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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Every so often I’m able to utilize this blog for it’s very purpose as in “I need to fucking vent.” There are things that are driving me absolutely bat shit crazy and my head and heart are about to fucking explode! As such, it time for your man KnowItAll to to vent about all the dumb shit that is driving him, as in me, crazy. I need to fucking vent so without further ado….

1. High School Dropouts! We are in the year 2014 yet stupid ass clowns all across the country are dropping out of fucking high school? High school? Listen up fucktards a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma 20 years ago and if you’re stupid enough to drop out of high school in this day in age you should be hit in the face with a fucking bat. Better yet, do me a favor, down a 12 pack and run towards oncoming traffic on any major highway as you’re on the fast track to having my tax dollars support your stupid fucking ass! “But Ima gettin my GED!” The G-ood E-nough, D-iploma was ok back in the day but is fucking useless NOW! You’re a high school drop out, can’t get a decent paying job so you go out and get housing assistance, welfare and food stamps!! You decided it was too difficult to pass general education yet feel it necessary to be pissed at the world when you have to scrape by. Blame yourself dumbass!!!

2. The United States does not have an immigration problem! The United States has an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!! Irregardless of popular opinion the U.S. doesn’t have an immigration problem. Anyone with an ounce of common fucking sense in their itty bitty heads would realize that the U.S. has a fucking HUGE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. “UHHH DUHHH, the U.S. was founded and thrived under immigrants.” Yes it fucking did as in LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! You know the fucking historical books of signatures that can be found on Ellis Island. Try to illegally immigrate into any other fucking country not named the United States and see how fucking fast you would get bounced. If you want to come to the United States do it legally. I don’t feel sorry for any fucking person in the U.S. who gets deported. If you don’t belong here you shouldn’t be here. Plain and fucking simple!

3. Illegal Immigrants don’t take away jobs from Americans! Yes I know that illegal immigrants should not be in the country but if you’re competing for a job with a guy or gal who doesn’t speak a lick of English while you were born in this country, afforded public education and public higher education and need to compete with Jorge for a minimum wage, or below, job you should be fucking deported. Illegal immigrants work jobs that Americans are too fucking lazy to do. If I owned a potato farm in Idaho I would higher Gustavo over you’re dumb ass as I can pay him minimum wage and know that Gustavo will actually show up to work. Yeah his back will hurt and his hands will be jacked up but at least he’ll show up every day and give an honest days work. If you are a United States citizen and find yourself competing with Guadalupe for a menial, “who the fuck in the world would want to do this fucking job’s” ass, please carefully follow the instructions contained in rant paragraph number 1!!!!

4. Technology driving up the price of new cars! This is how a car is supposed to work. You open the door, adjust your mirrors, stick the key in the ignition, turn the fucking key forward, start the engine and drive to wherever the fuck it is you need to go. I don’t need the car to say good morning to me, heat my ass or cool my ass. Push button start?! I don’t have a problem with turning a key forward to start the engine or to stick the key in the fucking door in order for me to get into the car so I can turn the key forward to start the fucking engine. Blind spot warning system?! What the fuck?! It’s called leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you in order to turn your head to CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT. Brake assistance?! If you need the car to help you stop you shouldn’t be fucking driving! Parking assistance?! If you can’t park a car you shouldn’t be driving a car. The price of new cars continue to rise due to all the bullshit a car does not need yet people keep paying as they think they need them. We are heading towards self driving cars! Yeah, I trust my life to a computer. What the fuck happens when you’re doing 80 MPG on the highway and the cars’ computer gets stuck during the middle of an upgrade! I NEED A NEW CAR ENTREPRENEUR AUTOMAKER! (I smell a another post!)

5. Any “reality show” not in line with “reality” “Real Housewives of Any Fucking City.” A “real” housewife has a husband! A real housewife raises her children and cleans her own fucking home! A “real housewife does not receive alimony, have a fucking nanny and is DIVORCED! Shouldn’t a basketball wife be married to a basketball player?! These shows need the word “EX” in their respective titles. FUCK! Why don’t I make a reality show called “NATURAL BEAUTY” where the shows cast all have had over $100,000,000 in plastic fucking surgery! Better yet where is the reality show called “Blue Collar Workers” featuring CEO’s of mega billion dollar corporations? How in the fuck do people watch this shit?!

6. The cost of houses in New York City! You can be the proud owner of a semi-attached house in a middle class neighborhood in Queens, New York for the low low price of $600,000. It’s a steal and only needs to be gutted where you need to spend over $100,000 just to make the shithole livable! It’s a fucking shame that after only 8 years I couldn’t afford to buy the home that I live in if I wanted to buy it today. As real estate is worth what people are willing to pay how is it fucking possible that so many people are buying overpriced shitholes which keeps the cost of a home ludicrously expensive? I don’t give a flying fuck how “convenient” the neighborhood where a house is located is. The price of a home should be somewhat inline with the median fucking income of the people who live there. FUCK I HATE NEW YORK CITY!!!

7. People who visit my blog who found it by searching vulgar keywords who are pissed at me for using vulgar language! Let me get this straight! You are pissed off and decided to type in “Fuckity Fuck Fuck” into Google. You find my blog, read the post, bounce around and become pissed off that I used the term Fuckity Fuck Fuck and that I write what I write about? There is FUCKING “X” located at the type right of the screen you are viewing. Click on it and never visit again. Spread the fucking word so I don’t have to constantly reply to intellectual fuck tards!

8. People who visit my blog, disagree with a negative review and attempt to drive traffic to the bullshit opportunity by including links! Obviously I feel that the opportunity is shit or wouldn’t have wrote the fucking review. If the “opportunity” is so fucking great, create your own fucking blog and promote the bullshit opportunity! Don’t get pissed off when I replace your link with with something like http://imastupidfuckingidiotassholewhoshouldknowbetter.com (probably available for anyone who wants the domain name.) I can’t believe how pissed off people become when I do this.

9. Socialists! Listen up you socialist pieces of shit. If socialism is so fucking great stop bitching and go live in your uber fantastic socialist society. Oh, that’s right socialism is impractical and if actually attempted would have to be dictated in order for socialism to possibly work. Yeah you crave socialism but live in the United States so if that’s the way you feel get the FUCK OUT. The United States is a capitalistic society. As such you will always have the “have” and “have nots.” Get over it and shut the fuck up. Simply point to a successful socialist society and eat my words! Having an issue aren’t you?

10. Those who believe that stupidity is not contagious! Simply disagreeing would prove that stupidity is contagious!! If you have no idea what the fuck I’m writing about read this sentence from the very beginning.

UGGH!!! Fuckity Fuck Fuck!!!!

Horses have been pulling carriages in New York City for 150 years yet here we are in the year 2014 and if organizations like NYCLASS, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets have their way the new york city horse carriage industry will be no more.

A quick visit to http://www.nyclass.org/horse_drawn_carriages quickly made my blood boil! This organization is full of such bullshit is amazing that over 55,000 people have liked their FaceBook fan page. For example,

“They 220 horses (68 medallions) routinely work at least 9 hours a day, pulling a vehicle that weighs hundreds of pounds, on hard pavement, while breathing exhaust from cars, buses and taxis. Unaccustomed to the urban environment, horses can be “spooked” easily and cause accidents that inflict great damage on vehicles, drivers and most often, the horses themselves. There were more than 18 accidents in the past two years alone.”

“New York City has had more than 20 carriage horse accidents in the past few years alone.”

Where do these people get their information?! Amazing that over 55,000 dumb asses agree without bothering to do even a second of their own research. It is simply amazing that stupidity can run so rampant.

220 horses do work 9 hours a day but how may were actually working on a given day? Considering there are approximately 150 carriage drivers common sense would dictate that on a given day a minimum of 70 horses are not working. It has been estimated that approximately 6,000,000 new york city carriage rides have taken place over the last 30 years. That’s approximately 200,000 NYC carriage rides per year. Even if there were 220 carriage drivers and 100% of the horses were working everyday that would average to approximately 909 carriage rides per horse per year!!

Let’s a bit further with the 909 carriage rides per yer per horse. In order to remain in compliance with New York City law a carriage horse cannot work more than 9 hours per day, regardless, 909 rides over the course of 365 days is approximately 2.5 rides per day. However, to also remain in compliance with New York City laws carriage horses are required to be out of service for 5 weeks per year. Backing out the 5 weeks that’s a maximum of 47 weeks that a horse can possibly pull carriages. 909 rides over 47 weeks is approximately 20 rides per week. Also when taking into consideration that most new york city carriage horses work 5 days per week that’s approximately 4 rides per week on average!!!!

Oh, but the carriage weighs hundreds of pounds, those poor horses! A carriage horse can easily pull at least twice it’s weight. The average carriage horse weighs between 1200-1800 pounds meaning that the average carriage horse can easily pull between 2400 and 3600 pounds. The typical weight of carriages used in the world is approximately 1000 pounds which is less than half the weight of a typical carriage horse on the low end. That leaves, at minimum, 1400 pounds of weight for the driver and passengers to arrive at 2400 pounds that is easy for even the smallest average carriage horse to pull!

New York City carriage horses spook easily if you believe that over 20 carriage horse accidents over the last few years equates to spooking easily. Notice that NYCLASS didn’t use the couple of years as in the last 2 years so at minimum I will go with 25 accidents over the last 3 years. Using the estimated 6,000,000 carriage rides over the last 30 years for a yearly average of 200,000 rides per year that would equate to 25 accidents over 600,000 rides! An incident rate of .04%.

But the cruelty to the horses. There kept in such inhumane conditions! In February of 2010 Dr. Harry Werner, a veterinarian in North Granby, Conn., and a past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, was asked by the carriage horse association to make an assessment of the horses’ working conditions. “Based on that inspection, I found no evidence whatsoever of inhumane conditions, neglect or cruelty in any aspect.” was the statement made by Dr. Werner after he and three other veterinarians paid their own expenses to observe four of the five stables in operation at that time.

New York City carriage rides are part of the experience enjoyed by millions of tourists each year. Think of a romantic ride through Central Park where a man works up the courage ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage, a fairy tale proposal for many women. Instead of the horse drawn carriage the same experience can be had in……


Why in the hell would anyone want to take a ride in a green taxi through Central Park in something that looks like it was taken from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?! The cost for the above contraption if it were to replace the New York City Carriage Horse Industry? Approximately $150,000. Want to know a vehicle that can be had for $150,000?


So what is the real motivation to ban carriage horses in New York City? Could it possibly be politics and money?

Organization helps elect a mayor by making contributions. Said organization funds the creation of


which should sell for around $150,000 thus creating a new taxi medallion program for Central Park. Said mayor getting pressured do to the assistance of said contributions which assisted said mayor in getting elected pushes for a ban using said organizations ludicrous positions. Yet another reason why I fucking hate New York City.

Ban Carriage Horses in New York City? Yet another lesson is the stupidity of the masses!

I am a baseball junkie. I fucking love the game of baseball. Yeah, I’m a fan of basketball and football (you know real sports!) but the hardest thing to accomplish in all of sports is to hit a round ball with a round bat with less than a half a second to decide whether to swing or not. I’ve been playing baseball games since back in the day of the Nintendo NES. Normally 2K sports baseball games consist of an updated roster and some new graphics. After spending hour upon hour in career mode I abandon my hall of fame bid only to be greatly disappointed that the new version is pretty much the same game as the previous version.

I 100% was not going to purchase MLB The Show 2014 as I was in year 6 of MLB The Show 2013 and was half a season away from free agency. I was at the mall on Saturday and promised my kid that I was going to buy him Pokemon X since he crushed his last report card. Being the good dad that I am he and I went to GameStop to purchase the game when I said to the clerk “Let me see MLB The Show 14.” There is one reason I purchased the game and one reason only. When you start a career and the next version comes out you can import your career into the new game! You mean no more starting over from scratch? Yeah I know if I’m lucky this game was last another 2-3 years on the PS3 but I was sold.

WOW! Create your player based on a current MLB star or start from scratch? I’ll start from scratch thank you much. Assign your self 5 tool upgrades? WTF? In MLB The Show 14 you have 5 skill blocks you can assign to assure that your newly created player is not a super scrub. Want him to be a base burner? Want him to be a speedster? Want him to knock ball after ball over the fence? You can assign all 5 skill blocks to one category or spread them out.

After creating your player you go on to play in 3 game showcase against other prospects. Once the 3 games are completed you can choose to go directly to a team or enter the draft which is what I chose to do. I was select in the 2nd round by the Arizona Diamondbacks. I was than presented with an option to sign with the Diamondbacks, go to junior college for a year or more as well as go to college for a year or more. Since there was no way I wanted to play for that Arizona franchise I played 1 year of junior ball (simulated of course) and was able to one again play the 3 game showcase. I did well and was selected in the 1st round, 3rd overall, by the Chicago White Sox. WOO HOO!

I don’t know about you but the goals used to drive me bat shit crazy! This is supposed to be a baseball simulation yet the organization is telling me that in order to reach my goals I should drive in 20 rbi’s in the next 5 series, hit 8 bombs, or total 40 bases? “Sorry kid, your not working out the way we liked as you only hit 7 homers in the last 5 series and we were expecting 8?! So unrealistic!!

Thankfully in MLB The Show 2014 the goals are 100% GONE as in NO MORE! Gone are unrealistic expectations and enter a feature I absolutely love. It used to be that in career mode you could work on your contact or power against right handed pitching and your left handed contact or power would get a boost as well. This is no longer as when you boost an attribute only that attribute is effected.

Another feature in career mode that I love is that is takes a ton of skill points to boost certain attributes. My player is only a 64 contact hitter against right handed pitchers and at 60 for power against right handed pitching yet it costs around 125 points to boost up one skill level. Making the major leagues is hard and earning that many points is hard as well. In some games, even when you go 4-4 with 2 doubles and 2 singles may only earn you 40 points. At this rate it may take me 2-3 full seasons of minor league ball to make the show and I’m more than okay with that.

Yet another feature that I love is dynamic hitting. I opted for timed hitting and started at the rookie hitting level. After half a season at Double A where I hit around .280 with 3 homers and 20 rib’s (made the all star team?) I eventually graduated to veteran hitting level where I now am at. I was unhappy playing for the ChiSox minor league team so I requested a trade and was actually traded before my next game to the Rays.

Let’t get to the hitting! Fucking awesome!! There are a ton of pitches outside of the strike zone for a change. It used to drive me crazy that just because I was in the minors pitchers used to give me down the pipe fastballs. The pitching is much more realistic as the first 2 pitches may be out of the zone and if you’re up in the count 2-0 you may get something good to hit. Even if you time the swing perfectly you may simply hit a fly ball to center as your contact and power attributes are still low. “Throw me that shit next year and that will be 10 rows into the bleachers meat!”

Granted I don’t have a ton of time to play MLB The Show 14 but it’s a baseball video game experience I never thought would be possible. Even if I’m only able to play a 3 to 4 seasons that’s okay as I can simply purchase next years game and import my career so I can continue on.

The rest of the game is tight as well but I only play career mode. If you are a ‘The Show’ fan and play solely for career mode do yourself a favor and get a copy of MLB The Show 2014. Even if you’re not a career mode junkie like myself you can’t go wrong with MLB The Show 14.

Have to go as it’s time for me to get my CAREER ON LOL……………

Sports betting systems online are a big seller and for good reason. It’s a fact that sports gamblers, as in gamblers in general, lose and lose big time. It seems that people who want to make money betting on sports are always on the look out for a sports betting system that will allow them to win. The problem is that I have yet to find a sports betting system that works. Most of these sports betting systems consist of chase betting, progressive betting, revenge betting or all the other forms of nonsense that doesn’t work yet continue to sell season after season. I received a request for a review last night on the Best MLB Betting System and eagerly check it out earlier this morning.

The Best MLB Betting System has been online for a grand total of 4 days as of this post but it makes so much sense I feel like smacking myself in the face for not thinking of this myself. The Best MLB Betting System at this point in time is a theory and the blog author, FadeMaterial, is posting his losing plays all year long for free in hopes to prove that the Best MLB Betting System is a winner so he can sell the system picks in the future.

Based on what I read on the site, it appears that the blog author was a former baseball gambler who had a way to pick baseball winners at a decent clip that allowed him to be a profitable baseball bettor only to find himself in the same position that most gamblers find themselves in sooner or later, on the losing side. He lost so much that he stopped betting on baseball all together. He figured that since he knows his picks are bound to lose sooner or later that if baseball gamblers did the exact opposite of what he recommends that those people will win and win big.

I was a bit skeptical at first but when I sat back and really thought about it the more sense his position made. It’s a fact teams favored in baseball win more often than lose. However, since a person betting on a favorite has to wager more than they can possibly win combined with the fact that the more favorites a person bets on in a day the odds of winning decreases. For example, I decide to wager on the St. Louis Cardinals who are favored to win. The money line for the St. Louis Cardinals is at -130. I would like to win $100 so I would have to wager -130. Statistically I have a 50% chance of winning as the Cardinal will either win or lose. However, I also decide to wager on the Texas Rangers who are also favored to win at -150. I would also like to win $100 but now I have to wager $150 to win the $100. In total I would have wagered $280 to win $200. Now here is the catch. Unless both the Cardinals and Rangers win I will lose money!

So why does the Best MLB Betting System make sense? He only posts plays that pick favorites and regardless if he is good at picking games or not the probability that he will post winners more often than losers is low. Since he only posts plays on favorites that means if a person were to do the exact opposite the person could risk much less money and still come out on top? How? Let me explain. The Cardinals are favored to win at -130 and are playing the Mets who are underdogs at +115. The Rangers favored at -150 are playing the A’s at +130. If I wagers on both the Mets and A’s and would like to win $100 on each game I would wager $86.96 on the Mets and $76.92 on the A’s thus wagering a total of $163.88 to win $200. Since both teams are underdogs I would only need one team to win in order to make a profit. If the Mets lose and the A’s win I make $13.04. If the A’s lose and the Mets win I make $23.08. Of course it is possible that he could correctly select both winners but the probability is low, especially considering he seems to post 3 to 4 games per day.

Lets go just a bit further. If he were to post 3 favorites per day, even with a flat wager on each game he would have to win 2 out of 3 games in order to turn a profit or win at a percentage of 66%. The probability, even if he is some sort of idiot savant, is low. It is more likely that he will lose 2 out 3 or even all 3. The more plays he posts the lower the probability of him winning. Of course, the Best MLB Betting System can only become a successful system if FadeMaterial is really that bad at selecting winners. Time will tell as he is supposed to post his plays for the entire 2014 season. I’m not insane and of course will not wager at all but I will paper chase for this season to see how it all turns out.

You can check out the Best MLB Betting System for yourself by going to www.BestMLBBettingSystem.com

A buddy of mine left me a voice mail me a few weeks ago about this super awesome great company that he became involved with and I gave him a call back a week later. The conversation, almost verbatim, went a little something like this;

Buddy – “I know you are all about trying to make legitimate money so I want to talk to about a company I just signed on with.”
Me – “Sure, what’s the name of the company?”
Buddy – “Global Domains International. They are 100% legitimate, have been in business for going on 14 years, have a good reputation and most important people are making money with them.”
Me – “What does the company offer?”
Buddy – “They are the official registrar for .ws domain names. For only $10 a month you get your own .ws domain name, website builder, email addresses, a website builder and a web hosting package. This is right up your alley and I know you could do very well with them.”
Me – “Are you kidding me?”
Buddy – “No, I’m 100% serious. You earn $1 per month for every person that you sign up, $1 on whoever they sign up all the way down to 5 levels. On top of that they have sign up bonuses. For example, if you sign up 5 people in 1 week Global Domains International will pay you a bonus of $20. The more people you sign up in a week the more bonus money you can make. I know you can kill this.”
Me – “How many people have you signed up?”
Buddy – “Well it’s only been a few weeks but I opened a bunch of free 7 day trials.”
Me – “7 day trials for what?”
Buddy -“For the package. You can try it for 7 days and if it’s not right for you just cancel.”
Me – “Why in the hell would I want a .ws domain name?”
Buddy – “.ws is stands for website. It’s going to be the new standard in domain names.”
Me – “No, that would be .com. If the company has been around for almost 14 years why isn’t .ws the new standard already?”
Buddy – “Well, that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that you can earn income for life with GDI. Each month a person pays they’re $10 you get your $1 up to 5 levels down. I know $1 a head is not that much money but it’s all about volume. For your $10 a month you also get 5 affiliate websites that you can use to recruit others. There’s no selling involved, the websites do all the work.”
Me – “It’s always about volume. If 1,000 people gave me $1,000 I would have made $1,000,000. So let me get this straight. The company has been around for 14 years and sells .ws domain names which is supposed to be the new standard for domain names and it will only cost me $10 a month where I get a .ws domain name and basically 5 affiliate websites that I need to drive traffic to in order for people to open 7 day free trial accounts.”
Buddy – “You get more but you could say that.”
Me – “If I wanted a .ws domain name why wouldn’t I just go to GoDaddy and register one like $10 bucks for a year?”
Buddy – “You could do that but then you wouldn’t have the opportunity to earn income for life.”
Me – “Income for life being $1 a month for each person I register for GDI?”
Buddy – “Yeah plus the weekly bonuses and team bonuses.”
Me – “So instead of registering a .ws name with GoDaddy for around $10 bucks a month and getting a basic web hosting account with a free email address for around $5 bucks a month I should spend $120 a year instead of paying around $70 a year with GoDaddy? You are trying to talk me into spending an extra $50 a year just so I have the opportunity to earn $1 a month on every person I sign up?”
Buddy – “No man, plus $1 on the person they sign up 5 levels deep plus weekly and monthly bonuses!”
Me – “Fine. What’s the retention rate on the 7 day trial accounts and the retention rate on people who continue to pay monthly?”
Buddy – “I don’t know but it must be high. A company doesn’t last for 14 years without having paying customers.”
Me – “I hear what you’re saying but I don’t like it.”
Buddy – “Why not? You can make sick money!”
Me – “Sick money? $1 a head 5 levels down where I don’t I have any idea of trial accounts to paying customers and how many paying customers stay on per month? Why in the hell would I pay an extra $70 a year when I can get almost the same thing from GoDaddy for $70 less per year when .ws domain names are fucking worthless!”
Buddy -“.ws domain names are not useless and you’re missing the point man! It’s all about income for life!!”
Me – “Income for life based on $1 a head when again I don’t have an idea about conversion rates and retention rates?”
Buddy – “Who cares? The videos do all the selling. All you have to do is drive traffic to any of your 5 affiliate sites. Best of all when a person watches a personalized video you get an email giving you the persons name and email address so you can talk them into staying aboard.”
Me – “I though you just said that there was no selling involved!”
Buddy – “There isn’t any selling involved. The videos sell the person on opening a free 7 day trial. All you have to do is follow up with them.”
Me – “If you are emailing them and trying to talk them into opening a 7 day trial account you are trying to sell them!!!”
Buddy “No man! Your just following up with them.”
Me – “You know I love you bro but you have to be kidding me. If the videos are selling people on opening 7 day free trial accounts you would get an email stating that Joe Blow opened a 7 day trial account not an email stating that a person watched a video. By you sending these people an email in order to talk them into opening a 7 day trial account it tells me that the videos are not selling people on opening a 7 day free trial account, you are. How many people have you sold?”
Buddy -“None yet but it’s a process and it’s only been a few weeks.”
Me – “So you’re trying to talk me into paying $10 a month just so you can make $1 a month on me? If thats the case I can live with that but how are you going to market?”
Buddy -“Through you. I’ll make $1 a month on you plus $1 on people you sign up and you’ll earn $1 5 levels deep plus bonus money.”
Me – “So lets say I don’t want to market Global Domains International. What are you going to do than?”
Buddy – “You get sick traffic to your blog. All you have to do is right a positive review on GDI, stuff it with your affiliate links and I’ll do all the follow up for you. If it’s the matter of the $10 a month I’ll pay it for you.”
Me – “Please tell me you’re not serious.”
Buddy – “My man I’m 100% serious. I will pay the $10 a month for you and do all the follow up for you.”
Me – “BRO! This is seriously not worth the fucking time!! Let’s say out of 1,000 people who watch any video that is supposed to sell them on the free trial account results in a 2% personalized video conversion and you get 20 emails. Out of the 20 emails let’s say 5% open the trial account thats only 1 person or $1 fucking dollar.”
Buddy – “You get way more traffic than 1,000 people a month and the conversion rate should be much higher. Let’s say we get 5,000 video views that converts at 2% that’s 100 emails. Out of those 100 people I know I can convert at least 20 per month into paying customers.”
Me – “There is now way in hell you are going to covert at 20%. Even if you did that’s only 20 a month at $1 a head. Even if we could do that for a whole year and had a 100% monthly retention rate that would be 240 people a year. Even if you were able to talk 5 people per week to get the $20 bonus every fucking week that would be a little over $1,000 for the year. That’s only like $1200 a fucking year! There is no way you’re going to have a 100% retention rate. You’ll be lucky if you get a 20% retention rate. At a 20% retention rate that would be like 50 people a year. Now you’re looking at something like 50 customers. I’ll keep it simple. $50 a month times 12 months is $600 a year. You’d be paying $20 a month or $240 a year. Take away $240 from your $600 and you making $360 a year. Is $360 a year worth your time.”
Buddy “Can you just please do this for me? All I need you to do is write a positive review, and put up banners all over your blog. It will take you like 10 minutes tops to do this.”
Me – “You want me to turn my blog into a giant GDI promotion?!”
Buddy – “Please man, I need you to do this for me so I can give it a go. If you don’t do this for me I have no idea how I’m going to get this off the ground.”
Me – “Why in the hell would you get involved with something that requires online marketing skills if you don’t have any?”
Buddy – “I just thought you would help me man.”
Me – “You have to be kidding me! You know you are fucking guilting me in to doing this for you right?
Buddy – “So will you just write the positive review for me?”
Me – “You know I can’t write a positive review on something I don’t like. Why don’t you just ask me if it’s okay to kick me in the nuts?”
Buddy – “C’mon man it’s only 1 review. If this doesn’t work you can just take it down.”
Me – “I’m not writing the review but I’ll help you. Email me with whatever you have and I’ll do a few things.”
Buddy “So we’re in business than?”
Me – “Sure if thats what you want to call this crap. I’m telling you right now, I’m not doing any sort of fucking selling, that’s all on you!”
Buddy – “That’s the deal my man. I just need one of your credit cards.”
Me – “I thought you were paying for this.”
Buddy “I am but I can’t open more than 1 account using my card so I need yours.”
Me – “Wait a second. Isn’t this a free trial account anyway?”
Buddy -“Yeah but Global Domains International needs the card information up front so if a person doesn’t cancel they can start billing.”
Me – “No fucking way man. I’m not giving you my credit card info. In fact I don’t want you to pay for me. I’ll send any traffic directly to your affiliate shit.”
Buddy “OK.”
Me – “Just email me and I’ll do what I do but I’m not writing a fucking positive review.”
Buddy “Thanks man. I knew you would come through for me.”
Me – “Of course douchebag. I need a fucking drink. Talk to you.”

If he wasn’t such a good friend I wouldn’t have done this but the fact that he is and the fact that I would be a shitty friend if I didn’t help him out I delivered on my promise. I threw up an affiliate banner for him on the sidebar and threw up a few banners at the bottom on some of my review articles. I even used a redirect script to send additional traffic to one of his affiliate sites. A short 3 days later he send me a text telling me to pull everything down as he just cancelled his account. Being the asshole that I am had to call him just to bust his balls.

Me -“Bro why did you cancel?”
Buddy “It’s more work than I thought it would be. I talked to a few people this week and one of the most commonly asked questions people asked was how do I get customers? I told them all they had to do was drive traffic to their pitch sites but most people had no clue as to how to do that and if it weren’t for you I would have no idea either. I have no clue how to help anyone who signs up under me but I’m trying to talk them into paying $10 a month just so I can make $1 on them. I just didn’t feel right which is why I cancelled.”
Me – (Laughing) You my friend are a fucking dumb ass and I wish I didn’t have to do this but you know me. I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO HAHAHAHAH! (click)

So what’s the point in me making this very lengthy post about a conversion me and my friend had over Global Domains International? Really nothing more than to make a few points. First, there is no denying that Global Domains International is an actual company as they have been around for over a decade. However, the average person will not be able to make any sort of decent income with them. If a person is an internet marketing newbie and has no idea on how to get traffic to his or her affiliate site there is no way to obtain prospects. No prospects means no trial accounts which means no paying customers which means that Global Domains International is selling a dream to suckers across the globe. If a person is an expert in online marketing there is no denying that even at $1 a month per head an expert online marketer could make close to five figures a month. However, I feel that most people don’t fall into the category of online marketing expert and will realize that this isn’t so much a business as it is a dream. What do I mean by this statement?

You too can drive a Ferrari

You too can drive a Ferrari

First, Global Domains International needing to use a fucking Ferrari in order to sell people into spending $10 a month for a great opportunity speaks volumes. Know who has a Ferrari based on a relationship with Global Domains International? Probably the owners. Second, .ws domains are shit. Don’t believe me, do a Google search on anything you want and tell me how many .ws domain names show within the top 10 results of any search results not containing the .ws extension within the search itself? Third, think about any commercial you have ever seen on television directing a person to a website or any radio advertisement you have heard on the radio directing you to a website that ended in the extension of .ws. How many can you think of? I can’t think of a single one.

I believe that the Global Domains International business opportunity is not for the average person or even the novice online marketer. I will go as so far to state there probably aren’t many expert online marketers pushing GDI themselves. Yeah the company has been around for over a decade, there are probably people making a few bucks but not making anything remotely close enough to drive a fucking Ferrari. If you disagree with me, register like my friend did and find out for yourself just as he did with the exception being that I’m not helping you out. Your on your own with GDI unless you decide to buy leads from them but I hope that your smart enough to realize that GDI selling leads goes a long way as to why Global Domains International has been around for as long as the have been.