but even if I threw 30 picks a year the game was still somewhat fun. Of course this was before the game kept fucking freezing.

EA sports laughs it’s ass off and Game Stop isn’t refunding any fucking money so basically I got ripped the fuck off. I might as well have taken $60 out of my wallet and burned it! The real issue is why in the fuck does the game have such a major glitch to begin with?! Are these fucking games not thoroughly tested before being released? Of course they are but the same old shit happens year after year as there are no repercussions to video game makers for continuously selling broken video games!!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….only the video game industry can get away with this shit! If you are thinking about buying Madden 15 for the PS3 don’t fucking bother it’s a waste of your hard earned cash!!!

K2 Unlimited Content – Never Pay for Content Again But Pay $49.99 a Month?!

I have been receiving a certain spam comment for over a month and it’s really starting to piss me off!

“I see a lot of interesting content on your page. You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of time, there is a tool that creates readable, google friendly articles in couple of minutes, just search in google – k2 unlimited content.”

How this obvious spam comment wasn’t flagged as spam confused me but I decided to Google K2 Unlimited Content just to find out what in the hell K2 Unlimited Content is. Long story short it’s a word spinner. For those who are not familiar with word spinning it’s basically ripping off someones content by slightly changing the words contained within an article. For example, if an original sentence read “John and Mary had an amazing date.” it could be spun to read “Mary and John had a date that was amazing.”

K2 Unlimited Content in reality is actually WordAI which claims to be the best word spinner on the market. For the low cost of $49.99 per month or $347 if you pay for a 12 month subscription in advance you could very well be on your way to ripping off other peoples content. In fact there is a testimonial posted where an anonymous person claims that he charges $10 an hour to write articles but since he now uses WordAI he simply writes one article and sells the same spun article over and over again to clients!

The major issue with word spinning software is that the articles being spun often times do not read well. WordAI claims that this is a non issue as the artificial intelligence will assure that the article spun will read as if created by a person. C’mon give me a fucking break! I personally don’t see the point in stealing someones work in an attempt to pass it off as your own in the hopes of achieving top Google rankings. Seriously if it were that easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Being the asshole that I am I just had to Google terms associated with word spinning software. Shockingly I could not find a top 10 position for WordAI. In fact when I used Google to search K2 Unlimited Content the articles that rank best are articles bashing K2 Unlimited Content. I guess this is why WordAI is relying on affiliates to spam the fuck out of blogs as opposed to attempting to connect with the blog owner via email or a contact form!

At the end of the day you would be a fool if you paid for K2 Unlimited Content as in WordAI but than again stupidity is contagious.