For gamers such as myself, there is nothing that gets under my skin more than paying $65 for a game that doesn’t work. The problem that most seem to be having on the PS3 , such as myself, is right around the All Star Break the My Player mode can no longer be played.

Of course the game was supposed to have been tested prior to release and it appears that 2K Sports doesn’t care about their customers. There are hundreds of threads on hundreds of gaming forums yet nothing has come from the people at 2K Sports. People in the gaming world are trying anything and everything to stop the black screen of death from happening to no avail.

To non gamers you may be thinking, “What’s the problem? It’s only a video game!” First, us gamers spent our hard earned money (or parent’s money for others) on a game that is supposed to work that doesn’t. Second, if you purchase something you expect the product to work. Third, why are game manufactures allowed to produce games, market the games, sell millions of copies and make millions of dollars on a game that doesn’t work? Fourth, we spent countless hours playing only to have the game no longer be playable.

All that is needed is for 2K Sports to create a patch that will fix the problem. However, as of this post, no patch release date has been established and if one were to call 2K Sports you are told to wait! Wait! I paid $65 for a game that is supposed to work yet doesn’t but it’s impossible for any of us to get our money back!

Normally, when I purchase games with these bugs, the company that sold me the bug filled game no longer gets my money. Rock Star Games is now on my “never buy again” list with the bug filled title Red Dead Redemption and 2K Sports may very well be added to the list.

It’s ridiculous to pay money for a product that doesn’t work yet have no way to obtain a refund or is there?????