There are many things in life that I don’t care for but there is one thing that especially gets my blood to boil more often than not. That one thing? BANDWAGON FANS!

So why do people such as my self hate bandwagon fans? First and foremost the word fan is actually short for fanatic as is an extreme enthusiasm for our sports but more importantly our sports teams. We true sports fans live and die with every pitch, every swing of the bat, every jump shot, free throw and every open field pass for our respective teams. I wish I could put the actual feeling I felt in 1996 into words that I felt when the team that I rooted for as a child, into my teenage years and the team that I continue to root for finally brought home the hardware. That team, believe it or not, is the New York Yankees.

I Hate Bandwagon Fans because……….

Sure that Yankees are probably the most hated sports team in America but that is MY TEAM. There actually was a time when the city of New York was a Mets town. The World Series in 1986 and a team loaded with talent as in Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez and the rest. Growing up it seemed everyone was a Mets fan except for me. Then it happened and the Yankees became good. First place in 1994 and than the baseball strike. The first American League wild card winner and a heartbreaking 3 games to 2 series loss to the Seattle Mariners after being up 2 games to 0. Than it happened. The Yankees went all the way to the World Series against the Atlanta Braves only to find themselves down 2 games to 0 and heading to Atlanta for 3 straight. To this day I’m kicking myself for not getting tickets to game 6 as my friend in college suggested as we ate lunch before class. I could have been in attendance to watch what I thought would never happen. CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL and World Series winners for the next 3 out of 4 World Series with another coming in 2009. Of course what pissed me off is what seemed liked a never ending battle against bandwagon fans. No longer could I show up on game day to get a tickets as I had been accustomed to for the previous 10 years. Damn bandwagon fans!

I Hate Bandwagon fans because……

I made a lifelong friend in college who was born and raised in the Bronx. His football team…the Seattle Seahawks. Yes an actual living breathing true Seattle Seahawks fan from New York City. Seriously who in the hell wears a #96 Cortez Kennedy jersey every Sunday during the NFL season? HE DID and I was happy for him when his Seattle Seahawks finally won the Super Bowl. Of course he had to deal with all the bandwagon Seattle Seahawks fans who claimed the team as their own who of course had no idea as to who the quarterback was prior to Russel Wilson being drafted.

I Hate Bandwagon fans because……

So why this random post about bandwagon fans here in February of 2015. This may sound a bit crazy but it’s because of the New York Knicks. Yes the current worst team and cellar dwelling 10-43 New York Knicks. The New York Knicks are in the midst of having the worst season in franchise history. That’s right the 2014-2015 have set a new mark of being terrible but they are my team and there is nothing but up from here on out. That’s right Carmelo Anthony is shutting it down and will finally get knee surgery which means that even if the Knicks can somehow win another 10 games we should be assured a top 5 pick in this years NBA draft. One superstar player, one lottery pick and about $36 million in cap space for next season if not more if the Knicks can rid themselves of Jose Calderon. Better yet is even if the eat all their cap space for next season, the following season the cap space should increase by at least $20 million as the new CBA will be put into place meaning the Knicks are in prime position to go from worst to contender in only two seasons. When that happens the bandwagon fan will once again drive me insane. “I was always a Knicks fan.” “I’ve always liked the Knicks but really didn’t start watching them like I do now until this year.” and blah blah blah.

People such as myself hate bandwagon fans as they don’t have a vested interest in our respective teams. They simply jump on board while the getting is good and jump off to the next team when our team is heading the wrong way. Simply put I HATE BANDWAGON FANS!