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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Yeah, gay marriage is legal in New York but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean much. Should a gay people wed in New York and not live in New York, but rather a state that does not recognize gay marriage it’s all for naught.

What’s the big deal with gay marriage anyway? Allowing gay people to marry and recognizing those marriages will not end society as we know it. Young girls in the ghetto will continue to get knocked up 2-3 times in their lives by 2-3 different men and continue to populate the earth. Couples who cannot procreate will continue to adopt, whether here in the states or from some third world nation. I’ve read and heard all sorts of nonsense when reading or speaking to people. Such stupid things as;

“If gays are allowed to marry, what’s next? People marrying animals?”

“The purpose of marriage is for procreation! Homo’s can’t procreate so they shouldn’t be allowed to marry!”

“It’s against God’s will and God hates FAGS!”

If Steve marries Dave or Jen married Becky it won’t change anything in the grand scheme of things. It seems to me that those most against gay marriage or the religious and the homophobic, like my man Brian Brown at the National Organization for Marriage.
As a New Yorker I’m proud that my state has decided to provide equal rights to people of the same sex who love each other and would like to marry. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that those who hate gays are most likely trying to hid their homosexuality….right Brian?

I don’t mind getting survey calls at home but this organization has gone way too far. For the last month my phone has been ringing off the hook with the same fucking question being asked over and over.
Q – Are you registered to vote in New York State?
A – Yes
Q – Do you believe that marriage should solely be between a man and a woman?
A – NO!

I answer the same way each and every time only to get another call later on that day or the following day. Even when I’m not home there’s a damn message on my answering machine. The call is coming from 202-630-9908 with the name FREERSRCH2011 but when you call it back an automated message states that the mailbox is full.

The existence of the National Organization for Marriage is dumb to begin with. Why in the hell would people donate to this “cause” anyway? Oh yeah I forgot, Jesus freaks and homophobes. The institution of marriage must be preserved to prevent Adam from marrying Steve. As if allowing gay marriage is going to make everyone gay and every gay couple is going to marry. Give me a fucking break.

If your phone has been ringing off the hook and you couldn’t care less if gay people are allowed to marry, give these assholes at the National Organization of Marriage at 888-894-3604 and ask for Brian Brown.

Brian Brown - President of NOM NOM - Hire a Better Research Company and STOP CALLING MY HOUSE!!!!

It can be argued that Lebron was a douche for bailing on the Cavs, “The Decision”, and/or the Miami Big 3 Jam but after his comments after game 6 of the Finals last night it’s official, Lebron James is a douche. It goes a little something like this;

“Lebron….are you aware of all the people who were rooting against you and hoped your team would lose to the Mavs?”

“It doesn’t really matter. I’m young and have millions of dollars and those ass holes will still be living check to check and have the same problems in the morning that they have tonight. I’m rich biatch and am totally fucking awesome and all my critics suck!”

This is way he’ll never be thought of in the same light as Michael Jordan. Jordan would have said something like;

“There will always be critics and it the critics that feed my desire to get better and show them that they’re wrong.”

There is no denying that Lebron James is a talent and will probably go down in history as one of the best to ever play the game. It’s unfortunate that he keeps giving ammunition for the critics to use. I was a bit upset that he snubbed my Knicks to play second fiddle to Dwayne Wade but I got over it and am more than happy with STAT and Melo leading the charge for my boys in orange and blue. I want to like him but it’s dumb ass comments like the comments he made last night that make it impossible. I hated Michael Jordan not because he was a douche but because he always come out on top when playing the Knicks. I respect Michael Jordan for the player that he was and he will always be considered the greatest.

Lebron James may be a talent but it’s official, Lebron James is a douche and I now dislike him as a person. If you weren’t an official Lebron James hater before, his comments last night may have taken it beyond the hate line. If so, check out www.IHateLebronJames.com

I Look Like BeavisNew York Congressman Anthony Weiner finally admits to sending the crotch shot to 21 year old Gennette Nicole Cordova. Shocker there! Who in the hell would hack into twitter than post a crotch shot anyway? If it has been a political enemy it would have been much better to tweet something racist or homophobic.

3 Inches of Fury!

Just to show how stupid people are, the girl is getting harassed online and offline because she was sent a photo and once referred to Beavis as “My boyfriend.” Oh please, she was just cracking a joke. To make matters worse Beavis is an expectant father and just got married a little over a year ago. This dumbass just threw out his political future. You can forget about Mayor Weiner but if he decides to run I can picture the slogans for mayoral campaign.

“I’m running for mayor and if you’re not down with that I got two words for ya….SUCK IT.” Or….
Degeneration X

“For the million watching me at home and for the thousands in attendance, let’s get ready to SUCK ITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!”

Looks like Weiner’s hard on for social networking ruined his career.