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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

Browsing Posts published in February, 2012

Definition of chink used for hundreds of words an as exists in English language dictionaries – “A narrow opening or crack, typically one that admits light.” Duh, what bout the armor? In the days of knights they would concentrate on the opening or “weakness” in the armor in order to be successful in battle.

Anyone with a high school education would realize the headline was referring to a weakness in Lin’s game as in the 9 turnovers committed. Of course since most people are dumb they automatically assume that ESPN editor Anthony Federico was referring to Lin as a Chink, a derogatory term used in reference to Chinese people. If this were truly the case the headline would have read – “Chink Jeremy Lin’s 9 Turnover Costs Knicks in Streak-stopping Loss to Hornets” The differences in the headlines are quite obvious.

Federico is a fan of both Lin and the Knicks yet I’m to believe that he was using the term solely because Lin is Chinese? Nope, I’m not a fucking idiot. The suspended ESPN anchor, Max Bretos’ wife is Asian!! It’s sad that so many people are up in arms over a damn headline when the “target” Jeremy Lin had this to say; “You have to learn to forgive, and I don’t even think it was intentional.”

So Lin himself does not feel it was intentional yet a 28 year old man loses his job and possibly his career in trying to point out that Lin has a hole or weakness in his game. Perhaps people should spend less time watching reality television and pick up a damn dictionary.

I’m sick and tired reading about racial profiling by the NYC Police Department’s use of stop and frisk. The purpose of the stop and frisk policy is to stop and question individuals matching descriptions of people who committed violent crimes. Since the policy has been put into place in 2002 there have been 819 guns taken off the streets.

The NYCLU and other groups complain that most people stopped by police officers are Black and Hispanic. Here’s a common sense news flash! Black and Hispanics make up a little over 50% of the New York City population but make up over 94% arrested for firearm possession. In fact Black and Hispanics commit well over 90% of all felony crimes in New York City.

Could it possibly be that since Black and Hispanics make up over 90% of criminal suspects that Black and Hispanics would be stopped and frisked more than Whites? Could it possibly be that low income areas are predominantly populated by Black and Hispanics were most of the crimes are committed? Of course, it’s COMMON SENSE!!!!

Bottom line is that we have an influx of illegal firearms in New York City and this policy has taken 819 guns off the street. Who knows how many crimes could have been committed with those guns and how many people’s lives have been saved as a result of this “racial” stop and frisk policy.

Don’t agree? Talk to the family of Detective Kevin Herlihy who was shot while chasing a suspect in Harlem. Talk to the family of Officer Kevin Brennan who was shot in the head chasing a suspect. Talk to the family of Officer Peter Figoski who lost his life when he was shot to death in Brooklyn.