July 1st, 2010 will seem like forever to get here. Everyone has an opinion on where Lebron will wind up but until the man himself states where he will be going, everyone else’s opinion is moot.

Most feel that the most logical fit for Lebron will be the Chicago Bulls. The King may have a say in who the Bulls hire to coach the team and has a superstar point guard In Derrick Rose. The King’s idol is non other than Michael Jordan but Jordan is no longer associated with the Bulls as he is now the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Why in the world would Lebron want to play for the Bulls and have to deal with the MJ comparisons on an even higher level?

Many may think I’m crazy for even thinking this but I really feel that the Nets have a really good shot in obtaining the services of LBJ. The Nets now have the wealthiest owner in basketball and like the Bulls are in the process of searching for a new coach. Lebron can have a say in who the next coach of the Nets will be.

It’s no secret that Lebron James is a close friend of the rapper with the super hot wife and with the Nets relocating to Brooklyn will allow Lebron to play in New York as well. The Nets have the best shot of getting the number 1 pick of this year’s NBA draft where the consensus pick will be John Wall. The Nets also have a talented big man in the form of Lopez. So the Nets can offer Lebron the opportunity to play in New York, pick his own coach and come into a situation where he is still the man, has a talented big man as well as a potential superstar point guard.

The Nets have a ton of cap space and a major trade chip in the form of Devin Harris. There are a ton of teams that would love to have the services of Harris. Of course, my thinking is a moot if Lebron actually has no desire to play in New York.

However, I can say that I would be totally shocked if Lebron winds up in Miami with Mr. MV3. Lebron could go to Miami but at the end of the day the Miami Heat is Dwayne Wade’s team. He’s the man and has a ring. Could Lebron go to Miami and play second fiddle to D Wade? I really don’t think so. A more logical fit would be for Wade to resign with the Heat and bring in Chris Bosh.

No one will know where Lebron is going until Lebron tells us where he’s going. I still feel that LBJ will go back to Cleveland as he should but the fan in me wants nothing more than for King James to put on 41 shows at MSG for the rest of his career. I guy can dream, can’t he?