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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Post #165 here on StupidityIsContagious.com is 100% self serving. A little over 5 years ago I was pissed off and needed to rant and thought it would be a good idea to create a blog to prevent myself from suffering from a fucking stroke.

For as much things have changed many things remain the same. Here I am 5 years later and;

I still smoke and drink too much.
I still get pissed off way too much.
I still hate my fucking job.
I still hate living in New York City.
I still hate religion, especially Islam.
I still love the New York Yankees, the New York Knicks (Yeah I’m a real fucking fan!) and my New York Giants.
I still hate spammers.
I still think that people who hate homosexuals are retarded.
I still hate racism.
Basically, I still hate everything I did 5 years ago!

So what has changed? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that thousands of people would come to my foul language, rant and rave blog each and every month. Of course I could be an asshole and attribute this to my superior search engine optimization skills but for once I’m going to be humble and instead choose to say thank you. So thank you and go fuck yourselves. Seriously, you should all know me by now.

Yesterday morning a buddy of mine gave me a call to tell me about a brand new website called GiantNetworker.com with a tagline of “Build the Biggest List Ever.” To be completely honest I really didn’t get what he was trying to tell me as I don’t think he fully understood it himself. Luckily be the anal person that I am and considering I was off from work today I decided to conduct my own research and all I can say is that is a case of “Why didn’t I think of this!”

Granted this was not my very first thought. My very first thought was “Why in the hell would anyone use this site?” but after thoroughly going through the site as in using my buddies log in information to bounce around I was starting to come around. After watching the video on the home page I though to myself “This guy looks familiar!” It was with good reason as the creator of this website is also the person behind Giant Cinema.

So how does one use GiantNetworker to build the biggest list ever? Most businesses have some sort of marketing list. For example lets say you sell sunglasses online and you have 2,000 customers that your previously sold sunglasses to. You’re smart so you send periodic emails to those 2,000 customers. Why not invite them to join you on GiantNetworker?

Taking it a step further, the sunglasses business is mine as in “KnowItAlls Super Awesome Sunglasses.” I register with the usernames KIASuperAwesomeSunglasses. I send an invite to my 2,000 customers to join me on GiantNetworker not because I’m trying to move over to a new email delivery service but because there is a good possibility that some of my customers may have a business of their own and may very well use GiantNetworker as well. Now lets say that 500 of my customers register with GiantNetworker under me. Great I can market to them on GiantNetworker as well but more importantly there is a good possibility that they will have something to promote themselves. Out of those 500 customers 20 of them each register 5 people each. I now have access to 100 new possible customers that I can market to! With GiantNetworker you of course have access to whoever you directly register but more importantly have access to to whoever your registrations refer up to 5 levels deep for FREE!

Now here is where it gets good. For $49 you can become a corporate partner where you can create a FaceBook like fan page referred to as a “spot.” If you’re thinking why in the hell would anyone pay $49 for a sort of fan page I’ve got you covered. For my $49 bucks a month I not only have access to the registrations of my registrations 20 levels deep but anyone who is registered on GiantNetworker can browse the various spots and can come across my super awesome sunglasses business, like my business which now gives me access to other brand new customers! As the business owner my customer email addresses and not exposed and all emails are sent through the site. Users can opt to have email notifications sent to them whenever they receive a message. Best of all since I’m a corporate partner at $49 a month if anyone within those 20 levels also become a corporate partner I get a 25% commission of the $49 or $12.25 meaning I only need 4 people out of those 20 levels of referrals to use the site for free!!!!

If you’re wondering if this is a multi-level marketing business the answer is yes. As a free affiliate you can earn a 10% commission on your direct referrals who become a corporate partner as well as have access to referral registrations 5 levels deep. As a corporate partner at $49 a month you get access to referral registrations 20 levels deeps, earn a 25% commission regardless of depth, can create a spot and are able to online chat with other corporate partners.

I feel that it’s going to take some time for GiantNetworker to take off as their is nothing like it but it may very well be something that can be huge. GiantNetworker.com is by referral only so check it out for yourself by going to http://www.BecomeAGiantNetworker.com which is my friends referral link.