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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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The EPA lied and said the air around the World Trade Center was fine. We all now know that was far from the truth. Members of the FDNY, NYPD and volunteers alike have developed serious and deadly health conditions as a result.

The 9/11 Bill was supposed to provide $3.2 billion on health care over the next 10 years for sick workers. Additionally $4.2 billion would be provided to compensate victims and another $4.2 billion was to be provided 10 years down the line. Yes, it’s a ton of money but it was supposed to be paid by closing tax loopholes that on foreign businesses that do business here in the states.

 The 9/11 Bill was defeated 255 to 159.  Of course leave it to a few Republican’s to make a few asinine remarks, both from the state of Texas. “This legislation as written creates a huge $8.4 billion slush fund paid by taxpayers that is open to abuse, fraud and waste.” stated Rep. Lamar Smith.  “We support it, without raising taxes on the rest of the American people,” from the mouth of Rep. Joe Barton.

Why would taxes have to be raised? The U.S. is spending and has spent way more than the cost of this bill in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  In reality what Congress is stating is yeah it sucks that many of you are sick and dying but you’re on your own! In other words, drop dead because we’re not paying to take care of you!

Besides isn’t most of this money supposed to come from closing tax loopholes on foreign companies? Yes it is but apparently it’s OK for foreign companies to not pay taxes while they make billions of dollars. How many U.S. citizens are being employed by these companies anyway? No way to tell because it’s virtually impossible to find out what companies are receiving the incentives.

This bill not passing is a disgrace………..

George M. Steinbrenner III

R.I.P. George Steinbrenner - The Boss

Yesterday was a sad day for Yankees fans as George M. Steinbrenner III passed away after suffering a major heart attack in Tampa, Florida. He was 8o years old.

Even the Yankees haters of the world respected the man. He spent and spent to put the best players he could find on the New York Yankees because he felt that’s what Yankees fans deserved. He even said that he didn’t like to pay as much as he did but it was necessary.

Just like us he was not without his faults. He hired and fired 20 managers over his first 23 years of ownership, had falling outs with players and managers, was suspended for making illegal campaign contributions to the Richard Nixon campaign and was banned from ever having day to day control of the Yankees for having hired a gambler to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield.

Many say that it was because of the later ban that put the Yankees on course to win 4 championships in 5 years.  When the Boss returned in 2003 he seemed to be a bit more reserved and trusted, to an extent anyway, his baseball people that put the team together.

After the 1998 season, when the Yankees won 125 games, Steinbrenner was quoted as saying that winning is everything to him, breathing first winning second.  To me it’s only fitting that the Yankees won the World Series for the 27th time last year in the New Yankee Stadium often referred to as the House that George Built.

Yankees fans had a love hate relationship with the Boss. It wasn’t until he returned in 2003 and the Yankees put the dynasty together did Yankees fans truly embrace what George Steinbrenner did for the New York Yankees.  George Steinbrenner was a winner and made the Yankees a winner. He was a caring compassionate man who was also one of the most charitable people around. For as much as he loved the back pages of the New York papers he never wanted the attention for his charitable work.

On the day that MLB Baseball played the All Star Game, news in the baseball world was dominated by the passing of George Steinbrenner. Even in death, the man can still steal the spotlight. RIP Boss, the Yankees Universe will miss you.

Thank You David Lee
Good Luck in Golden State

I was hoping that the Knicks would resign David Lee but unfortunately he’s no longer a part of the New York Knicks having been dealt to the Golden State Warriors in a sign and trade.  I just wanted to post to say thank you to David Lee.

As a late first round pick in 2005 I watched him work hard and become better each year. Each year he became a better player by continuously working on his game. The Knicks in hope of signing Lebron James basically threw the last two seasons away but you couldn’t tell if you watched David Lee play.

He became a double double machine, a monster on the boards and a first time all star. As a Knicks fan I didn’t have much to look forward to when watching the Knicks other than to see David Lee take his game to the next level. The Knicks have made some decent moves and look to hopefully get back to the team they were in the 90’s. It’s just a shame that Lee won’t be part of it.

It’s been a pleasure watching you play and congratulations on the 6 year, $80 million contract. I look forward to next season when you come back to the garden so MSG can show you the love you most certainly earned.

$1 if you want a new MetroCard??

 The Mass Transit Authority, of course, is in an $800 million dollar deficit. Things like this tend to happen when you spend a few hundred million on security cameras that don’t work.

In an ingenious way to close the budget gap the MTA is proposing a $1 fee be charged for the purchase of MetroCards. In order to use public transportation in NYC you need a MetroCard. Of course it’s unclear if this $1 fee would be charged only on new MetroCards.

Another idea from the “brain” trust at the MTA also includes putting a cap on unlimited ride MetroCards. Is it just me or does the term unlimited mean no limit? If there is a limit on the amount of rides one can take when using an unlimited ride MetroCard than the card really isn’t unlimited. Maybe they can change the name of the card to the limited unlimited MetroCard.

 So in addition to the decreased service, we will have a fare increase coming and additionally may have to pay $1 in order to obtain the card which we need to use public transportation. Yet another example of increased expenditures in the great City of New York…..

A few days ago I posted that cigarettes will now cost $11 a pack in New York City. I knew the law would go into effect on Thursday July 1st so I decided that I would not smoke another cigarette as of Wednesday July 30th.

I’ve tried to quit in the past but realize now that it was always a half assed attempt. I would quit for a few days, have a bad day at work and there was my excuse to buy a pack and light up. I tried the patch but it made my heart race so I stopped using it and started smoking again.

In my most recent attempt I used Nicorette gum. However, from talking to friends and doing research online I’ve found that most people who used Nicorette in an attempt to quit smoking wind up getting addicted to the gum.

The only other alternative is to man up and just stop. No damn patches, no Nicorette gum just quit cold turkey. Of course I’ve been using the gum for the last two days but have chewed a total of 6 pieces. So as of this posting I’m not using the damn gum either.

What’s my motivation? Well $11.75 a pack for starters as well as my son continuously telling me that smoking is bad for me and that I should call 311 because that’s the number to call when people want to quit. So I will start depositing $11.75 a day into my big jug each day and will count it up at this time next year.

If anyone is trying to quit like yours truly, visit the below banner for some inspiration.

WhyQuit.com - a free online quit smoking forum offering motivation, education, skills development, counseling and serious group support