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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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If there is something that drives me bat shit crazy are people who refer to Atheism as a religion or in other words the religion of atheism. Let me make one thing perfectly clear you stupid fucks…..atheism is not a fucking religion! In a broad sense atheism is simply the rejection of a belief in deities, for those of you who lack reading comprehension deities equates to gods.

A REJECTION OF BELIEF! As an atheist I do not state that God does not exist. As an atheist I simply do not believe that God exists. In my humble opinion religion is an idiotic way to cope with the cold, hard and cynical world in which we all reside.

Some of us have things much easier than others. An idiot cannot cope with this simple fact. The idiot needs to feel that something much better exists and needs a crutch on which to rely on. The crutch is some magical paradise where one is rewarded for living life according to the rules set forth in whatever fucking religion that person ultimately settles on.

In my opinion being a person of religion in of itself is idiotic as the blind follower will simply accept without question. For example, a child asks a parent why he or she looks the way he or she does. The parent simply replies “Because God made you that way” as opposed to genetics. A child asks “Why do bad things happen to good people?” The parent replies “It is Gods plan for that person” as opposed to “Bad things happen to all people as in your life you will experience more pain than joy, more death than life but it’s those special moments in life that make it all worthwhile.”

The weak minded, as in idiots of this world, cannot deal with the statement “I don’t know” so believing that it’s all according to some sort of supreme being that can read your thoughts, watch you at all times and guide you according to some grand plan brings great comfort. As an atheist I believe the only person who can know my thoughts is me, the only people watching me or those in my presence and when alone no one is watching me as I’m fucking alone and that at the end of the day the only person who is “guiding” me is ME!

Yes folks, I am a living breathing non believer of God or Gods but I am free. I am free from the confines of religion. I am free to question. I am free to say and do (within the confines of law) what I please. I am a good father, a good husband (depends on what day you ask my wife) and I believe that it does not matter what happens when you die but what you have done with your time on this earth that matters. I do not believe in a God or Gods but this does not make me a walking and talking piece of shit.

As an atheist there is nothing more amusing to me than debating a religious person on the ideology of religion. The look of thinking that is sometime obvious on a person’s face and the frustration that turns to anger is comical to me. As such I propose an open challenge. If you believe that I’m wrong and would like to “save me” simply debate me. As I am right most of the time but not right 100% of the time I believe that I will not have many take me up on the challenge. Regardless I look forward to the idiotic attempts.

Bill_Cosby If you’ve stumbled across this post hoping to find the Bill Cosby “I’m 83 and Tired” rant sorry to break the news to you but you won’t find it here as Bill Cosby never wrote the rant to begin with. However, whoever wrote the actual “I’m 83 and Tired” rant has inspired me to create the “I’m in my 30’s, Live in NYC and Fucking Tired” rant.

I’m tired of having to pay $15 to make a round trip across a fucking bridge when the purpose of the toll was to pay for the construction of the bridge that took place 20 years before I was fucking born. I’m tired of watching people jump out of their $50,000 cars, cut me in line in the supermarket and whip out their WIC cards.

I’m tired of GEICO telling me that they can save me 15% on my auto insurance when I’m insured with GEICO and they charge me too much fucking money to begin with. I’m tired of having to pay over $4.00 for a gallon of fucking gas when the company selling me the gas for $4.00 a gallon is making billions of dollars in profit per year.

I’m tired of hearing how comments made are racist but 100% based in fact and reality. I’m tired of parents arguing with teachers about how the teacher is not doing his or her job when the parent can’t take 10 minutes out of their days to read a book with their kid or to check the kids homework. I’m tired of stupid people spitting out kids they can’t afford and populating the earth with their stupid offspring. I’m tired of people with 5 kids complaining they can’t support their families on minimum wage.

I’m tired of news channels claiming to be unbiased when the news channels are nothing but biased. I’m tired of politicians claiming to change things for the better prior to taking office only to watch things get worse regardless of party affiliation. I’m tired of paying my cell phone bill and getting taxed in order to pay for cell phones for people who shouldn’t have a fucking cell phone. I’m tired of getting whacked for upwards of 40% of my paycheck so my money can be spread among those who choose not to work. I’m tired of the illegal immigration problem being referred to as an immigration problem.

I’m tired of being fucking tired!

Apparently the saga of Angel Adams and the city of Tampa, Florida has been going on for quite some time but yours truly, being in NYC and all, just found about this walking piece of shit a few days ago through FaceBook and my blood instantly began to boil.

This bitch had 15 kids and obviously can’t afford them which leads me to believe that she probably couldn’t afford 3 yet continued to spit out kid after fucking kid. Luckily 3 are old enough to care for themselves while the other 12, ranging in age from 6 months old through age 12, have to live a fucking nightmare. Little to no food, no change of clothes, no shoes and probably struggling with school if any of the of age children are able to get to school with no fucking shoes!

What kind of future do these kids have? In my opinion, a perfect example of kids who start out with 2 strikes against them who will never know what a loving, caring home is like where if you’re hungry or thirsty you go to the fucking fridge. Kids who don’t know what a birthday party with all the bells and whistles is like. Instead they all get to live in foster care, where they’ll all be better off anyway.

What really pisses me off is that this bitch had the audacity to state “Someone needs to be held accountable for all this!”? Accountability…..really Angel Adams?! How about you be held fucking accountable and be forced to work and give up 50% of your earnings to the city for having to support your fucking kids! How about you be held accountable for bypassing the cost of a fucking condom!

The sad fact is that ghetto pieces of shit like Angel Adams are all to common in this country. Do what you want without any though to financial ability and simply bitch, moan and hold your hand out as if there is nothing wrong with it. I highly doubt this bitch has a job as she was too busy spitting out a kid a fucking year. Of course the father of 10 of the 12 she had custody of was arrested and as far as I can tell is in jail where he should have been put to begin with for not having the decency to at least pull out!

It’s stories like this that make me realize that people with intelligence are shit out of luck as the dumb fucks of this country are procreating faster and faster. If you watch the below video and don’t feel as I do you’re probably Angel Adams!

A few days ago my lovely lady mentioned a new social network called www.tsu.co that shares it revenue with it’s users. She showed me an about 5 minute Fox Business News video about www.tsu.co and I immediately liked what I was shown.

Of course with anything new that promises $$$ there is no shortage of people singing the praises of www.tsu.co. I also managed to come across some that have nothing but negatives about www.tsu.co but the bottom line is that this new social network is giving a big middle finger to the sky to FaceBook.

Personally I have grown to detest Face Book. It’s not bad enough that Mark Zuckerberg originally stole the idea and went on to become a billionaire but that users continue to share news, life events, rant, rave and do whatever they do but that FaceBook keeps every single fucking penny from it’s user base. I remember when Face Book was new and fan pages first rolled out. If you had 1,000 followers and posted on your page 1,000 followers received your post. My buddy has a fan page with over 600 followers but now only gets around 10 views for each post as Face Book now wants you to pay in order to “boost” your posting. In my opinion boosting your reach should allow you to reach people outside of those who already follow you. Why in the fuck should anyone have to pay to boost a post when they already have a solid following? It’s like having an email database of 1,000 people but you can only email 10 of those people. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me.

Sure, www.tsu.co is pretty bare bones at this point as in post content, obtain followers, follow other people, make friends and like posts but as time goes on I’m sure that features will be added as is normally the case with anything web based. Sebastian Sobczak, the founder of www.tsu.co is not promising that anyone will become rich. From the research I’ve done it appears that if your network grows to 2,000 you should earn $1,000 a year which means that each user in your network is worth $.50 a year in revenue which is $.50 per year more than FaceBook pays out.

The nice thing about the network is that it is by invite only. Even if you arrive at the site and would like to register you cannot register unless you have the username of someone who registered previously. If you would like to give the middle finger to FaceBook or simply would like to register in order to make a few bucks a year for doing what you already do on Facebook CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Another round of new video games yet the same fucking bullshit. I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m angry. How angry? FUCK MADDEN 15!

Start a connected franchise with a created player and time after fucking time the game freezes after a game is completed. The only solution I’ve found to “correct” the problem on Madden 15 for the PS3 is to delete the game data utility which means having to re-install the game which takes forever.

I was not happy with the game to begin with. Every corner back in the game has hands like Jerry Rice meaning make one bad throw and the ball gets picked off. Fuck, even linebackers have an easy time picking off balls. Sure it pissed me off a bit but even if I threw 30 picks a year the game was still somewhat fun. Of course this was before the game kept fucking freezing.

EA sports laughs it’s ass off and Game Stop isn’t refunding any fucking money so basically I got ripped the fuck off. I might as well have taken $60 out of my wallet and burned it! The real issue is why in the fuck does the game have such a major glitch to begin with?! Are these fucking games not thoroughly tested before being released? Of course they are but the same old shit happens year after year as there are no repercussions to video game makers for continuously selling broken video games!!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….only the video game industry can get away with this shit! If you are thinking about buying Madden 15 for the PS3 don’t fucking bother it’s a waste of your hard earned cash!!!